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GLBT DIGEST - August 19, 2009

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New York Times
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A Library’s Approach to Books That Offend
By Alison Leigh Cowan
The cartoonist HergĂ© is popular again, as is his adventurous reporter Tintin, who will be featured in a Stephen Spielberg movie due out in 2011. But if you go to the Brooklyn Public Library seeking a copy of “Tintin au Congo,” HergĂ©’s second book in a series, prepare to make an appointment and wait days to see the book.

A Conservative’s Road to Same-Sex Marriage Advocacy
Theodore B. Olson’s office is a testament to his iconic status in the conservative legal movement. A framed photograph of Ronald Reagan, the first of two Republican presidents Mr. Olson served, is warmly inscribed with “heartfelt thanks.” Fifty-five white quills commemorate each of his appearances before the Supreme Court, where he most famously argued the 2000 election case that put George W. Bush in the White House. On the bookshelf sits a Defense Department medal honoring his legal defense of Mr. Bush’s counterterrorism policies after Sept. 11.

Washington Post
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'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch in jail again
"Survivor" winner Richard Hatch is once again behind bars. Federal officials arrested Hatch, 48, and took him to a Massachusetts county jail that's used to temporarily hold federal prisoners Tuesday afternoon.

Radio station: No OK for 'Survivor' winner call-in
The Associated Press
The sister of "Survivor" winner Richard Hatch said Wednesday she thinks her brother was sent back to jail over an interview, and a radio station host said Hatch called in to his show twice without the station first getting permission from the federal Bureau of Prisons.

I am getting married next month, and my fiance and I are selecting readings for our wedding. I would like to include a reading--perhaps from Mildred Loving--that openly expresses support for gay couples to marry, just as I have the right and honor to do so. Many of our guests, however, are conservative or elderly and not likely to share my beliefs on this matter. I would find it difficult to let the day pass without a public recognition that everyone deserves the right to marry his or her life partner, but I don't want to make my guests feel as if I am deliberately antagonizing them. What are your thoughts?--Indecisive Bride
DEAR BRIDE: The short answer: This is your wedding, and within fairly loose boundaries, you and your guy can do as you choose--certainly if the officiant agrees to it.

Justice Dept. Adds Liaison to Gay Community
By Ed O'Keefe
The Justice Department's Civil Rights Division has hired a veteran Senate staffer as a senior counselor also tasked with serving as a representative to the gay community. The hire comes amid efforts by the Obama administration to mollify growing impatience and displeasure among gay men and lesbians with how the White House is handling issues important to them.

Wall Street Journal
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Ted Olson’s New Chapter
By Ashby Jones
Back in May, when news broke that David Boies was teaming up with Ted Olson in a lawsuit to strike down California’s Proposition 8, which bans same-sex marriage in the Golden State, some LB readers voice skepticism. Why, they wondered, would Ted Olson, a known conservative who represented George W. Bush during the Florida recount litigation in 2000, be taking on such a cause? Was he legitimately committed to gay marriage? Or was he secretly hoping to rush the issue to a U.S. Supreme Court that, at least in its current alignment, might not seem all that receptive to a Prop 8 challenge?

Steve Rothaus
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Fired Channel 10 anchor Charles Perez wins two-year restraining order against ex-partner
Charles Perez, former anchor for WPLG-ABC 10, on Tuesday won a two-year restraining order against his ex-partner, whom he believes caused a chain of events that got him fired this month from the Post-Newsweek station.

State of Nevada to take domestic partnership applications
By Associated Press
The Nevada secretary of state's office will take applications starting next week from couples who wish to register as domestic partners. Same- and opposite-sex couples who apply soon will receive their certificates of domestic partnership on Oct. 1.

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Rep. Frank lashes out at protester for Nazi remark
By The Associated Press
Rep. Barney Frank lashed out at protester who held a poster depicting President Barack Obama with a Hitler-style mustache during a heated town hall meeting on federal health care reform.

Pink News - UK
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Richard Dawkins joins calls for apology for gay mathematician Alan Turing
Professor Richard Dawkins has joined the calls for the government to apologise to Alan Turing who committed suicide after being jailed for homosexuality.

Government consultant jailed for attempted male rape
A Labour consultant has been jailed for 30 months for the attempted rape of a man he met at a party. Derek Barrett, 34, met his victim at a social event in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, in January 2007.

Photography lecturer to be disciplined for showing students trans artist's work
A photography lecturer at East Surrey College in Redhill is facing disciplinary action for showing students the work of an trans artist.

Daily Queer News
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Quebec to Table Wide-Ranging Anti-Homophobia Action Plan this Fall
Jessica Murphy (CP) | Google News
MONTREAL — Revellers at Montreal’s gay pride parade had one more reason to celebrate on Sunday: Quebec’s wide-ranging action plan against homophobia, years in the making, is expected to be tabled this fall. “It’s a big step,” said Jasmin Roy, spokesman for Montreal Pride. He said the gay and lesbian community expects the new plan will lead to “enormous” results in the fight against discrimination. “That’s why we’re marching: to say that finally, this year, Quebec will have a policy against homophobia.” Read more

Barney Frank Goes Toe to Toe at Health Care Town Hall
Most Congress members conducting town hall meetings this month have chosen a noncombative posture to deal with angry participants who disrupt the proceedings. Not Rep. Barney Frank. More . . .

ENDA Support…But Can You Please Drop the Transgenders?: Florida’s Lincoln Diaz-Balart
Dr. Jillian T. Weiss | Bilerico Project
The Employment Non-Discrimination, one of the only LGBT protections likely to be put in place this legislative session, is haunted by a giant shadow of the sordid past.
That shadow is the effort by our “leaders” to pass ENDA in 2007 by stripping out gender identity provisions that would protect members of our clan who are not gender-conforming, whether they be transgender persons or gay men or lesbians or even straight people.

One More Time…Marriage Is Not a “Church-Based Tradition”
Patricia Nell Warren | Bilerico Project
Back in 1957, when I was 21 and closeted, I tied the knot with a heterosexual European guy named Yuriy. We did the deed at City Hall in New York City. My mother had wanted to see me walk down the aisle at her Presbyterian church in Montana, so she was very disappointed. But the groom and I had our way. We were both refugees from Christianity — snarky young existentialists who wanted nothing to do with “church” at this moment in our lives. But we had no problem with “civil marriage.”


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