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GLBT DIGEST - August 21, 2009

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New York Times
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Lutherans to Vote in Minn. On Gay Clergy Proposal
Leaders of the country's largest Lutheran denomination are set to decide whether gay and lesbian pastors in committed relationships should be allowed to lead individual congregations. The 1,045 delegates to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's convention in Minneapolis are scheduled to vote Friday on the gay clergy proposal.

Lutherans May Permit Noncelibate Gay Pastors
Leaders of the nation’s largest Lutheran denomination began a civil but tense debate here on Thursday on whether to ordain gay men and lesbians, an issue that is likely to come to a vote on Friday.

Steve Rothaus
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I just learned of an interesting National Sexuality Resource Center website called
From spokeswoman Ann Whidden:

Gays, lesbians more likely to seek mental health services, study finds
From UCLA Newsroom:
By Sarah Anderson
Lesbians, gays and bisexuals are twice as likely as heterosexual men and women to seek help from mental health professionals, according to a new study by the UCLA School of Public Health.

The Advocate
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Pastor Blames Tornado on Gays
By Julie Bolcer
A Baptist pastor in Minneapolis said a tornado that damaged a Lutheran church on Wednesday was a divine sign of opposition to the proposal to lift restrictions on non-celibate gay and lesbian clergy in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, reports WCCO-TV. Pastor John Piper of Bethlehem Baptist Church wrote a blog post on Thursday that called the tornado a “gentle but firm warning” for the Lutheran general assembly, which is currently meeting in the city, to “turn from the approval of sin.” More . . .

Tel Aviv Gay Center Managers Threatened
By Julie Bolcer
An ultra-Orthodox web site published a letter this week calling for Israeli police to arrest the managers of the Tel Aviv gay youth center where two people were fatally shot this month and prosecute them for “depraved behavior” including child sexual abuse, reports Haaretz .

White House and Gay Group Talk Health
By Kerry Eleveld
An LGBT advocacy group for seniors last Friday attended a meeting about health care reform held by White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and director of public liaison Tina Tchen to discuss the needs of older Americans.

Pink News - UK
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Man steals earring-wearing Chihuahua from Florida gay bar
A Chihuahua with pink earrings was allegedly stolen from a south Florida gay bar by a man with a Britney Spears tattoo.

Anti-gay bullying campaign hits streets in time for term
A new Stonewall campaign against homophobic bullying has been relaunched to coincide with back-to-school time. The message, 'Some people are gay, get over it', was devised by school pupils.

Israeli rabbis discuss gay parenting
A Jewish initiative may see gay men marrying women to have children while continuing relationships with their male partners.

Video: Another fire breaks out in Soho
A fire broke out in the centre of Soho earlier today, making it the third to hit the area in two months. Firefighters were called to Wardour Street, in the heart of London's gay scene, at 12.57pm today.

First black lesbian mayor in America to marry her partner
Denise Simmons, the first black lesbian mayor in America, has announced she is to marry her partner next weekend.

17-year-old faces homosexuality trial in Senegal
A 17-year-old boy is due to face trial for "acts against nature" in Senegal next week, according to the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC)

Clinic nurse claims he was Michael Jackson's gay lover
A man who worked at the offices of Michael Jackson's dermatologist is claiming he had an affair with the singer. Jason Pfeiffer said he first got to know Jackson over the phone and the couple began an affair when he gave the singer a lift home.

Alan Cumming: 'There'll be a new wave of AIDS deaths'
Actor Alan Cumming has spoken about HIV and AIDS, saying that young people in particular must be aware of using condoms. In an interview with Attitude, out on Monday, the star claimed there was likely to be a new wave of deaths.

New Zealand judge calls for gay couples to be given right to adopt
The acting head judge of the Family Court in New Zealand has said the country is lagging behind others when it comes to gay adoption.

Daily Queer News
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Anti Gay Epithets Found in Holocaust Park
Thomas Tracy | YourNabe
The push to honor gay victims of the Nazi regime at Holocaust Memorial Park took an ugly turn last week. Officials said that someone smeared anti-gay epithets on two stones in the park located near Emmons Avenue and West Street on Thursday afternoon — right where stones were set to be inscribed to honor homosexual victims of the Holocaust as well as gypsies and political upstarts killed by the Nazis. More . . .

2012, Not 2010
Richard J. Rosendall | Independent Gay Forum
First published in Bay Windows, August 20, 2009
Equality California (EQCA) is not sitting back and waiting in the struggle to regain marriage equality in the Golden State. They are “ready and committed to fighting, persuading and working tirelessly - doing whatever it takes to win the right back as quickly as possible.” The question for them, in a smart analysis and plan released last week, is when a return to the ballot will give the best chance for victory. Their conclusion: 2012, not 2010. More . . .

Horror in Iraq Detailed
DOUG IRELAND | Gay City News
In a 67-page report released on August 17, Human Rights Watch (HRW) — the most prestigious international human rights watchdog organization — has detailed an intensive “sexual cleansing” campaign of murder, torture, kidnapping, beatings, and blackmail carried out against those perceived to be gay in Iraq. More . . .

NAACP’s Julian Bond Endores the National Equality March
Waymon Hudson | Bilerico Project
NAACP Board Chairman Julian Bond has joined other high-profile people endorsing the the National Equality March on October 11th:
GLBT rights are civil rights; there are no ’special rights’ in America. Everyone has rights - or should have - and I am happy to join in this battle for justice and fairness. Other recent endorsements for the NEM include US Representative Danny K. Davis of Chicago, Michael Letwin (Co-Convener, New York City Labor Against the War), Susan Stryker (Associate Professor of Gender Studies at Indiana University and author of “Transgender History”), HRC, as well as Bilerico Project’s own Bil Browning, who was against the idea of the March until very recently. Some more info on Julian Bond’s direct involvement with the march (and some insider tips!) after the jump… Read more


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