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GLBT DIGEST - August 23, 2009

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Steve Rothaus
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Two years after ‘I hate gay people’ flap, former Miami Heat star Tim Hardaway continues to rehabilitate himself
Former Miami Heat star Tim Hardaway has worked hard to rehabilitate himself after telling a local radio host in 2007 that “I hate gay people'' and wouldn’t be happy having a gay teammate.

Dethroned Miss California Carrie Prejean to Florida Young Republicans: I’m ‘sick and tired of being called a bigot’
Associated Press
Former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean says losing the Miss USA pageant and later her state crown was part of God's plan.
Prejean also told a group of young voters at a Republican Party of Florida event Saturday that she was "sick and tired of being called a bigot." She believes she lost her title because of her opposition to gay marriage. California pageant executive director Keith Lewis has said that Prejean was skipping Miss California USA events while speaking out against gay marriage at unsanctioned appearances. Prejean says she knows God wanted something different for her than a materialistic crown. She says she is now able to travel the country and speak about issues that she is passionate about.

Daily Queer News
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Mixed Orientation Marriages–Fraud, Failures and Family
Peterson Toscano
On this blog and my Spanish blog I have highlighted the stories of straight women married to gay men. In some cases the woman knew in advance that the man she was going to marry “struggled with homosexuality.” The marriage may have been a direct product of the Ex-Gay Movement, which offered all sorts of promises of change to men who exclusively fancied men. The union may have come about as an outgrowth of religious institutions that placed a high premium on marriage and family. Or both. Add to the mix the pressure from family and society to marry. Many gay men I have met have desired to be parents and 20 years ago and even less than that felt their only means was through heterosexual marriage. In many cases the woman has no clue that her husband likes men and may be exclusively orientated that way. (I recognize there are bisexual people out there who have been successful in marriage. I also do not write here about mixed orientation marriages between a lesbian woman and a straight man. I don’t have much firsthand knowledge of these, so I will stick with what I know and seen.)

A Church Divided–God is With Us in the Mist of Our Struggle
Allisyn Thomas | Sign On San Diego
Several actions taken last month at the Episcopal Church’s 76th General Convention resulted in a profound change in the church’s official policies regarding full inclusion of its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) members. A majority of deputies — four lay people and four clergy elected from each diocese — and bishops present voted both to affirm the church’s commitment to the broader Anglican Communion through the passage of a budget that funds mission work throughout the world and to affirm the principle that sexual orientation by itself should not be a bar to full access to the church’s sacraments.

Lutheran Apostate Church
Drew | Pursuing Holiness
Yesterday the Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America decided to okay the ordination of homosexual pastors. This toleration does not simply extend to celibate pastors who have an a inward “orientation” toward their own sex. On the contrary, it actually means that practicing homosexuals may now lead churches within this denomination. The vote ended with 68% in favor of the proposal.

Exodus “Troubled” by ELCA’s Acceptance of Gay Clergy
Ex-Gay Watch
Exodus expressed dismay at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s decision to allow partnered gay clergy to serve in the church.
Orlando, FL. Exodus International, the world’s largest interdenominational ministry helping those conflicted by same-sex attraction to live a life that reflects the Christian faith, is troubled by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s vote today to allow congregations to hire clergy involved in same-sex relationships. Exodus says this is a clear move away from biblical teaching on sexuality and a disconcerting approach to this issue. An Exodus ministry leader named Nate Oyloe presented “his personal testimony of leaving homosexuality” to the ELCA conference in Minnesota. Read more

ID: Gay Boise Air Force Pilot ‘Outed’ by False Accusation
On April 3, 2003, Air Force Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach flew his F-15E toward an Iraqi ambush site about a mile from U.S. Army troops advancing on Baghdad airport. Fehrenbach faced anti-aircraft fire, surface-to-air missiles and a mechanical problem on his wingman’s plane. Still, he destroyed the enemy position and helped clear the way for the Army to take the airport that night. For his heroism, the Notre Dame grad won an Air Medal with a valor device, one of his nine Air Medals.

David Letterman Supports Marriage Equality
Queers United
David Letterman in an interview with Donald Trump has come out in favor of marriage equality. This is a clear turn from his earlier transphobic commentary on the “pregnant man” and his mockery of the movie MILK. During the interview the subject of Carrie Prejean comes up and Trump says he doesn’t think that a “man marrying a woman is a controversial subject” in which Letterman replies saying “let’s just go right on the record and say that anybody who wants to get married ought to be able to get married.” Read more

Brinca Brings Out the Young LGBT Latino Community
Marques Daniels | Examiner
Club Papi Productions and Frisco Robbie hosted Brinca at Mist, Friday, August 21. Brinca is a latin party for the 18+ LGBT community of the Bay Area was attended by over 600 people. Mist is an amazing venue. The two story club hosts two bars, two separate dance rooms, lounging space and plenty of room for dancing. DJ’s Mike from Los Angeles and Carlitos from San Francisco mixed the best in Latin hip-hop, pop, and today’s R&B. The party is usually hosted by the scandalous Miss Lolo but sadly she was not in San Francisco. Instead, 18+ party specialists Frisco Robbie keep the party going along with the sexy Papi Dancers. Read more

NC: Triangle Judges Aid Gay Adoption
MANDY LOCKE | Staff Writer | News Observer
Hundreds of gay couples in North Carolina have turned to judges in Orange and Durham counties to give them what most courts won’t: the legal right to be a parent to their partner’s child. The discreet and little-known practice came to light this week in a state Court of Appeals ruling on a custody battle between a biological mother and her estranged partner, a state senator. Now that the practice has been exposed, some lawmakers and legal experts say the adoptions should stop. Read more

CA: Parent and Lawyer Say Lawsuit Against District is Question of Parental Rights
Keith Gleason | Correspondent | Mercury News
The attorney and one of the parents who filed a lawsuit last week against the Alameda Unified School District spoke out this week about why they took the action. Kevin Snider, chief counsel for the Pacific Justice Institute, a nonprofit, conservative legal defense organization in Sacramento, said he filed the lawsuit on behalf of the 20 Alameda school parents to protect the parents’ rights to opt out their children from the new Alameda Unified School District-approved supplemental curriculum that will teach about gay alternative families to all elementary students. More . . .


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