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GLBT DIGEST - August 24, 2009

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Washington Post
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Death Panels Smite Journalism
By Howard Kurtz
For once, mainstream journalists did not retreat to the studied neutrality of quoting dueling antagonists. They tried to perform last rites on the ludicrous claim about President Obama's death panels, telling Sarah Palin, in effect, you've got to quit making things up. But it didn't matter. The story refused to die.

Steve Rothaus
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Photo gallery | Harvey Milk’s Presidential Medal of Freedom displayed at Gay American Heroes event in Wilton Manors
Stuart Milk, nephew of slain pioneering gay-rights activist Harvey Milk, shows off his uncle’s posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom at a Wilton Manors fundraiser Sunday night for the South Florida-based Gay American Heroes Foundation. Former Miami-Dade Judge David Young and Broward Judge Judge Robert Lee also attended the party at Naked Grape Wine Bar. President and Mrs. Obama honored Harvey Milk, Billie Jean King and 14 other heroes at a White House ceremony on Aug. 12.

Lesbian Cambridge, Mass., mayor to marry in African-American church
By On Top Magazine Staff
Openly lesbian Cambridge, Massachusetts Mayor E. Denise Simmons will marry her longtime partner Mattie B. Hayes Sunday, August 30. The couple will exchange vows in a predominantly African-American church, a possible historic first.

Miami’s Keith Meinhold on gays in the military: ‘We serve this country honorably, too’
Here’s an op-ed piece today by retired Naval Petty Officer Keith Meinhold:
Don't you think it's time for those who defend our freedoms to finally be able to exercise them? I do. And after 16 years during which thousands of careers and families have been destroyed, and the strength and readiness of our military compromised, there is a burgeoning consensus that the time has come to end the discriminatory ``don't ask, don't tell'' law, which prohibits gays, lesbians and bisexuals from openly serving in our armed forces.

Reader hopes Tim Hardaway ‘doesn't pass along his same hatred of homosexuals’ to son Tim Jr.
Letter to the Editor in Monday’s Miami Herald:
I learned from the Aug. 16 story Tim Hardaway bonds with son on, off the court, that, among other things, the relationship between former Miami Heat great Tim Hardaway and his son ``has never been better.'' I truly hope that Hardaway doesn't pass along his same hatred of homosexuals or any other group for which he has no tolerance.

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Porn makers challenged for not mandating condoms
By The Associated Press
An AIDS advocacy group filed complaints with state officials against 16 production companies that show unprotected sex in porn movies.

Gay clergy: Where large Protestant churches stand
By The Associated Press
A look at where the largest Protestant churches stand on the issue of gay clergy:
- UNITED METHODIST CHURCH: 7.9 million U.S. members. The most conservative of the largest mainline denominations on gay clergy. An effort to repeal a ban on non-celibate gay clergy failed at the church’s last General Conference, in 2008.

Pink News - UK
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MEPs complain to Lithuania about proposed criminalisation of gay "propaganda"
The European Parliament Intergroup on Lesbian and Gay Rights has written to MPs in Lithuania about new legislation that aims to criminalise 'propagation of homosexual relations'. Click here for full article

New research finds 33% of Brighton's LGBT population have used cannabis
New research has revealed that gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people in Brighton are much more likely to use illegal drugs than the general population. Click here for full article

Serbia's Interior Minister promises police protection for Pride parade
Police in Belgrade will ensure public safety during next month's Pride events, a senior politician has said. Click here for full article

Gay news anchorman wins restraining order against former partner
An American TV news presenter at the centre of allegations of workplace discrimination has been granted a two year restraining order against his former boyfriend. Click here for full article

Activists push for top level domain dedicated to the gay community
Gay groups in the US and South Africa are backing a campaign to establish a new top level domain for the LGBT community. Click here for full article

Gay Congressman praises "positive" appointment of LGBT activist to Justice role
The appointment of a prominent gay rights advocate as an adviser to the US Justice Department has been welcomed. Click here for full article

Irish cardinal renews attack on civil partnerships
The spiritual leader of Ireland's Roman Catholics has said that civil partnerships undermine marriage. Click here for full article

X Factor favourite tells tabloid he is bisexual
A contestant on ITV1 show X Factor has told a Sunday tabloid that he is bisexual. Click here for full article

Men charged after eggs thrown in Manchester's gay village
Two men have been charged for throwing eggs and shouting homophobic abuse at members of the public in Manchester's gay village. Click here for full article

Scottish police force holds gay and trans recruitment day
Strathclyde Police, Scotland's largest police force, is holding a special recruitment day in an effort to attract new lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans officers. Click here for full article

Daily Queer News
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NJ Activists Ready for Battle Over Gay Marriage
Geoff Mulvihill | Associated Press | EDGE Chicago
In a pew of the Chestnut Assembly of God on a Tuesday night, Pat Mannion decided that for the first time in her 58 years, she would get involved in politics. She would call lawmakers and tell neighbors about her cause: Keeping New Jersey from becoming the next state to recognize the marriages of gay couples. Read more

Request an Early Ballot to Vote No on 1 in Maine!
Queers United
Mainers don’t have to wait for the November 3rd referendum election to cast their vote for marriage equality. People can vote as soon as September against referendum 1 which if passed will eliminate same-sex marriage. Registered voters can request an absentee ballot via mail and cast their vote early. Please fill out the form via Equality Maine for their tracking purposes, and to be re-directed to the Secretary of State’s form for ballot requests.

Ted Haggard’s Wife to Release ‘Tell-All’ Book
The wife of former New Life Church pastor Ted Haggard wants to tell-all. Gayle Haggard says she plans to write a memoir detailing her relationship with her husband, title “Why I Stayed.” Ted Haggard resigned as pastor of the church in 2006, amid allegations of drug use and a sexual relationship with a man. In a statement, Gayle Haggard says the book will tell of her decision to love her husband through-quote- “the most difficult challenges an marriage could face.” The book is scheduled for release in January.

Dying for Affordable Health Care–the Uninsured Speak
Ed Pilkington | Visit article original @ The Guardian UK
In a week of claim and counter-claim about the merits of healthcare provision in the US and UK, Ed Pilkington travelled to Quindaro, Kansas, to see how the poorest survive. In the furious debate gripping America over the future of its health system, one voice has been lost amid the shouting. It is that of a distinguished gynaecologist, aged 67, called Dr Joseph Manley.

Officials Weigh Circumcision to Fight HIV Risk
Public health officials are considering promoting routine circumcision for all baby boys born in the United States to reduce the spread of H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS. The topic is a delicate one that has already generated controversy, even though a formal draft of the proposed recommendations, due out from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by the end of the year, has yet to be released. Experts are also considering whether the surgery should be offered to adult heterosexual men whose sexual practices put them at high risk of infection. But they acknowledge that a circumcision drive in the United States would be unlikely to have a drastic impact: the procedure does not seem to protect those at greatest risk here, men who have sex with men. Read more


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