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GLBT DIGEST - October 03, 2009

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New York Times
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Texas Battle on Gay Marriage Looms
A judge in Texas paved the way for a court battle over the state’s ban on same-sex marriage when she ruled this week that two men married in another state can get divorced in Dallas.

The High Price of Being a Gay Couple
From health care and pensions to family planning, life is more expensive for same-sex couples. Share your thoughts on this article and read replies from Tara Siegel Bernard and Ron Lieber.

Miami Herald
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Survey: Gay market still strong
Gay and lesbian consumers are showing more optimism -- and spending more freely -- than heterosexuals in a down economy, according to a national survey.
After months of rising unemployment and sinking profits, recession-weary businesses in South Florida may have forgotten what a confident consumer looks like.

The Advocate
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Virulent Homophobe Behind Palin Memoir
By Neal Broverman
Sarah Palin's soon-to-be-released memoir was mostly written by Lynn Vincent, a woman blogger Andrew Sullivan calls a "fanatical homophobe."

Lesbian Arrested for $6 Mil Embezzlement
By Michelle Garcia
A gay rights activist from Des Moines has been accused of embezzling nearly $6 million from her employer Aviva, a global insurance company.$6_Mil_Embezzlement/

Castro Espín a Gay-Friendly Communist
COMMENTARY: Mariela Castro Espín, the daughter of Cuban president Raul Castro, is devoted to improving the status of gay people in Cuba. But whatever pleasant sounding pieties she mouths, Espín is still a communist.
By James Kirchick
Over the past few years, the government of Cuba has earned praise for an unlikely development: a campaign to improve the status of the island’s gays. Standing at the forefront of this effort has been an even unlikelier figure: Mariela Castro Espín, the daughter of Raul Castro, who officially assumed the Cuban presidency last year after his brother Fidel fell ill. The latest entry in this narrative was a largely laudatory profile of Espín in The Advocate, which described her as a “champion” of the island’s “gay and transgender community.” Espín is director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education, an organization which, according to its website, promotes “the development of a culture of sexuality that is full, pleasurable, and responsible, as well as to promote the full exercise of sexual rights.”

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Will California recognize pre-Prop-8, out-of-state marriages?
By Jennifer Vanasco, editor in chief,
Equality California needs help. And you can make the difference. More . . .


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