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GLBT DIGEST - October 04, 2009

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New York Times
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The Damage of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Sixteen years after passage of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law, there is reason to hope that the military is edging away from its destructive opposition to allowing gay men and lesbians to serve openly. At the very least, a prize-winning essay in a prominent military journal suggests that the issue is open to debate and even dissent.

Miami Herald
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Violent lyrics
Re the Sept. 26 story Gay activists protest upcoming Buju Banton performance: Allowing Buju Banton to perform at the Knight Center is not analogous to letting Los Van Van do so. Los Van Van do not exhort people to violence in its lyrics. It is also disingenuous for promoter Andrew Minott and his client, Banton, to hide behind the First Amendment. Would they be so quick to invoke the First Amendment if a performer were to sing that Jamaicans -- rather than gays -- should be killed?

Democrats target federal law banning gay marriage
As one of 18,000 legally wed same-sex couples in California, Brad Levenson and Tony Sears file state income taxes as a married couple. But they file their federal taxes as single individuals, paying hundreds of dollars more each year. That's because a law called the Defense of Marriage Act bars federal agencies from recognizing gay marriages.

South Florida Blade
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Monday: 'Outrage' on HBO
Documentary on closeted Republicans (including allegations on Florida Gov. Charlie Crist!)
By Dan Renzi
Kirby Dick’s new documentary, Outrage, debuts Oct. 5 on HBO at 9 p.m. The film exposes the secret lives of some of America’s most powerful politicians, including Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who continually oppose gay rights such as same-sex marriage and adoption by gay parents. Also investigated are former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevy and retired Senator Larry Craig. Outrage also explores mainstream media’s complicity in keeping certain information from the public. Expect to be outraged.

The Advocate
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Becoming a Gay Exorcist for Beginners
By Dave White
Letterman comes clean, and so does Tyra -- sort of -- with those gay exorcists, telling them that what they refer to as the “spirit of discernment" is really just gaydar.

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The Attack on Gay Obama Staffer Kevin Jennings
There is a petition out there in the world of conservative computer users and media outlets (i.e. FOX) that is charging that Kevin Jennings, assistant deputy secretary of education for the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, intends to spread homosexuality and encourage statutory rape in America’s schools.

Billboard Featuring Openly Gay Marine Vandalized
By Kameron Zach
A bold move made by the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center resulted in vandalism, when a billboard featuring a gay marine was destroyed.

Pink News - UK
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Anti-gay National Organisation for Marriage to have finances probed
A group campaigning against gay marriage in Maine is to have its finances investigated over accusations of fraud.

Tatchell 'ignored' over Equality Bill concerns
Peter Tatchell has complained that the Equality Bill is discriminatory and that the government has failed to respond to his concerns about harassment protection for gays.

Daily Queer News
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A $467,000 Price Tage for Being Gay
Michael Jones \
What’s the price of not having equal rights? According to the New York Times, it could be upwards of $467,000. That’s how much the paper estimates a gay couple will pay — in a worse case scenario — over the span of their lifetimes for extra costs related to health care, legal affairs, and other issues. Huh, it sure is expensive to be denied the more than 1,100 benefits granted to straight married couples.

Forget Chicago: Cleveland Gets the Gay Games
Christopher Maag / Cleveland \ Time
Let Chicago and President Obama compete for the Olympics. Cleveland — yes, Cleveland! — just won the Gay Games. Citing the city’s world-class athletic facilities, hotels and public transportation, the Gay Games Federation announced that Cleveland will host the games in 2014. An abundance of enthusiasm, some Midwestern pluck and a boisterous night on Lake Erie didn’t hurt. “It was obvious that these guys worked very hard on this for over a year,” says Darl Schaaff, who led the site-selection committee for the federation. “The level of community support was just amazing.” The games started in San Francisco in 1982 and happen every four years, attracting over 16,000 gay and straight amateur athletes from around the world. (The event was originally called the Gay Olympics until the International Olympic Committee asked the Gay Games Federation to cease and desist.) Athletes compete in more than 30 sports, from track and field to table tennis. The Cleveland games will be the first to include a gay rodeo. (See a pictorial history of gay liberation.)

NPR: From Inside Military, A Rebuk of Ban on Gays
Liz Halloran \ NPR
Gay rights activists this week hailed as groundbreaking the Pentagon’s decision to publish an essay calling for the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

Ex-Pupil Defends Obama Aide Over Controversial Advice in 1988
Jessica Yellin \ CNN National Political Correspondent \ CNN
A former student of an Obama Administration official is coming to his defense, as critics seek to use a 20-year-old incident to call for the official’s resignation.

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Bill Would Keep Medicare Advantage Intact
Some Oppose Bill Due To Insurance 'Tax'
A health care bill approved early Friday morning by a key Senate committee will keep most Medicare benefits intact, including Medicare Advantage, a supplemental insurance plan that some wanted to eliminate.


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