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GLBT DIGEST - October 21, 2009

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New York Times
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San Francisco Alters When Police Must Report Immigrants
The San Francisco board of supervisors voted Tuesday to overturn a city policy that has been at the center of a national debate over offering illegal immigrants sanctuary.

Vatican Bidding to Get Anglicans to Join Its Fold
VATICAN CITY — In an extraordinary bid to lure traditionalist Anglicans en masse, the Vatican said Tuesday that it would make it easier for Anglicans uncomfortable with their church’s acceptance of female priests and openly gay bishops to join the Roman Catholic Church while retaining many of their traditions.

Telling Court He's Gay, Mob Informer Crosses Line
There are certain rules — explicit rules — that all made members of the mob are meant to follow: No beards. No sleeping with another gangster’s wife. No cooperation with the government in accordance with “omertà,” the Mafia code of silence.

Washington Post
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Vatican fishing for disgruntled Anglicans
Catholic invitation to join church allows for married priests
By Jacqueline L. Salmon and William Wan
In a remarkable bid to attract disillusioned members of the Anglican Communion, the Vatican announced Tuesday that it is establishing a special arrangement that will allow Anglicans to join the Catholic Church while preserving their liturgy and spiritual heritage, including married priests.

UN investigator urges protection of detainees
UNITED NATIONS -- The U.N.'s top investigator on torture and punishment called Tuesday for a new U.N. convention to protect the rights of detainees, saying many are held for years and sometimes for a lifetime in inhuman and degrading conditions.

The one-man library on gay rights speaks volumes
By Paul Schwartzman
His first article in the Washington Blade was a front-page scoop, but Lou Chibbaro Jr. didn't claim credit. He wrote under a pseudonym, Lou Romano, because those were the days when being associated with a gay newspaper could ruin a reputation.

Wall Street Journal
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The GOP's New York Fiasco
Republicans try to lose a House seat.
Republicans are telling themselves that a political wave is building that could carry them to big election gains next year. Judging by their performance so far in a special election in New York, however, they deserve to wander in the minority for another generation or two.

Vatican in Bold Bid to Attract Anglicans
The Vatican said it will make it far easier for disgruntled Anglicans to convert to Catholicism, in one of Rome's most sweeping gestures to a Protestant church since the Reformation.

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A troubling sign of rigid intolerance
By Tony Plakas
I want to reach U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney, R-Palm Beach Gardens, but since we graduated from Leadership Palm Beach County in 2005, I've become increasingly concerned that he'll be tackled for being intentionally intolerant, and never be moved by a word from my mouth.,0,1525946.story/

Steve Rothaus
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Ros-Lehtinen mailing: 'Everyone deserves equal treatment under our laws, regardless of sexual orientation'
U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-MIami, sent an interesting piece of mail to her constituents this week:
"Everyone deserves equal treatment and protection under our laws and our Constitution, regardless of their sexual orientation," reads the postcard.

GLAAD to hold TGIF parties at Eden Roc on Friday, Oct. 23, and Friday, Nov. 13
GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, will hold TGIF events on Friday, Oct. 23, and Friday, Nov. 13, at the Eden Roc hotel. Here are the details:

George Maiko Coronado in ‘Miami Babylon’: Corporate types, older guys chasing young models scared away a cooler crowd
George Maiko Coronado of Give Me a Beat Productions, at right, is quoted in Gerald Posner’s new book, Miami Babylon:

Gay rights group Equality Florida endorses state Sen. Dan Gelber for Florida attorney general
News release from Equality Florida:
(MIAMI) Today, Florida’s largest LGBT political group endorsed Senator Dan Gelber for Attorney General. Equality Florida Action PAC is the state’s largest PAC devoted to electing pro-equality candidates. Our endorsement is the first by any statewide organization in the hotly contested race.

Silly DETAILS: Adam Lambert says ‘I am gay, but I like kissing women sometimes’
Adam Lambert in new DETAILS:
"I am gay, but I like kissing women sometimes. Women are pretty. It doesn't mean I'm necessarily sleeping with them."

Miami Herald
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Don't discharge gays
Cal Thomas' assertions in his Oct. 17 Other Views column, Don't ask, tell or legitimize, are as absurd as most homophobic arguments. Using misdirected association and illogical conclusions, Thomas' defense of the military's ``don't ask-don't tell'' policy is nonsense when compared to history.
From the Spartan defense at Thermopole by 300 homosexuals (they were the most terrifying force of their time) fighting to the death against 10,000 through two world wars and into the present, there is no solid evidence that heterosexuals can claim being braver or more dedicated, or that homosexuals display a lack of courage or discipline any more or less than any other group.
We desperately need qualified personnel in the ranks. Let's do away with the hypocrisy promulgated by a few whose fears prevent it.

UN investigator urges protection of detainees
UNITED NATIONS -- The U.N.'s top investigator on torture and punishment called Tuesday for a new U.N. convention to protect the rights of detainees, saying many are held for years and sometimes for a lifetime in inhuman and degrading conditions.

The Advocate
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Nick Carter Wants It That Way
By David Michael Conner
Nick Carter embraced his gay fans before it was trendy -- at 17, he posed for the cover of a gay teen mag, unheard of at the time. Now, with a new Backstreet album in stores, Nick is sober, happy, and, most important, back.

Bush Takes Motivational Speaker Gig
By Julie Bolcer
Former President George W. Bush is scheduled to appear at a motivational speakers’ series that bills him among “America’s foremost success experts.” Bush, who tried to motivate legislators to ban same-sex marriage in 2004, will join other speakers such as General Colin Powell, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and NFL veteran Terry Bradshaw for a Get Motivated! business seminar in Fort Worth, Texas on October 26, according to Talking Points Memo.

Couple May Be First Kenyan-Born to Wed
By Shawna Amini
A same-sex couple who registered their civil partnership in London last week are believed to be the first gay Kenyans to do so in the U.K. Charles Ngengi, 40, and Daniel Chege Gichia, 39, who each immigrated from Kenya, wed in London on Saturday, October 17.

Patricia Cornwell Out $40 Million
By Editors
Best-selling crime novelist Patricia Cornwell is out $40 million, and she’s suing her team of accountants and financial advisers to find out exactly where all that money went.$40_Million/

Obama Death Threats Escalating
By Neal Broverman
The White House has registered a 400% uptick in threats on President Obama's life versus threats on President George W. Bush's, straining the Secret Service and making some question whether the agency is equipped to protect the president.

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Marriage in Maine is down to the wire
By Lisa Keen, Keen News Service
Less than two weeks away from the vote on Maine’s marriage equality law, things are looking up for marriage equality supporters, but they’re not letting down their guards.

Full results show AIDS vaccine is only of modest help
By The Associated Press
Fresh results from the world’s first successful test of an experimental AIDS vaccine confirm that it is only marginally effective.

Tulsa 23-year-old beaten in hate crime
By 365gay Newswire
Brandon Patrick, 23, was beaten Sunday night because he is gay. Patrick was walking to a friend’s house around midnight when he was followed by two women and a man who he says were yelling homophobic threats.

New Vatican plan lets Anglicans convert easier
By The Associated Press
(Vatican City) The Vatican announced a stunning decision Tuesday to make it easier for Anglicans to convert, reaching out to those who are disaffected by the election of women and gay bishops to join the Catholic Church’s conservative ranks.

Pink News - UK
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18 per cent rise in London gay hate crimes
The number of homophobic hate crimes in London has risen by 18 per cent since last year, Scotland Yard figures show.

Priest who claimed gays were paedophiles resigns
Father John Owen, the priest who said earlier this year that gay men are the main perpetrators of paedophilia in the Catholic Church has resigned as a chaplain at Cardiff University.

BBC announces cast for new lesbian drama
The BBC has revealed the cast of its new lesbian drama. Lip Service, a six-part series, will focus on the sex lives of a group of 20-something lesbian friends in Glasgow.

Man charged with male sex attack at party
A Torquay man has been accused of a sex attack on another man during a party. Exeter crown court heard today that Sean Clancy, 40, of Ash Hill Road, was accused of sexual assault and assault by penetration.

Daily Queer News
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Repeal the DOMA
Peter Rothberg \ The Nation
For more than a decade, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), signed into law by President Bill Clinton, has denied married same-sex couples certain federal rights. Under DOMA, these couples, even if legally married in their state, are denied social security survivors’ benefits, medical leave to care for a sick spouse, and equal treatment under immigration law. DOMA also prevents states from recognizing same-sex marriages that were enacted in other states, making it difficult for couples to move from state to state.

Spying on Americans: The Bipartisan National Security State
Tom Burghardt \ Global Research
The bipartisan consensus that encourages unaccountable secret state agencies to illegally spy on the American people under color of a limitless, and highly profitable, “war on terror” was dealt a (minor) blow October 13.

RI: Gay Marriage Advocates Rally at State House
Tracy Breton \ Journal Staff Writer \ Providence Journal
With the General Assembly scheduled to reconvene at the end of the month, supporters of same-sex marriage Saturday held a rally on the steps of the State House to try to put more heat on individual senators and representatives to come around to their cause.

Maine Gay Marriage Vote Looks Tight
Susan Sharon \ NPR
As Election Day nears, the national spotlight is on Maine, where the latest battle over same-sex marriage is under way. Campaign finance reports show that supporters of a ballot proposal to repeal the state’s gay marriage law are trailing significantly in fundraising. But polls show a tight race.

Anti-Discrimination Adoption Bill Introduced
CHRIS JOHNSON \ Washington Blade
A federal lawmaker is touting an adoption anti-discrimination bill he recently introduced as a way to find more homes for children living in the welfare system.

TX: Action Alert: Help Annise Parker Become Mayor of Houston!
Equality Texas is asking you to volunteer your time to help elect Annise Parker as the mayor of Houston.
Don’t live in Houston? Doesn’t matter. Here’s why you should get involved:
Besides being the best candidate for the job, Annise would be the first openly lesbian mayor of any of the 25 largest cities in the United States.

Obama’s Safe School Czar Says Teach Respect for Homosexuality in Kindergarten
Fred Lucas\ Staff Writer \ CNSNews
The Obama administration’s safe schools czar, Kevin Jennings, has accused the Baptists, the Boy Scouts and sports fans of anti-gay bias, and he has advocated a special high school for gay teens as well as gay-straight alliance clubs for every high school in America. Jennings, who was a prominent homosexual activist before being named director of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools at the U.S. Department of Education, also has called for kindergarteners to be taught to respect all sexual orientations, while insisting that “ex-gay messages” and “Christian values” are ‘misused to isolate or denigrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people” and have no place in the nation’s public schools.

Clear Majority Now Back Public Option: Poll
John Byrne \ Raw Story
A “clear majority” of Americans now support a government-run public insurance plan as a competitor to private insurance companies, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll published Tuesday.

Judge Rules FBI Can Continue to Gag Recipient of National Security Letter
Raw Story
A federal judge ruled late Tuesday that the government can continue to gag an internet servicer provider who received a National Security Letter from the FBI — five years ago.

Why is Uber-Homophobe Tom Coburn Writing for the Advocate?
Alex Blaze \ Bilerico Project
Sen. Tom Coburn has a column up in The Advocate about health care. His argument is asinine (the private health care system is great for people with HIV, particularly the individual market, that we should further empower it), but that’s not really the point.

Chuck Bass Outed, A Million Teenage Girls Weep, while Slash Fangirls Squee!
Jason Tseng \ Bilerico Project
I admit it. I watch Gossip Girl. It’s a terribly cheesy, melodramatic, poorly written soap opera. But it’s so pretty! That, and the show’s tone is so borderline camp it’s hard to look away. It’s my guilty pleasure, but I draw the line at the CW’s new 90210 or Melrose Place remakes. I may be a trashy TV viewer, but that’s plain skankerific.

High School Hand Holding as Punishment…with a Dash of Internalized Homophobia
Waymon Hudson \ Bilerico Project
he Advocate has a brief story up on a Colorado high school football coach who made two players hold hands and run together as punishment during a recent practice:
Officials from the Aurora Public Schools say they are investigating the claims that Coach Grant Pippert told freshmen Rafael Merced and another student to hold hands and run together after a brief altercation. The two were taunted by their teammates, who called them derogatory names. Merced told KMGH-TV News that he felt the experience was humiliating.

Media Enabled Bush 1’s Savage Attacks on Maddow and Olbermann, Yet Continue to Ignore Bush Family’s Sordid Past
Russ Baker \ AlterNet
The other day, George H.W. Bush fired a salvo against mean media liberals who savaged his son. Soon, brickbats were flying to and fro about who said what about whom. But this mini-controversy is nothing more than a distraction from the real story: even the most animated of Bush critics on television have not gotten around to acknowledging the full, unspeakably dark nature of the Bush enterprise. Bush41, it turns out, has nothing at all to complain about.

Rethinking Marriage. The World Has Changed. It’s Time!
Melissa Harris-Lacewell \ The Nation \ AlterNet
Feminist author Jessica Valenti’s marriage to Andrew Golis of Talking Points Memo was the lead wedding story in the New York Times style section this Sunday. It was odd to see this Full Frontal Feminist not only marry, but also submit to a romantic short story about her union. Indeed the Times seemed intent on portraying Valenti’s marriage as a morality tale: tough feminists may talk about social equality, but all girls really want is a good man and note-worthy bustle. For some, Valenti’s wedding became a lens for assessing her feminist credentials.

GLBT History Month 2009–Joan Nestle

IG Harshely Criticizes Treasury’s Handling of $700B Bailout Program
Silla Brush \ The Hill
Steps taken by the Treasury Department to implement the $700 billion financial bailout program have undermined the credibility of the U.S. government, a top government watchdog said in a report released on Wednesday.

Medicare for Everyone
Mike Soraghan \ The Hill
Say hello to “Medicare Part E” — as in, “Medicare for Everyone.” House Democrats are looking at re-branding the public health insurance option as Medicare, an established government healthcare program that is better known than the public option.


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