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GLBT DIGEST - October 23, 2009

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New York Times
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Rival Groups Seek ‘.Gay’ Internet Suffix
By Jennifer 8. Lee
From our colleagues at the City Room blog: Should there be a .gay Internet suffix?
Two for-profit groups are pushing for one. The Dot Gay Alliance (, out of New York City, is being led by a longtime gay activist. And dotGay ( is being spearheaded by a heterosexual German man in Riga, Latvia, who has incorporated a company in San Francisco.

Washington Post
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Senate passes measure that would protect gays
Obama is expected to sign legislation on hate crimes
By Ben Pershing
The Senate cleared a historic hate crimes bill Thursday for President Obama's signature, approving new federal penalties for attacks on gay men and lesbians.

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Gay man's death a hate crime
After I read the horrendous events that led to Craig Cohen's death, I was very upset. I am angry that Cmdr. Wierzbicki feels it was not a hate crime. I think most people who are robbed aren't left with their cash, wallet and credit cards. It is obvious to me that his cell phone was taken so that he could not call for help. Most people know that many diners at the Peter Pan Diner are gay. I believe that is why Craig was targeted. The biggest mystery to me is why we have a Hate Crimes Task Force if no one is going to risk standing up for the victims and go against those who commit a hate crime.
Lin Pirretti, Delray Beach,0,4910813.story/

Steve Rothaus
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Reader from Jamaica: Give reggae singer Buju Banton ‘Equal Rights and Justice’
A reader e-mail I received today:
I'm asking please to give Buju Banton some Equal Rights and Justice. All his concerts are being canceled due to the song "Boom Bye Bye". I'm from Jamaica and that song relates to our culture and upbringing.

Christian Family Coalition: ‘With Rubio gaining, Crist getting religion’
Mailing from the Christian Family Coalition:
What do you do when your more conservative Republican primary rival for the U.S. Senate is gaining momentum? If you're Gov. Charlie Crist, you start reaching out to a community of voters with whom you've had an on-again, off-again relationship: the Christian right.

Matthew Shepard's murder made his mom an activist: An interview with Judy Shepard
Photo gallery | Judy Shepard in South Beach reflecting on son Matthew’s 1998 beating death
Originally published Sept. 11, 2009
Judy Shepard spent eight years digging into her past, recalling the excruciating details of her son Matthew's murder 11 years ago.

Miami Herald
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Thomas is bigoted
Cal Thomas' articles are like bad accidents -- hard not to look at and repulsive when you do. His bigotry toward gays in his Oct 17 Other Views column, Don't ask, tell or legitimize, confirms that he is a dinosaur. We have leaders today who realize that gay people are assets to our society, and that is why change is in motion. Have Thomas talk to Meghan McCain. I have Republican friends and family members who believe that gays should be able to marry and serve in the military. Divide-and-conquer is not working. We need to bring all of our people to the table to make this country happy and prosperous. Hatred comes in many subtle forms, but Thomas' is glaring.

CUBANET: Police arrest nine going to gay play
HAVANA, Oct. 23 Aliomar Janjaque, Fundación Cubana LGTB, – After letting 28 people attend a gay theatrical presentation, state security agents arrested nine others who arrived later, according to one of the attendees. Jaime Durán, 34, who is openly gay, said police gave no explanation as to why they decided to arrest others arriving at the residence of Henry Solís Estévez Nueves, where the play, directed by Yusmania Noublet, was presented. Those arrested were taken to a nearby police station and released hours later.

South Florida Blade
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Shane Gunderson: profile of a pioneer
Broward activist celebrates two decades of service
In May 1991, Broward County Sheriff Nick Navarro raided the Copa, a popular gay nightclub formerly located near the Fort Lauderdale airport, plus two other gay clubs that same night.

Dolphin Democrats to host awards banquet
Honorees include members of Congress, Broward sheriff
Broward County’s largest GLBT Democratic Party organization is hosting their annual awards dinner to recognize outstanding achievement by congressmen and people in the community in furthering the goals of full equal rights and democracy.

Disability Awareness Day receives GBLT support
The Miami Beach Gay Men’s Chorus to perform at function
The first Miami Beach Disability Awareness Day will be held on October 23, 2009 with various events planned throughout Miami Beach. The Awareness Day was the idea of David New, the chairman of the Miami Beach Disability Access Committee who took office in January of this year.

FTL business leader Tony Dee celebrates 75th milestone
Owner of Schubert Resort celebrates birthday
Tony Dee, owner of Schubert Resort, celebrated his 75th birthday with a large party and roast in the Grand Ballroom Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood last weekend. Dee is the currently best known as the owner of the Schubert Resort, a gay resort in historic Victoria Park in Fort Lauderdale, and also owns three of the strip shopping centers on the north side of Wilton Drive.

State Sen. Dan Gelber endorsed for Fla. Attorney General
Equality Florida hands Gelber endorsement
Equality Florida, the largest GLBT political group in the state, announced they have endorsed Senator Dan Gelber for Attorney General.

Uncovering secrets in Maine
Anti-gay group rolls out scare tactics as referendum nears
ON OCT. 1, the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics & Election Practices met to determine if a complaint filed by Fred Karger of Californians Against Hate against the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) would be investigated. In his complaint, Karger claimed that NOM violated campaign reporting requirements and that the group was actively participating in money laundering. Despite the evidence he submitted, which included NOM emails pertaining to fundraising specifically for Maine while alluding to donor anonymity, the commission’s staff recommended that no investigation be conducted due to lack of supporting evidence.

The Advocate
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South Carolina Frets Over Image
By Julie Bolcer
A governor who went AWOL for love, an allegedly closeted lieutenant governor, and a congressman who called the president a “liar” on live national television could cause more than just embarrassment for South Carolina, some residents fear. For starters, there’s the lesser known case of the education board leader charged with posting erotica online under a pseudonym.

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Corvino: The homosexual agenda
By John Corvino
Gay-marriage opponents claim that we gay folk are trying to influence your children. In one sense, they are quite right.

Analysis: Schwarzenegger reversals erode trust
By The Associated Press
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has never shied away from changing his mind. Lately, it seems that’s all he’s been doing, creating confusion in the capital as he tries to tackle an ambitious policy agenda before his time in office runs out.

Pink News - UK
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Exclusive: Met police accused of 'watering down' lesbian and gay liaison officers
The Metropolitan Police Service has been accused of watering down LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) liaison officers in London at a time of increased reports of homophobic hate crime.

BNP leader Nick Griffin criticises Jan Moir article and 'militant' homosexuals
BNP leader Nick Griffin appeared on Question Time last night. He attacked Jan Moir's Daily Mail article but said that gay men were "creepy" and that homosexuality should not be mentioned in schools.

Jan Moir apologises to Stephen Gately's parents but attacks 'hysterical overreaction' of critics
Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir has apologised to the parents of gay Boyzone star Stephen Gately for the "insensitive timing" of her column last week.

Governor says gay marriage will be legal in New York
New York governor David Paterson has said gay marriage will soon be legal in his state. He was speaking last night at a Manhattan dinner hosted by gay rights group Empire State Pride Agenda.

Gay Scottish football club celebrates Stonewall award nomination
HotScots FC has been nominated for Sports Award of the Year at the annual Stonewall awards. The team, which is LGBT-friendly, will rub shoulders with fellow nominees including Paul O'Grady, Boyzone and Beth Ditto on November 5th at London's V&A Museum.

Rome holds flash mobs to call for legal protections for gays
A number of demonstrations were held in Rome, Italy, last weekend to call for more laws to protect gay people from hate crime.

Gay policeman charged with sex attack on junior officer
A gay policeman has been accused of sexually assaulting a junior officer at a Christmas party in December last year.

Germany gives pension rights to gay civil partners
Germany's high court today ruled that civil partners of government employees are eligible to receive the same pension rights as their straight married counterparts.

Daily Queer News
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Opposite Color…Same Sex
Jennifer Vanasco \ Independent Gay Forum
First published in the Chicago Free Press on October 21, 2009
Let me tell you a story. A Louisiana couple goes to a justice of the peace. They love each other. They want to get married.

Protest Called Against “Illinois’s #1 Hater of Gays”
For Immediate Release: October 22, 2009
For Information: Bob Schwartz, Gay Liberation Network, 773.878.3697,
Andy Thayer, Gay Liberation Network, 773.209.1187,,

New Poll Shows Maine Gay Marriage Repeal Pulling Ahead
On Top Magazine
The effort to repeal gay marriage in Maine is pulling ahead, a new poll finds, but continues to trail overall, an analysis reveals. The Public Policy Polling survey shows Question 1, the November 3 ballot question that would repeal gay marriage in the Pine State, in a dead heat. The survey of 1,130 likely voters found that the measure is now evenly divided with 48% on each side.

Daniel’s Choice
Sean Bugg \ Metro Weekly
Lt. Daniel Choi — West Point grad, Arabic linguist, platoon leader, Iraq War veteran — isn’t the first soldier to be targeted by the military’s ”Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. When Choi came out as gay in the aftermath of California’s Proposition 8, which repealed marriage equality in his home state, he became the latest in a long line of soldiers who have been told they cannot serve their country because they chose to tell the truth.

A Month of GLBT History–Where Do You Fit In?
Gay & Lesbian Times
Our success can be measured by the influence we are having on the world around us. October, which marks GLBT History Month, has truly been a momentous month for the GLBT community both state and nationwide.

Host a Party and Support GLAAD’s Work – It’s Your Movement
On November 2nd, November 4th, November 17th and December 14th, you’ll have a chance to interact with GLAAD in an exciting new way - via a live, nationwide web video conference with me to discuss the latest news, challanges and opportunities that face the movement for equality.It’s the first time we’ve ever brought our supporters together for a national conversation, and I hope you will join us, host a house party, and be part of this historic exchange.

Ex-Gay Conference in South Florida
By WAYNE BESEN \ Florida Blade
In August, the American Psychological Association released a report that explicitly said “there is insufficient evidence” for therapists to claim conversion therapy works.

Report: Big Pharma has 2.3 Lobbyists for Every Lawmaker
David Edwards and Daniel Tencer \ Raw Story
Drugmakers’ victories in Washington could keep health costs high, trade office warns
The pharmaceutical industry spent $110 million in just the first half of 2009 in its efforts to influence health care reform, part of a booming lobbying effort that now has 2.3 drug lobbyists on Capitol Hill for every member of Congress, a new investigative report reveals.

86-Yea-Old’s Plea for Gay Marriage Becomes Internet Hit
Raw Story
It happened in April, but Phillip Spooner’s speech for gay marriage equality is just now making the Internet rounds — and drawing widespread attention from large liberal websites like The Huffington Post.

Washington, Val Stevens is Your Sally Kern
Alex Blaze \ Bilerico Project
Her name is Washington state senator Val Stevens, and she’s on to the homosexual agenda. Here’s a bit from an email she sent out to supporters:

Is the Military Ignoring Its Heroin Problem in the Ranks?
Megan Carpentier \ Air America Media \ AlterNet
The U.S. military has known about the problem of drug use in its ranks since the Vietnam War, when contemporaneous accounts suggested up to 15 percent of enlisted men tried or became addicted to opiates. But, for the first time since then, the military has soldiers in combat in a producer-country: Afghanistan, which produces more than 90 percent of the world’s heroin despite decades of eradication efforts.

How I Realized I’m Bisexual
Rabbit White \ SeXis Magazine \ AlterNet
Who doesn’t remember their first crush? I was four years old; she was my Sunday School teacher, tall with pale skin and long sandy brown hair nipping just above her waist. I remember feeling excited by her, romantic toward her. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with her but I had fantasies of grandly sweeping her away to do…something.

Jonathan Kirsch on ‘The Woman Who Named God’
Jonathan Kirsch \ Truthdig
Here and there on the front lines of the clash of civilizations, we can glimpse a few pockets of compassion. One example is the revisionist reading of a neglected passage of Genesis that depicts the tragic fate of an Egyptian slave named Hagar, the mother of Abraham’s first son and, by tradition, the matriarch of the Arab nation. Modern commentators have rescued Hagar from obscurity and reinvented her as a feminist icon and a symbol of reconciliation among the three religions that claim Abraham as a founder.

Hate Crimes Bill Goes to Obama for Signature
The Senate passed groundbreaking legislation Thursday that would make it a federal crime to assault an individual because of his or her sexual orientation or gender identity.

“I’m not a racist. I just don’t believe in mixing the races that way”
Dear ACLU Supporter,
“I’m not a racist. I just don’t believe in mixing the races that way.” That’s how Louisiana Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell explains his stunning refusal to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple.

Scientists Glean Lessons from Stalled AIDS Vaccine
Tan Ee Lyn \ Reuters
PARIS (Reuters) - Merck and Co’s failed AIDS vaccine may not have worked, but it probably did not raise the risk of infection either, doctors said Tuesday. Data analyzed after the large clinical trial was stopped in 2007 contradict earlier findings that suggested some groups, such as uncircumcised men, may have been more vulnerable to infection if they got the vaccine, Dr. Susan Buchbinder of the San Francisco Department of Public Health told an AIDS vaccine conference.


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