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GLBT DIGEST - November 06, 2009

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New York Times
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Washington [State]: Same-Sex Unions Vote
A same-sex unions ballot measure nicknamed “Everything But Marriage” appeared on its way toward passing, even as election officials continued to receive ballots in the largely mail-in election. With more than 70 percent of ballots estimated to have been counted, 52 percent of voters had supported the measure, while 48 percent had opposed it. Ballots had to be postmarked by Tuesday. The measure, Referendum 71, asked voters to approve or reject a wide-ranging domestic partnerships bill passed by the Democratic-controlled Legislature this spring and signed by Gov. Christine Gregoire, a Democrat.

Election Remakes City Council, and May Give It More Bite, Too
Published: November 5, 2009
A quarter of its members will be new. Four members will be openly gay, the most ever. The Republican minority, though still tiny, will grow to five from three. For the first time, a majority will be black, Hispanic or Asian. Also for the first time, an Asian-American will represent Chinatown.

Marriage for Gays on Agenda in New York
Gov. David A. Paterson said Thursday that he would include gay marriage on the agenda of an extraordinary session he is calling for Tuesday, potentially setting up the first vote on the issue in the State Senate and a dramatic floor debate.

Washington Post
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Attack of the Palinites
By Eugene Robinson
Democrats have some thinking to do after Tuesday's elections, but Republicans don't have time to think. They're too busy trying to survive the party's internal purge and avoid being shipped off to political Siberia.

Wall Street Journal
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Burnt Offerings
There is an old, snooty church joke that goes something like this: Miss Smith approaches her pastor, incensed that he has replaced the King James Bible with the New International Version. "Pastor, bring back the King James," she says. "If it was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me."

Steve Rothaus
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International Transgender Day of Remembrance to be marked in Fort Lauderdale weekend of Nov. 20-22
The 11th annual International Transgender Day of Remembrance will be Saturday, Nov. 21. A weekend of activities are planned in Fort Lauderdale, including a screening of the locally-produced film Amancio: Two Faces on a Tombstone and a brunch featuring speaker Marilyn Volker, a nationally known sexologist from Miami. Here are details (click to enlarge):

Ending employment discrimination in America: Lies, damned lies and statistics about America’s LGBT families
Commentary by Bob Witeck
"When you [gay Americans] are not a group of people who need special protection. You do well economically. You are an elite. That is precisely the argument that has been made in behalf of the worst kind of discrimination against Jewish people." -- U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone, July 29, 1994, responding to an extreme right spokesperson's anti-gay testimony
The late Senator Wellstone delivered that biting argument fifteen years ago, during an historic Senate hearing weighing the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). ENDA ultimately met an achingly close Senate vote that year, failing by one vote.

Same-sex partnership law headed to rare gay-rights victory in Washington state
By Brad Shannon, The Olympian
Ballot counts Wednesday showed Washington's same-sex partnership law passing with twice the margin of victory it had on election night, and one key leader in the movement declared victory.

Miami Herald
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Florida a battleground state . . . again
OUR OPINION: Don't turn Florida race into ideological litmus test
For Floridians, the most significant news to emerge from the off-year elections around the country is that the outcome of an obscure congressional race in upstate New York ensures that the Sunshine State will be a key battleground in the 2010 election cycle. Oh, dear.

South Florida Blade
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Gay candidates falter in South Florida elections
Michael Gongora still faces run-off for seat on Miami Beach City Commission
None of the four gay candidates running for city government seats in Dade or Palm Beach counties could claim victory after the November 3 election, although one former Miami Beach City Commissioner is one step closer to regaining his seat on the dais.

The Advocate
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Gavin Newsom Goes AWOL?
By Julie Bolcer
Some San Francisco residents are expressing annoyance that mayor Gavin Newsom left town abruptly last week -- without even telling his staff. The episode, in which staff members were forced to cancel the mayor’s scheduled appearances, drew comparisons to missing South Carolina governor Mark Sanford.

Suspect: God Made Me Hate Gay People
By Julie Bolcer
One of three suspects in an antigay hate crime that occurred early Sunday on Long Island in New York told police, “God made me hate gay people.”

Fans Tackle Johnson for Antigay Slurs
By Julie Bolcer
More than 10,000 fans of the National Football League have signed an online petition urging the Kansas City Chiefs to deactivate Larry Johnson for his use of antigay slurs on Twitter and in the locker room last week. The star running back is on the verge of breaking a team record.

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Sex-toy study at Duke raises some eyebrows
By Jennifer Vanasco
A campus religious leader is unhappy about a study at Duke University that invites female students to attend parties where they can buy sex toys.

Gay partnership measure approved by voters
By The Associated Press
Washington voters have approved the state’s new “everything but marriage” law, expanding rights for domestic partners and marking the first time any state’s voters have approved a gay equality measure at the ballot box.

NY gov calls for session on gay marriage
By The Associated Press
New York Gov. David Paterson is calling the Legislature back to Albany for a special session to cut the budget and possibly vote on legalizing same-sex marriage.

Pink News - UK
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Fundraising campaign launched to restore gay marriage in California
A day after the anniversary of Proposition 8, gay marriages advocates have launched a new fundraising campaign to get the issue on next year's ballot.

Elton John leaves hospital
Elton John has been released from hospital after being treated for flu and E.coli. The 62-year-old star was taken ill two weeks ago and was forced to postpone five UK and three US gigs.

Man charged over death of Brighton trans woman to plead in New Year
A man arrested over the death of 29-year-old trans woman Andrea Waddell has appeared in court. The man arrested, 41-year-old Neil MacMillan, appeared at Lewes crown court today.

Sir Ian McKellen and Boy George to attend benefit evening for gay homeless charity
Sir Ian McKellen will appear at a benefit evening for the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT) on Sunday evening. The actor and TV presenter and star of Shameless Anthony Crank will be hosting an auction, with lots of prizes including an oil portrait of Sir Ian by the artist Anthony Lawrence.

UK government 'concerned' about Uganda's anti-gay law
The UK government has released a statement on the proposals in Uganda to execute people who have gay sex following condemnation of the bill from France and America.

Iain Dale loses appeal over 'homophobic' Daily Mail article
A complaint against the Daily Mail by gay political blogger Iain Dale has not been upheld by the Press Complaints Commission. Dale complained that one column, published last month, was homophobic.

Gay group attacks South Park for 'gay slur'
A recent episode of South Park has angered a gay rights group for using the word 'fag'. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation said that the ironic use of the word might not be understood by all readers.

Stephen Gately's partner Andrew Cowles appears at Stonewall awards
Andrew Cowles, the civil partner of the late Boyzone star Stephen Gately, made his first public appearance last night at the Stonewall awards since the singer died four weeks ago.

Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir wins Stonewall Bigot of the Year award
Jan Moir, the Daily Mail columnist whose column on the death of gay Boyzone singer Stephen Gately provoked widespread anger, won the Stonewall Bigot of the Year Awards last night jointly with Father John Owen, the priest who said most paedophiles were gay.

Daily Queer News
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TX: Fort Worth Police Suspend Officers After Rainbow Lounge Investigation
TANYA EISERER / The Dallas Morning News
Police Chief Jeff Halstead said he wanted to close a painful chapter and start a new one as he stood in front of front of a gay bar Thursday to announce the suspensions of a sergeant and two police officers over a controversial raid conducted here in late June.

MD: Letters: Maine Gay Marriage Vote a Setback for All of Us
Baltimore Sun
I am writing on behalf of the Maryland Black Family Alliance (MBFA) to speak of the disappointing loss we and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community suffered in the repeal of the Maine marriage equity law. Even though the law was rejected by a narrow majority, it shows the work we must continue to protection LGBT people from anti-gay forces which are determined to weaken our community and all families.

ENDA Will Provide Critical Employment Protections for LGBT Workers
Jaime Grant, Ph.D., Policy Institute Director, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force \ The Hill
The state of the U.S. workplace for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people — transgender Americans in particular — is absolutely shameful. Thankfully, our nation is on the cusp of seriously addressing this injustice: Congress is currently considering the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would prohibit workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee held a hearing on the legislation today, and got an earful about the dire need to enact these fundamental protections.

MS: Gay Adoption Complex, Controversial Issue
Julio Cespedes \ Reflector
This past Monday, there was a panel discussion in the Dawg House as to whether or not homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children. No one is quite positive about how many children have at least one parent who is gay, but estimates range from 1 to 9 million.When I was asked if I was interested in tackling an opinion piece on this subject, I admit, I was quite intimidated. How in the world can I, at 20, be so pompous and arrogant to say I have enough information and knowledge to formulate an opinion on this sensitive issue? Further, how can any of us formulate an opinion with the curse of this postmodern world? Nothing can be taken as truth. In every argument for, there are just as many against. But in my quest to formulate an opinion, I have realized an invaluable truth, and it is in the context of this newfound certainty in which my article should be read.

UT: Gay Advocates Trek to LDS Offices
Aaron Falk \ Deseret News
Members of several Utah gay and lesbian advocacy groups asked LDS Church leaders to open a dialogue with its gay members but stay out of politics Wednesday — a day after Maine voters rejected a same-sex marriage referendum and one year after the monumental passage of California’s Proposition 8.

IA: Campaign Brews for Gay Marriage Vote
A movement is under way that aims to undo the marriage licenses given to same-sex couples since the Iowa Supreme Court legalized gay and lesbian marriages in April.

UT: Gay Rights Group Pulls Mormon-Style Handcart to Make Point
Rosemary Winters
The Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 11/05/2009 09:49:21 AM MST
Like Mormon pioneers in the 1850s, gay-rights supporters pulled a handcart through Salt Lake City on Wednesday in what they dubbed a “rescue” mission. The Foundation for Reconciliation carted more than 2,000 petition signatures to LDS Church headquarters, calling on the church to salvage relations with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and their families.

MI: Kalamazoo Anti-Discrimination Victory Provokes Plenty of Reaction
David Alire Garcia \ Michigan Messenger
Reactions keep pouring in on the lopsided passage of Kalamazoo’s Ordinance 1856, the anti-discrimination ballot initiative, from yesterday’s vote. The voters in this southwestern Michigan city backed the ordinance by a 62 to 38 vote, in still unofficial results.

Ending Employment Discrimination in America
Bob Witeck
“When you say…you [gay Americans] are not a group of people who need special protection. You do well economically. You are an elite. That is precisely the argument that has been made in behalf of the worst kind of discrimination against Jewish people.”

Gay Rights Decisions Elsewhere in the US
Windy City Times
Maine was not the only place where voters decided on gay-rights issues. However, results elsewhere were much better for the LGBT community.
In Kalamazoo, Mich., voters passed Ordinance 1856, which alters the city’s non-discrimination law to include LGBT individuals.

The Question Remains, Not If, But When?
Gay & Lesbian Times
We will not forget the feeling just one year ago, when Californians awoke to learn that our right to marry had been stripped away. Our hearts go out to those in Maine who are feeling that same devastating blow, as voters Tuesday passed a Proposition 8-style measure overturning the state’s marriage equality law.

Tell South Park’s Creators About the Harms Caused by Slur-Filled “The F-Word”
Taj Paxton
Director of Entertainment Media
Rich Ferraro
Director of Public Relations
November 5, 2009 – On Wednesday, November 4, Comedy Central aired a new episode of South Park entitled “The F-Word,” in which the show’s characters repeat the titular anti-gay slur countless times. Like many other South Park episodes that use edgy humor to provide commentary on current issues, last night’s episode was an attempt to examine the evolving definition of words. Yet despite what the South Park writers may believe, the definition of the F-word remains one that is harmful and derogatory to the LGBT community.

Pentagon Pursuing New Investigation into Bush Propaganda Program
Brad Jacobson \ Raw Story
[Read Part I, Part II and Part III of this series.]
The Pentagon’s Office of Inspector General is conducting a new investigation into a covert Bush administration Defense Department program that used retired military analysts to produce positive wartime news coverage.

Gay Rights Movement Sees Few Gains
Valerie Richardson \ Washington Times
Gay rights advocates took some comfort in small victories from Tuesday’s elections after suffering a major defeat in Maine, where voters rejected a state same-sex marriage law. Wherever else gay issues or candidates appeared on the ballot, they appeared to fare well, although a key vote in Washington state was still too close to call.


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