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GLBT DIGEST - December 06, 2009

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Washington Post
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Stereotypes, be gone
By Kathleen Parker
Americans are more divided than ever, and both Democrats and Republicans are to blame. So say a majority of citizens polled as part of USA Network's "Characters Unite" campaign, a community affairs program launched in January aimed at addressing social injustice and cultural differences within our borders.

Marc Christian, 56
Sued Rock Hudson estate over AIDS risk
By Los Angeles Times
Marc Christian, who won a multimillion-dollar settlement in 1991 from the estate of actor Rock Hudson, his former lover, after convincing a jury that Hudson had knowingly exposed him to AIDS, died June 2 at a hospital in Burbank, Calif., of pulmonary problems. He was 56.

Steve Rothaus
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Gay House members say gay-friendly bills are near
By LISA LEFF, Associated Press
SAN FRANCISCO -- Two of Congress's three openly gay members said Saturday that the U.S. House is poised to pass bills to provide health coverage for the same-sex partners of gay federal workers and to protect all gay and transgender employees from job discrimination.

Miami Herald
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2nd gay bishop for Episcopal Church, Anglicans
The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles has elected a lesbian as assistant bishop, the second openly gay bishop in the global Anglican fellowship, which is already deeply fractured over the first.

Daily Queer News
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L.A. Picks Lesbian Bishop
By Michelle Garcia
Los Angeles' Episcopal diocese selected a lesbian as an assistant bishop on Saturday. If approved by a group of national church leaders, Rev. Mary Glasspool of Baltimore, Md. will become the second openly gay bishop for the church, following Rev. V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire. She is currently a Canon, or adviser, to the bishop in the Baltimore diocese.

Gay marriage: The unstoppable march for gay rights
By Star-Ledger Editorial Board/The Star-Led...
To get a glimpse of where history is headed on gay marriage, consider the split in the Rice family of Newark. The son, Ron Rice Jr., a city councilman, was among 2,800 Democratic leaders and activists who signed a petition last week telling legislators that marriage equality is a fundamental human right.

Gay marriage opposition will haunt Christie
To the Editor:
Even though I'm a lifelong Democrat who strongly supports gay rights, I'm happy Chris Christie opposes gay marriage. Let me back up. I voted for Chris Daggett. I thought Jon Corzine was too tied into Democratic bosses and constituencies to cut spending big time in New Jersey.

I do... want benefits, too
Arguments for gay marriage highlight a bias against singles.
By Alison Lobron
A few months before Maine voters overturned a gay marriage law, a friend told me she feared layoffs at her company and the potential loss of her health insurance. A single woman in her 30s, she said, half-jokingly, “I know so many women in the same boat. Since we live in Massachusetts, maybe we should just pretend to be lesbians and marry each other!”

Don't believe rhetoric supporting gay marriage
By Richard Zoppo
An open letter to New Jersey legislators: Gay marriage is a false issue. Gays can have civil unions that afford all the legal rights of marriage but proponents of gay marriage reject that option. The reason for that is they wish to use gay marriage to force religious groups to accept their doctrine.

FL U.S. Congressional candidate Larry 'homo-sex w/Obama' Sinclair writes the Blend
by: Pam Spaulding
We have a celebrity missive in the mailbag! Sunshine State U.S. Congressional candidate Larry "I had homosex and blow with Obama" Sinclair saw my recent post about his new career move -- from serving time for multiple offenses to serving his country. His email is full of misspellings, bad grammar and misguided charges; I left that intact. I had to help out the pathetic formatting because it was nearly unreadable.

How to tell if you're bisexual
Filed by: Alex Blaze put together some videos on sexual health, and here is their brief intro to bisexuality. They have one on homosexuality, too, but this one seemed more interesting. I'm not bi, but that thing about having sex with anyone anytime doesn't sound correct (not that there's anything wrong with that). So what do the rest of you all think?

Community Expresses Outrage Over ENDA Markup Delay
By Michael Cole
HRC learned late last night that the House Education and Labor Committee will not be considering ENDA this calendar year. We are deeply disappointed that the markup will not move forward in 2009 and will continue to push the Education and Labor Committee and the House leadership to honor their promise to move ENDA forward in the House this Congress. Every day LGBT people lack the basic job protections provided by ENDA is one more too many. HRC joins our fellow LGBT organizations in calling for an end to further delays in passing this critical legislation (the full release is below).


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