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GLBT DIGEST - December 10, 2009

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New York Times
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Recognition Woes Hinder G.O.P. Legislator’s Run
The Republican Party’s candidate in the race for Edward M. Kennedy’s United States Senate seat started to talk about what he planned to do for the people of Massachusetts if elected. But first he had to remind them who he was.

Uphill Toward Equality
The fight in New Jersey to legalize same-sex marriage cleared a crucial hurdle on Monday night, and it is now time for the rest of the state’s lawmakers to end a grievous violation of this nation’s promise of equal rights. The same-sex marriage bill was approved by the Judiciary Committee of the State Senate on Monday night following a day of emotionally charged testimony.

Bay Schools Phase Out Gay-Friendly Curriculum
The school board blinked. Under the duress of a lawsuit and threats of recall, the Alameda Board of Education has voted to phase out an elementary school curriculum it adopted in May to prevent anti-gay bullying.

New Jersey Marriage Vote Canceled
The battle over a bill that would legalize gay marriage in New Jersey shifted locations unexpectedly late Wednesday as sponsors of the legislation canceled a vote scheduled for Thursday in the State Senate, where the measure appeared headed for defeat.

Washington Post
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Bruce Springsteen speaks out for gay marriage
By Monica Herrera
Bruce Springsteen has come out in support of gay marriage in his home state of New Jersey, where a marriage equality bill will go to vote this week. The rocker released a statement via his official Web site Wednesday backing the legislation.

Mavericks' Thomas a figure in eatery fight
Associated Press
Dallas Mavericks forward Tim Thomas was at a Dallas restaurant when a fight broke out early Wednesday during a dispute between him and another patron.

For a woman who accepted all others: a top honor
In the early days of AIDS, an Arlington pastor opened her church so those with the disease could find comfort together
By Michael Laris
Counselors at the District's Whitman-Walker Clinic were stuck. Finding a place for people with AIDS to meet and help one another was not easy in the 1980s, when the trinity of fear, ignorance and stigma left many terrified even to come close to the ill.

Wedded to anti-gay stand on marriage
By Robert McCartney
Question: Why would Washington's Roman Catholic archdiocese let a dispute over employment benefits, which would have little practical effect, cause it to give up doing valuable, publicly funded work helping the homeless and sick?

Steve Rothaus
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Broadway’s Brian Stokes Mitchell, ‘the luckiest actor in the world,’ performs Saturday at Arsht Center
Brian Stokes Mitchell is perhaps musical theater's leading leading man, yet he hasn't performed in a long-run Broadway show since his 2003 Tony-nominated turn as Don Quixote in Man of La Mancha.

Ros-Lehtinen calls on Ugandan government to reject impending anti-gay legislation
News release from U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen:
(WASHINGTON) – U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, today called on the Ugandan government to reject legislation being considered now in the Ugandan legislature to impose harsh jail sentences and even the death penalty on some homosexuals living there. Statement by Ros-Lehtinen:
“I am deeply saddened and troubled that such blatantly ignorant and hate-filled legislation would see the light of day anywhere in today’s world. It needs to be stopped in its tracks immediately.

Houston mayoral candidate Annise Parker, a lesbian, subject of anti-gay campaign
Jorge Mursuli, former executive director of SAVE Dade, has sent us a campaign mailer being used against the candidacy of Houston City Comptroller Annise Parker, a lesbian running for mayor.

The Advocate
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Colin Firth: Singled Out
With or without prejudice, can the gay community still take pride in A Single Man? Star Colin Firth weighs in on the controversial “de-gaying” of Tom Ford’s film debut and costar Matthew Goode's good kissing skills.
By Brandon Voss
The cuddly Brit beloved for his dual Mr. Darcys in Bridget Jones’s Diary and BBC’s television adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Colin Firth is earning the best reviews of his career (and a Best Actor award at the Venice Film Festival) for A Single Man, Tom Ford’s directorial debut, which opens in limited release December 11. In the film, which Ford adapted from Christopher Isherwood’s seminal 1964 novel, Firth plays George, a 52-year-old gay college professor in Los Angeles dealing with the sudden death of his longtime life partner. Over coffee at Manhattan’s swanky Carlyle Hotel, the Mamma Mia! star defends Ford’s desexualizing descriptions of A Single Man yet denounces the film’s “deceptive” marketing campaign.

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Two Brooklyn teachers – both women – caught with pants down in classroom
By Jennifer Vanasco, editor in chief,
Two Brooklyn teachers were caught with their tops off and pants down in an empty classroom by a janitor at James Madison High School in Brooklyn, NY. Alini Brito, 29 and Cindy Mauro, 33, both Romance language teachers, were caught in a romantic embrace while students were at an evening talent show in the auditorium, according to the New York Daily News. Brito is married to a man.

McDonald’s fires anti-trans manager
By 365gay Newswire
Earlier this week, Zikerria Bellamy filed a complaint against McDonald’s for refusing to hire her because she is transgender.

Pink News - UK
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TUC announces new coalition to tackle homophobia in football
The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has unveiled a new alliance to help stamp out homophobia in football. The Professional Footballers Association, Pride Sports, Kick it Out, Schools Out, the LGBT Sports Network and the Brighton-based Justin Campaign met with LGBT TUC representatives yesterday.

Uganda 'to remove death penalty from anti-gay bill'
Uganda will reportedly drop plans for the execution and life imprisonment of gays. An 'anti-homosexuality' bill has been passing through the country's parliament but according to news agency Bloomberg, some of the most drastic measures will be removed.

Schools to record all homophobic, sexist and racist bullying
The government announced today that schools will be required to record all incidents of homophobic, racist and sexist bullying. Schools minister Vernon Coaker said that all schools will be legally required to comply with the new rules from September.

Daily Queer News
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Is Gay Marriage Inevitable?
By Mara Gay
Supporters have often likened the fight for same-sex marriage to the struggle for civil rights -- slow going and full of setbacks, but certain to triumph in the long run. But for the gay rights movement, 2009 was a year filled with a string of defeats in Maine and New York. Now though, Politico's Ben Smith isn't so sure. Is the legalization of gay marriage really inevitable? The same-sex marriage movement appears likely to end a banner year with a string of stinging defeats that opponents say have undermined a core proposition of the movement - that the acceptance of gay marriage is, sooner or later, inevitable.

‘New Yorkers have been betrayed’
Posted by Chris Johnson
The defeat of same-sex marriage legislation in the New York State Senate last week was a devastating blow to gay rights supporters, leaving many to wonder how the bill could fail after its advocates had expressed confidence in the measure’s passage. The New York State Senate on Dec. 2 voted 24-38 against the legalization of same-sex marriage, a lopsided margin that raised questions for those who were watching the bill’s progress.

Gay Activist Attacked in Nightclub
By Julie Bolcer
A New York City-based gay activist was attacked by bouncers at a Queens nightclub early Saturday because he was dancing with another man.

While they lie about Kevin Jennings, Michelle Malkin attacks GLSEN's funders
by: Alvin McEwen
UPDATE - I have just completed an interview with Maxim Lott of Fox News about the so-called Jennings controversies. Keep your fingers crossed regarding the accuracy of the potential article. Another day, another lie about Kevin Jennings. From Media Matters comes the following distortion about a "Little Black Book:" The Gateway Pundit blog falsely suggested that the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, a group founded and formerly headed by Department of Education official Kevin Jennings, had distributed to children an explicit safe-sex booklet.

NC: pro-equality U.S. Senate candidate Kenneth Lewis - The Blend interview
by: Pam Spaulding
I was surprised to receive a phone call from the Kenneth Lewis campaign a couple of weeks ago; I knew a few things about the Durham attorney, who has jumped into the U.S. Senate race to dislodge Richard "Bank Run" Burr from his seat -- 1) he has little name recognition; 2) he has not held public office before and 3) he has worked behind the scenes in politics for a long time, fundraising and organizing on several campaigns, including the U.S. Senate campaigns of Harvey Gantt and Erskine Bowles. In 2008, he was part of the finance team in North Carolina for the Obama campaign.
NOTE: Bumped up since it's an exclusive.

Brooking No Dissent, HRC Gets Reporter Fired for Addressing Inconvenient Truth About Organization (in a private e-mail)
Posted by B. Daniel Blatt
In a private e-mail to the Human Rights Campaign, a tired reporter in the Pine Tree State responded to their assertion that those who supported Question 1 on the state’s ballot month were haters, echoing something we have said on this blog. “They said the Yes-on-1 people were haters. I’m a Christian. I take offense at that,” [Larry Grard, that aforementioned sleep-deprived journalist] said. “I e-mailed them back and said basically, ‘We’re not the ones doing the hating. You’re the ones doing the hating.’

North Carolina Law Bans Atheists, One Gets Into Office Anyway
Some folks tried to prevent newly elected Asheville, North Carolina city councilman Cecil Bothwell from taking office. Because he's an atheist. And that's still against the law there, as it is in five other states.


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