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GLBT DIGEST - December 27, 2006

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Ford Death Rekindles Memories Of Gay Man Who Thwarted Assassination Attempt
by Newscenter Staff

Posted: December 27, 2006 9:00 am ET

(Washington) Former President Gerald Ford died Tuesday night in California.He was 93.

Ford was the country's 38th president succeeding Richard Nixon who left theWhite House in disgrace in 1974 after the Watergate scandal.

He served until 1977 when he was defeated by Jimmy Carter.

In office on 895 days Ford survived two assassination attempts. The firstcame in September 1975 when Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, a 26-year-old followerof Charles Manson, was arrested after she aimed a semiautomatic pistol atFord on Sept. 5 in Sacramento, Calif.

A Secret Service agent grabbed her and Ford was unhurt.

Seventeen days later in San Francisco Sara Jane Moore, a 45-year-oldpolitical activist, was arrested in San Francisco after she fired a gun atthe president.


Published - October 29, 2001

Forwarded from Deb Price

Gerald Ford: Treat gay couples equally
Byline: Deb Price

Former President Gerald Ford believes the federal government should treatgay couples the same as married couples, including providing equal SocialSecurity and tax benefits.

Ford's views, expressed in an exclusive telephone interview, make him thehighest-ranking Republican ever to endorse equal treatment for gay couples.

"I think they ought to be treated equally. Period," Ford declared. Askedspecifically whether gay couples should get the same Social Security, taxand other federal benefits as married couples, he replied, "I don't see whythey shouldn't. I think that's a proper goal."

Now 88, Ford was a longtime Michigan congressman and Republican leader ofthe U.S. House before being appointed vice president and then rising to thepresidency in 1974 after Richard Nixon's resignation.



"Naked Boys" exposed in gay-themed movie
Wed Dec 27, 2006 3:34 AM ET

By Gregg Goldstein

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - In the grand tradition of "Dreamgirls" and"Funny Girl," the long-running off-Broadway musical "Naked Boys Singing!" iscoming to the big screen.

The bare posteriors of the 10-member cast are being preserved for posterityat Los Angeles' Hayworth Theater, where the gay-themed project is set tocomplete shooting this week.

Since opening at L.A.'s Celebration Theater in 1998 and moving to itscurrent New York run the following year, the nudity-filled revue has playedin more than 20 countries and toured theaters around the country -- and notwithout controversy. The Milwaukee Gay Arts Center production of the show,featuring such original songs as "I Beat My Meat," "Perky Little Porn Star"and "Nothin' but the Radio On," was closed by the local vice squad lastyear. Similar shutdowns occurred in 2004 in Atlanta and in 2003 in San Juan,Puerto Rico.

The screen version will feature a restaged version of the play, saidproducer Kirkland Tibbels, and new arrangements of the original songs.


Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List

San Diego Union Tribune, CA, December 26, 2006

New year, old debate over gay marriage

SACRAMENTO - Last year, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill that wouldhave legalized same-sex marriage, saying the voters or the courts shoulddecide the issue.

Schwarzenegger, who generally supports expanding gay rights, hasn't changedhis views on marriage, his aides said last week.

Yet the author of the bill, Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, isundeterred. He plans to launch a drive next year to win approval forsame-sex marriage from the Legislature and the governor, as the state's highcourt begins the process of deciding a case on the same issue.

Together, these legal and legislative battles are likely to reignite adispute that has deeply divided voters in California.


Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List

Washington Times, DC, December 26, 2006

U.S. out of love with marriage?

In the beloved holiday movie "It's a Wonderful Life," George Bailey isallowed to see how miserable the future is without his everyday acts ofheroism and self-sacrifice -- and his marriage.

Calamities are revealed in scene after scene, but none are more powerfulthan the loss of his family. His cozy home is a ghostly ruin. Wife Mary is adried-up spinster. There are no rose petals from daughter Zuzu because thereis no Zuzu.

Even his town has become ugly and crude -- with plenty of "adultentertainment" but no family homes, no loving couples, no playful children.

The Frank Capra film, released 60 years ago this month, ends withGeorge's redemption and new appreciation for his most precious achievements-- being a good man, husband, father, friend and brother.


Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List

NH: Poll shows support for civil unions;Bills next session would extendrights

Concord Monitor, NH, December 26, 2006

Poll shows support for civil unions
Bills next session would extend rights
By ERIC MOSKOWITZ, Monitor staff

A majority of New Hampshire residents oppose gay marriage but not civilunions, according to a new poll commissioned by the Monitor. For the firsttime in New Hampshire, lawmakers next session will consider bills to extendmarriage rights to same-sex couples.

New Hampshire law prohibits gay marriage. In 2004, the Legislature passed anadditional measure to block recognition of same-sex marriages performedelsewhere, after the Massachusetts Supreme Court legalized gay marriage inthat state. But times have changed, said Rep. Jim Splaine, a PortsmouthDemocrat who has submitted a bill to legalize same-sex unions.


Romney may balk on lawmakers' raises
Waiting for action on gay marriage
By Andrea Estes and Frank Phillips, Globe Staff | December 27, 2006

Governor Mitt Romney may refuse to move ahead on automatic pay raises forlawmakers unless they vote next week on a constitutional amendment to bansame-sex marriages, a top administration official said yesterday.

The state's 200 House and Senate members are entitled to a raise on Jan. 1,but it is up to the governor to decide the exact amount and give finalapproval. Romney could act on the pay raises before he leaves office on Jan.4, or leave the responsibility to Governor-elect Deval Patrick.

Legislators have scheduled a vote on the same-sex marriage amendment forJan. 2, but many opponents of gay marriage fear lawmakers will recesswithout taking action. According to a senior Romney administration official,the governor is seriously considering withholding his approval if theLegislature does not act on the amendment.


Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List

Pornography case puts privacy rights at odds with set public standards

ST. GEORGE - Hearings are scheduled to continue against Susan Russell, thewoman arrested last month for allegedly selling pornographic materials andsex toys from a back room in her Earrings and More store.

After a search warrant was issued for the store, located at 695 BluffStreet, officers with the St. George Police Department found "manypornographic DVDs, VHS videos, magazines, sex toys, and material that werebeing distributed from that store," according to police reports.

Russell was charged with 15 counts of third-degree felony distribution ofpornographic material.


From Michael Emanuel Rajner
National Secretary - Campaign To End AIDS

Retreats that maintain its focus on the individual living with HIV/AIDS arerare and an incredible resource of empowerment for those individuals thathave the means and opportunity to attend.

From March 2 - 4, 2007 Okaloosa AIDS Support & Informational is hosting the10th Positive Living Conference in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Having beenable to attend last year's conference, I met some of the most amazing peoplefrom the Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and othersouthern states. Most of these people traveled from rural areas and rarelyhave the opportunity to attend retreats that provide them with resources toempower themselves and help them become more independent to advocate fortheir own needs.

A few months ago, the Campaign to End AIDS placed a challenge to all AIDSservices organizations and community based organizations to sponsor orassist an individual to travel to NAPWA's "Staying Alive: Access Matters",it was a successful event and an amazing experience for those able toattend.

It tough economic times for non-profits, it is understandable that retreatssuch as these are not in your budget. However, we must look toopportunities that we can create and teach others how to make the conferencea possibility for them. As a person living with AIDS, I ask that if you cannot sponsor an individual, that you help teach them how to fundraise andprovide these individuals with the opportunity to learn and grow.

People living with HIV/AIDS can be the most valuable resource in the fightto end AIDS and improve access to care, treatment and support services if weprovide them with the valuable education and opportunities to grow.


The Gay Express

Santa Cruz schools rethink blood drives after gay student barred
FDA is still considering relaxing rules on donations by gay men
SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (AP) | Dec 26, 2:32 PM

A gay student prevented from donating blood because of his sexual historyhas stirred debate among Santa Cruz school officials over whether tocontinue hosting campus blood drives.

Ronnie Childers, 17, student body president at Harbor High School, said hevolunteered at a blood drive at his school earlier this month for five hoursand waited in line for three more before being turned away.

"I was turned away because of my sexual contacts," Childers said. "Thereasoning behind me not being able to give blood is ridiculous. ... It mademe feel like an outcast."

According to U.S. Food & Drug Administration regulations, a man who has hada sexual encounter with another man since 1977 is ineligible to donate.


Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News

Posted on: Monday, December 25, 2006
'View' edgier as O'Donnell amps it up

Associated Press

Three months into the Reign of Rosie, "The View" has become must-see TV. Butis it the type of viewing that series creator Barbara Walters was bargainingfor?

Rosie O'Donnell's inclusion in the daytime chat show's cast has boostedratings but seemingly brought along a controversy du jour, the latest isthis week's verbal mudfight between O'Donnell and Donald Trump.

O'Donnell said she wasn't talking about it on a show that aired Thursday,but eventually, she couldn't help herself, saying she was afraid to leavehome the night before "in case somebody with a comb-over came and stole"partner Kelli from her. Trump took every opportunity to hurl insults inreturn.


Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News

Study: Risque syphilis ads upped testing
S.F. campaign, started in 2002, being emulated in other cities nationwide

By Rebecca Vesely, STAFF WRITER
Inside Bay AreaArticle Launched:12/26/2006 02:48:08 AM PST

A risque social marketing campaign featuring a cartoon penis helped boosttesting rates for syphilis in San Francisco, according to a study publishedMonday, and the campaign is being replicated in other cities.The Healthy Penis campaign, launched in 2002, featured humorous billboardcartoons and live actors dressed in giant penis suits to draw attention tothe soaring rates of syphilis among gay and bisexual men in San Francisco.

In the cartoons, an affable penis interacts with an angry red roundishcharacter named Phil the Syphilis Sore. Like the proverbial red devil onone's shoulder, Phil is a bad influence.


From Michael Emanuel Rajner
National Secretary - Campaign To End AIDS

December 26, 2006
Activists generate nationwide support for home state issues at NAPWAconference

Earlier this month, down in New Orleans, advocates with the Campaign to EndAIDS (C2EA) reconnected for the first time since the cross-country caravansto the nation's capitol last summer at this year's NAPWA Staying Aliveleadership conference for people living with AIDS.

The C2EAers reported a resounding re-commitment to ending poverty andprejudice as they gathered in the city left to crumble under HurricaneKatrina's aftermath, victim to the same persistent, racist neglect thatfeeds the AIDS pandemic.

Taking immediate steps, these energized activists generated support fortheir home struggles. Now they are eager to bring to their work theinsights, strategies and relationships gained over the 4-day conference.


Call for submissions for new trans anthology

Some of you may have received the original callout for submissions for a new
anthology I and my partner, Tracie O’Keefe, am compiling on trans people’sexperiences of love and relationships with a significant other. This is agentle reminder that the deadline for submissions is 31 January 2007 and weare still looking for stories to include.

Also - the anthology is now open to anyone who identifies as trans (not justtranssexual or transsexed).

Guidelines are below. We are keen to make this an international anthology,so please send us your stories! Thank you and happy new year.

Katrina Fox

We are seeking stories of around 5000 words and written in the first person.The relationship described can be short or long term, and the partner inquestion can be current or past (for example, if they are now deceased).
Possible things to include:

How you would describe yourself, including sex and gender identity
How you would describe your partner
How you met




Istanbul, 27 Dec. (AKI) - Umut Guner, the editor in chief of Turkey's firstand only lesbian and gay magazine, Kaos-GL, will be tried Thursday in theTurkish capital Ankara. Guner is charged with violating morality laws in aspecial edition of the magazine on pornography published in July. Theprosecution seeks up to three years in prison for Guner, who is also theowner of the publication representing the Ankara-based Kaos Gay-LesbianCultural Research and Solidarity Association (Kaos-GL).

In July, a judge in Ankara ordered the confiscation of the Kaos-GL'sedition, following the prosecution's immorality charges. Kaos-LG wasnotified of the decision on 24 July, when Turkey celebrates 'Press FreedomDay' and also the 98th anniversary of the official end of censorship. Laterin August, the court in Ankara rejected an appeal against the confiscationorder.

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