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NATIONAL & WORLD DIGEST January 25, 2008

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Kucinich Abandons White House Bid

Associated Press Writer
7:59 AM EST, January 25, 2008


Democrat Dennis Kucinich, whose second White House bid yielded only tepidsupport, now faces a fight to keep his job in Congress.

Kucinich scheduled a news conference for noon Friday to announce plans for"transitioning out" of the Democratic presidential primary race, accordingto a brief news release.

His decision was revealed in an interview Thursday with The Cleveland PlainDealer.

The six-term House member got only 1 percent of the vote in the NewHampshire presidential primary and was shut out in the Iowa caucuses.

"There is a point at which you just realize that you, look, you accept it,that it isn't going to happen and you move on," Kucinich told the newspaper.

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