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FLORIDA DIGEST - June 29, 2008

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-3,000 Unitarian Universalists gather for national assembly
Fort Lauderdale - As a Unitarian Universalist, Nick Allen embraces racialdiversity and social justice - both in society and within his religion. "Webelieve in the inherent worth and dignity of every person, so clearly thatcalls on us to address issues of racism," said Allen, 17, a high schoolsenior from St. Paul, Minn. Allen helped run an anti-racism seminar forteenagers at a gathering of the predominantly white Unitarian UniversalistAssociation General Assembly on Saturday. "One of the goals is to ask 'whyare we so white? And why aren't we more diverse?'",0,5930794.story

-Popular Save Our Homes amendment also created inequities
Save Our Homes created inequities The Save Our Homes amendment places anannual cap on real estate taxes for homesteaded properties. Voters approvedit in 1992. It has protected countless Floridians from being taxed out oftheir homes but has created sharp inequities in tax bills among people insimilar homes in the same neighborhoods. It also shifted the tax burden ontonew home buyers, businesses and seasonal residents.,0,2392895.story

Miami Herald
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-First black woman chief justice of Fla. Supreme Court
Peggy Quince is set to take the gavel as the Florida Supreme Court's 53rdchief justice. She also will become the first black woman to lead thestate's highest court at a ceremony Friday. Quince will serve a two-yearterm, replacing R. Fred Lewis. Lewis will remain on the seven-member court.

-Sugar deal won't let water flow
State planners say the U.S. Sugar property will more likely be used to storewater rather than re-create a flow from Lake Okeechobee to the Everglades.

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Fort Report
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-Political pluck, power dovetailed in state-U.S. Sugar deal
Standing on his skiff, hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones II grew moreconfident with each cast into the salty shallows of Florida Bay - snook orno snook. His goal was more ambitious than catching a few fish. He hoped topersuade Florida's newly elected governor, Charlie Crist, to loosen BigSugar's grip on the agency charged with restoring Florida's Everglades, theSouth Florida Water Management District.

-No way to sugarcoat Glades anger
In Florida's sugar cane country, where residents regard the populated coastwith suspicion and resentment, they care about even the symbolic details. About 25 years ago, a delegation from The Post went out to Belle Glade tosit through what amounted to a daylong lecture about the paper's coverage ofthe sugar industry. As usual, the industry people said, we didn't understandwhat they do. As usual, though, it was a G-rated lecture, on substancerather than style. First names only. As usual, we broke for a tasty lunchthat included luscious Glades-area produce.

-Warden on death penalty: "This is wrong"
Murderer Pedro Medina was strapped into "Old Sparky" shortly after midnighton March 25, 1997, at Florida State Prison. Warden Ron McAndrew stoodnearby as a guard placed a wet sponge to conduct more than 2,000 volts ofelectricity onto Medina's shaved head.


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