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New York Times
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-Rove's Third Term
The Wesley Clark affair revealed something important about John McCain. Nowwe know what a McCain administration would represent: namely, a third termfor Karl Rove.

-Target: Barack Obama. Strategy: What Day Is It?
Despite a three-month head start, Senator John McCain has struggled tosolidify lines of attack against Senator Barack Obama for the generalelection, Republican operatives say and some of his own advisersacknowledge, running into problems that bedeviled Senator Hillary RodhamClinton's primary campaign against Mr. Obama.

-2nd Terror Suspect Released in Britain
LONDON - A 45-year-old Algerian described by American prosecutors as themastermind of an abortive plot to bomb Los Angeles International Airportduring millennium celebrations in 1999 has been released on tight bailconditions after seven years in British jails, court officials saidThursday.

Washington Post
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-A Special Patriotism
by Eugene Robinson
Love of country among African Americans may be complicated, but it is deepand strong and honest. [...]Think about Colin Powell -- but also thinkabout the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a former Marine. And consider, as wecelebrate Independence Day, how steadfast and complicated black patriotismhas always been. The subject is particularly relevant now that the firstAfrican American with a realistic chance of becoming president, BarackObama, has felt compelled to give a lengthy speech explaining his ownpatriotism.

-We Gotta Have Faith by E. J. Dionne Jr.
With his plan to engage religious groups, Obama may succeed where Bushfailed. [...] His latest foray is on a subject dear to my heart: the effortto find constitutional ways to build partnerships between government andfaith-based groups doing essential work for the poor and the marginalized.The outline Obama offered Tuesday suggests that he wants to learn fromPresident Bush's failures in this area, not simply reject an idea because ithas Bush's name on it.

-Free at Last
Colombia's dramatic hostage rescue strengthens the case for a tradeagreement.
SUPERLATIVES FAIL in describing the Colombian army operation that rescued 15hostages from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. Havingpainstakingly infiltrated the guerrilla organization's communicationsnetwork, the Colombian forces apparently deceived the captors into handingthe hostages over to Colombian troops disguised as guerrillas. The rescuersplayed their roles superbly, even adding a touch of the rebels'characteristic cruelty as they bound the hostages and shoved them aboard ahelicopter. Once all were airborne, the soldiers subdued the rebels who hadescorted the hostages, then removed the captives' restraints. Thus were theFrench-Colombian citizen Ingrid Betancourt, three American defensecontractors, and 11 Colombians liberated from years of captivity -- withouta shot being fired. Europe and the United States, as well as Colombia, owethese brave and skilled men, and their commander in chief, President ÁlvaroUribe, a large debt of gratitude.

-Latin America Policy at a Crossroads
McCain Trip to Region Makes Clear That Election Outcome Will AffectRelationship
MEXICO CITY, July 3 -- Sen. John McCain's trip to Colombia and Mexico thisweek made one thing clear: The shape of the United States' relationship withLatin America will hinge on the outcome of the 2008 election.

-Debate Over Guantanamo's Fate Intensifies
The Bush administration is developing a long-range plan to empty theGuantanamo Bay military prison that could include asking Congress to spellout procedures for scores of suspected terrorists whom the government doesnot plan to bring to trial, administration officials and others familiarwith high-level White House discussions on the issue said yesterday.

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-Obama visits traditionally-Republican Montana
Barack Obama is celebrating the 4th of July in Butte, Montana, attending aparade and picnic. It's a state that usually gives its three electoral votesto a Republican. Only two Democrats have carried Montana since 1948. Republicans typically take it for granted and Democrats usually write ifoff. But this year, Obama is spending a sizeable amount of time and money totry to win it.,0,930455.story

Miami Herald
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-At the nuclear crossroads: How much longer will the 'have-nots' wait forthe 'haves' to do what they promised? [...] Forty years ago this week, onJuly 1, 1968, in Washington, London and Moscow, world leaders signed theTreaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). The grand bargainof the NPT was that the non-nuclear weapon states agreed never to produce oracquire nuclear weapons, and the nuclear weapon states agreed eventually toget rid of theirs. No, that is not a misprint. Forty years ago, ourgovernment committed itself to negotiate the elimination of its entirenuclear arsenal. And, with the other nuclear weapon states, to abolishnuclear weapons from the face of the earth forever.

-FOCUS ON ISRAEL: A heartbreaking transaction
In a land that never lacks for intense emotions, a moment will come in justa few days when the two extremes of joy and sadness will overflow atprecisely the same time. Through the dramatizing magic of modern technology,we will watch those scenes from our living rooms:
. From Lebanon, boisterous celebrations of triumph will fill the screen as afreed prisoner comes home.

Fort Report
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-Believe Me, It's Torture
What more can be added to the debate over U.S. interrogation methods, andwhether waterboarding is torture? Try firsthand experience. The authorundergoes the controversial drowning technique, at the hands of men who oncetrained American soldiers to resist-not inflict-it.

-Today's Must Read
The "Swift Boaters" from 2004 are back at it. A group of top Republicancontributors who financially fueled the famous "Swift Boat" campaign adsthat helped sink Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign back in 2004 arestarting to regroup.

-Clergy warned away from politics
With clergy involvement in politics having stirred debate during therecently concluded presidential primary elections, the Denver CatholicArchdiocese has instructed its priests and deacons not to endorse or donatemoney to political candidates involved in the upcoming general election.,0,4537130.story

-THE OTHER BUSH: McCain gets brotherly support
The senator runs into a Bush in Mexico City
Even when he's south of the border, John McCain can't shake the Bushconnection. The senator was joined by Bush as he toured Mexico City'sBasilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe on Thursday morning. No, it wasn't thatBush. It was Jeb, the former governor of Florida and the president's youngerbrother.,0,5898398.story?track=rss

-McCain visits Mexico, says more border walls needed
John McCain warned Mexicans that more border walls are needed before heattempts to overhaul U.S. immigration laws again, an unpopular position in acountry where he had hoped to boost his standing with Hispanics. During atrip to Mexico City, the Republican senator also said he opposedunilaterally changing parts of the North American Free Trade Agreement, asliberal Mexican politicians and his rival Barack Obama have suggested.


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