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FLORIDA DIGEST - July 05, 2008

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The Board of Directors
Palm Beach County Human Rights Council cordially invites you to our Summer Party - Sunday, July 27 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Grandview Gardens Bed & Breakfast
1608 Lake Avenue in West Palm Beach
Join Palm Beach County's elected officials, candidates for office and civic leaders for cocktails and conversation. $125 per person
For information call: (561) 845-6545
During election years, the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council presentsan opportunity for members of the GLBT community and our supporters to meetand mingle with public officials, candidates, and other local movers andshakers. Funds raised at this event help defray the cost of our electionyear mailings. Please mark the date on your calendar and plan to join us.To attend, please mail checks made payable to "PBCHRC" for $125 per personto: PBCHRC - P.O. Box 267 - West Palm Beach, Florida 33402
Feel free to pay on-line by using the "Make a Donation with PayPal" link.

Chris Chiari wins Broward, Palm Beach, and State AFL-CIO Endorsements
Building on the momentum of the Broward Teacher's Union endorsement lastmonth, Chris Chiari won support from the Broward, Palm Beach, and FloridaAFL-CIO. All three boards shifted their support away from the incumbent,State Representative Ellyn Bogdanoff, whom they had endorsed in previousyears. "Working families in Palm Beach and Broward Counties will be thewinners when Chris Chiari gets elected to the Florida House in District 91.Labor has endorsed a winner," said Pat Emmert, President of the PalmBeach-Treasure Coast AFL-CIO. "The workers of this state deserve leadershipthat's going to stand firm on their behalf. As Representative, I will workhard to repair the damage caused by the reckless Rubio-Bogdanoff budget cutsthat are devastating the working class across the state," said Chris Chiari.I'm grateful to all of the AF L-CIO locals across the state for supportingthis race, and look forward to working with them to bring much needed changeto Tallahassee," Chiari added. More information about Chris Chiari and theDistrict 91 race may be found at


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-Hearing impaired advocates angry that Palm Beach County may drop signlanguage services
Sign language in storms may get cut on TV
Debbie Meranski, of Boynton Beach, hasn't forgotten her panic on the nightHurricane Jeanne thundered into South Florida nearly four years ago. Andunless you are hearing impaired, you can only imagine her fright. Livingalone, new to Florida, and deaf, Meranski was caught off guard. Now she'samong those frustrated over a possible move by Palm Beach County officialsto eliminate the use of a sign-language interpreter during live localemergency broadcasts. Because of budget cuts this year, the county'sinterpreter services may be discontinued for good.,0,188816.story

Miami Herald
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-Media attention on Crist inspires VP murmurs
Is the Florida governor's headline-grabbing behavior typical or is healigning himself for vice presidential consideration?

Palm Beach Post
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-Is Flood Insurance Necessary?
It's hurricane season again, and the big question is: Do you need floodinsurance? A national consumer public survey cited last week by Florida'sChief Financial Officer Alex Sink found that that the number of residentswith flood insurance in the South is 17 percent, down from 20 percent a yearago.

-Crist's fifth engagement
Charlie Crist, the state's first bachelor governor in more than 35 years,proposed Thursday to girlfriend Carol Rome on the balcony of his condo inSt. Petersburg. The couple has been dating for nine months. "Thank God shesaid yes," Crist said. "It's a very happy day."

Fort Report
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-Amendment 5 worries local businesses
They fear tax bill will only pass undue woes onto them
The atmosphere is not peachy at Sky Advertising in Satellite Beach, whereowner Jackie Barker worries that the passage of Amendment 5 this fall wouldlead to an exodus of her agency's clients to Georgia.

-Study finds racial bias in doctors
If you are a patient and happen to be black, it apparently doesn't matterwhether your color shows up in pigments or pixels. A doctor may be lesslikely to hear your complaint, either way. That's the conclusion of a newstudy from the University of Florida.


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