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GLBT DIGEST - June 18, 2008

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New York Times
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-Blessings and Anguish for Pastors in California
Some clergy members in California spent Tuesday officiating at same-sexweddings made legal by a State Supreme Court ruling that took effect onMonday night. Others spent the day speaking out against same-sex marriage.

-Anglican Bible conservatives hold strategy summit
Less than a month ahead of a global gathering of Anglican leaders,conservative bishops angry about the liberalism of churches in the UnitedStates, Canada and elsewhere are meeting for a strategy summit in Jordan andIsrael.

Washington Post
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-Hundreds of gay couples wed across California
Wearing everything from T-shirts to tuxedos and lavish gowns, hundreds ofsame-sex couples rushed to county clerks' offices throughout California toobtain marriage licenses and exchange vows as last-minute legal challengesto gay marriage failed. All 58 counties began issuing licenses Tuesdayfollowing an order from the state's highest court. San Diego County,typically a Republican stronghold, added four walk-up windows and assigned78 employees to issue marriage licenses, up from the usual 19. It issued 230licenses on Tuesday, breaking its previous single-day record of 176 onValentine's Day 2005.

-A 'Tectonic' Day for Gay Couples
In West Hollywood, One Big Wedding Party
It was a lovely day for some nuptials. Blue skies. Rose petals. Newshelicopters. Bakers handed out creamy cupcakes to several hundred coupleswaiting patiently in line. A lone protester in a devil's mask waved a signthat read: "Pervert Weddings Done Here." One of the grooms stopped, lookedBeelzebub up and down, and snapped, "Nice costume." The mayor of WestHollywood, Jeff Prang, called the day "absolutely historic" and "trulytectonic" and "the culmination of millennia" of struggle.

Miami Herald
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-CAMPAIGN 2008: Same-sex marriage emerges as election issue
The same-sex marriage issue surfaced in the presidential race because of court-ordered legalization in California. Four years after it burst onto the national stage, same-sex marriage is back as an election-year issue because of its court-ordered legalization in California.

Express Gay News
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-Out in the country: Rural gays feel less isolated today, but stigma remainsPeople labeled Patrick Arena "a fairy" early on. As the only boy in tapclasses at the Vella School of Dance in Washington, Pa., in the 1960s, hewas taunted and whispered about. "Truth was, I knew I was gay, but Icertainly wouldn't admit it," says Mr. Arena, 57, of Washington. "There wasnobody to discuss it with and I was afraid to discuss it anyway. I certainlycouldn't talk about it with my parents or guidance counselor."

-Why the church should bless gay marriage
Anglicans have no reason to deny weddings to same-sex couples. We mustendorse real love wherever we find it
A few weeks ago, two Anglican clergymen celebrated their civil partnershipat a service in a famous London church. Newspapers last weekend called it agay wedding. A number of friends of mine were at the service and told of ahappy and wonderful occasion. But there are those who have been deeplyupset; people who would quote scripture to argue that it threatens the veryfabric of marriage itself.

-PFLAG Applauds the AMA
PFLAG applauds the American Medical Association's (AMA) endorsement toremove financial barriers to transgender healthcare. Yesterday, at the AMA'sannual conference in Chicago, the AMA's House of Delegates passed Resolution122, calling for both public and private health insurance companies to coverthe Gender Identity Disorder (GID) treatment in adolescents and adults. Inthe Resolution, the AMA stated that it opposes limitations placed upon apatient's care by third-party payers (i.e. health insurance companies), whenthe appropriate treatment is based upon scientific evidence and soundmedical opinion.

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-DOJ OKs Benefits For Kids Of Same-Sex Couples
Even though the federal Defense of Marriage Act bars Washington fromrecognizing or providing benefits to same-sex couples their children must berecognized by the Social Security Administration, the Department of Justicehas determined.

-Conservative Anglicans Hold Summit On Gay Clergy
Less than a month ahead of a global gathering of Anglican leaders,conservative bishops angry about the liberalism of churches in the UnitedStates, Canada and elsewhere are meeting for a strategy summit in Jordan andIsrael.

-From High Style To Low Key Gay Couples Wed Under Glare Of Spotlights
Wearing everything from T-shirts to tuxedos and lavish gowns, hundreds ofsame-sex couples rushed to county clerks' offices throughout California toobtain marriage licenses and exchange vows as last-minute legal challengesto gay marriage failed.

-Pittsburgh Passes Partner Registry
Pittsburgh City Council passed legislation Tuesday establishing a partnerregistry for people living together in committed relationships.

-Teens Charged In Beating Of Lesbian Student
Two Michigan teenagers have been charged with aggravated assault in thebeating of a third girl because she is a lesbian.

-Norway Gay Marriage Bill Passes Final Hurdle
Norway's upper house passed a new equality law Tuesday giving gay couplesthe same rights as heterosexuals to marry, adopt children and haveartificial insemination.

The Advocate
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-Four Reasons Not to Get Married in California
There remain reasons -- including important personal and symbolic reasons --to get married in California. But it is a mistake to embrace these reasonswithout thinking carefully about the serious legal and financialimplications of getting married. Everyone has the right to marry. TheSupreme Courts in California and Massachusetts have taken the bold step ofsaying that the right to marry includes the right to marry a person of thesame sex. But just because you have the right to marry doesn't mean that youshould exercise that right, at least not in California at this moment.

-During a Historic Day, Mayor Newsom Reflects
On a day like today, you'd have to forgive San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsomfor pausing to take in the moment. Newsom became an important ally of thegay marriage movement when he granted marriage licenses to same-sex couplesback in February of 2004, and as he sits inside his second-floor office, theveranda doors open while onlookers cheer the newly-wedded couples outside,it's hard not to feel the emotional payoff wrought from that 2004 decision.

-Jasmyne Cannick Doesn't Give a Fig About Gay Marriage
I separated myself from the marriage movement some time ago. Not because I'mabout as close to getting married as Hillary is to being President. Notbecause wearing white has a way of adding 20 pounds to my already voluptuousframe. No, I left the marriage movement after the realization that eventhough Blacks are at times persuaded to be willing participants in thiscountry's homophobia hysteria-and even though Blacks and Latinos have attimes found themselves being played against each other by the Right-both theBlack agenda for civil rights and the fight for immigrant rights speak moreto what's important to me as a lesbian than fighting for gay marriage.

-The ACLU's Matt Coles Tells Us Why Marriage Matters
Why -- some people, including a lot of gay people, ask -- do LGBT peoplecare so much about marriage? Marriage rates are down in the United States,and even further down in Western Europe. More and more people who marry oncedon't marry again after the first marriage ends, even if they find partnersand spend the rest of their lives together. Why are LGBT people so anxiousto have something that the people who already have it don't seem to want somuch anymore? Part of the answer is that some LGBT people want to marry forthe same reason lots of straight people do: committing yourself to trying(let's be honest) to build a life with someone else and having them committo trying with you fills one of the deepest emotional needs many humanbeings have.

-Radio Personality Harrison Takes on Kern County
While cities throughout California commemorate June 17th's greenlighting ofsame-sex marriage, the 8,000 square mile backwoods county of Kern-home toEdwards Air Force Base and the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station-remainsa virtual stand-alone in glad defiance of the California supreme court'srecent celebrated ruling. Kern County, recently ranked by The American LungAssociation as the most ozone-polluted county in the nation, is alsoheralded as the "Country Music Capitol of the West" and home of Cousin' EbbPilling of the Pumpkin Center Barn Dance. Kern County is larger than theentire state of Connecticut, gushing 35,000 active oil wells amidst a dustylandmass of dereks, trailer parks, and 7-11s.

-It's Your Move, Says Log Cabin's Patrick Sammon
Today hundreds of committed, loving gay and lesbian couples in Californiawill affirm their relationships by becoming legally married. This is anhistoric day for all fair-minded Americans who believe that all of us-gayand straight-are worthy of the same dignity, responsibilities, and rightsthat only come with a civil marriage license. This is a bipartisan issue.All of us in the LGBT community must stand together and fight to keepmarriage equality and defeat the proposed constitutional amendment inNovember.

-Study: People Are Born Gay?
In a new study from Stockholm's Karolinska Institute, researchers reportedclear similarities in brain physicality and function among straight men andlesbians, and straight women and gay men, The Toronto Star reported today.The results of the study could indicate that people are born gay, as thesesimilarities are almost certainly present at birth, according to the Star .With the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), researchers noted that instraight men and lesbians, the right hemisphere of the brain is markedlylarger than the left. In both straight women and gay men, however, the righthemisphere is approximately the same size as the left, the Star reported.

-Web Series Increases Safer Sex Among Gay Men
A new online video series that hopes to raise HIV awareness screened atManhattan's LGBT Center on June 11. The series, which is called "HIV IsStill a Big Deal," follows the story of a young New Yorker named Josh whohas unprotected sex one night. According to research done by Public HealthSolutions, the series has been effective in motivating other gay men to havesafer sex and get HIV-tested.

-And the winners are...Rugby, this Great Tournament and its 800 +Participants
So now we are to the end of this story, although I reserve the possibilityof one last reflective post during the week as the memories sink in. SorryUlster, Atlanta, World Barbarians and Sydney. Your names should have gonein the heading but I thought it best to give us all one last round ofapplause. Now for the recorded and deserved winners of this greattournament:

National Gay News,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
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-McInerney Lawyer: "This is Not Gay-Bashing"
A California judge last week postponed the arraignment of 14-year-oldBrandon McInerney, charged with premeditated murder with a specialhate-crime allegation in the slaying of 15-year-old gay classmate LawrenceKing. Thursday's postponement was the second in just over a month. Witnesses say that on Feb. 12, McInerney shot King in the head just as firstperiod began in a packed classroom at E.O. Green Junior High School inOxnard, a port city of 200,000 about 60 miles north of Los Angeles.

-After the Vows
Robert Blaudow and Derek Norman came to California this week from their homein Memphis, Tennessee to attend a scientific conference. They also managedto make a little history. Four minutes after California's Supreme Courtruling legalizing same-sex marriage went into effect on Monday evening, thecouple were among the first at the Alameda County courthouse in Oakland torecite their vows. Twirling their new diamond-studded silver bands, Blaudow,39, and Norman, 23, plan to use their new California license-which replacesthe terms "bride" and "groom" with "party A" and "party B"-to apply forspousal benefits when they get home to Tennessee, which bans same-sexmarriage.

-Top Trans Events This Pride Season
June has become the month for Pride celebrations, and for trans folks, thisyear offers more venues than ever to show your pride or protest the currentpolitical environment. A few events (past and future): New England TransPride March

Marriage Equality News
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-In an interview with ABC News' Jake Tapper, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., wasasked if he would re-think his pledge to repeal D.O.M.A. in the wake of therecent California Supreme Court decision requiring the Golden State torecognize gay and lesbian marriages. "No," said Obama. "I still think thatthese are decisions that need to be made at a state and local level. . . .As president, my job is to make sure that the federal government is notdiscriminating and that we maintain the federal government's historic rolein not meddling with what states are doing when it comes to marriage law." Asked "does it bother you, what California is doing," Obama again answered,"no." Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., reaffirmed his support for D.O.M.A. onMonday, drawing an implicit contrast with his Democratic rival.

-Gay rights activists aren't warming to the mounting discussion of religious exemptions. They argue that courts have been balancing religious beliefswith antidiscrimination protections for many years. "Our society hasdone a pretty good job balancing personal views, including religious views,with the need to have basic rules protecting everyone against discriminationin he public sector, and there is no need now for a special gay exception,"says Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry and author of "WhyMarriage Matters."

Pink News - UK
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-LGBT Christian group describe Archbishops condemnation as "indefensible"
The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM) has issued a statementsupporting last weeks ceremony which took place in a Church.

-European Parliament shows commitment to combating inequality
Commissioner Jacques Barrot confirmed today that the European Commissionwill propose a cross-cutting directive aimed at combating LGBTdiscrimination.

-Kuwaiti transexuals arrested and beaten to 'protect' citizens
In an attempt to 'protect it's youth' the Kuwaiti government are stepping uptheir campaign to rid the country of gay and transexual citizens.

-'Only gay in the village' to get divorced
Little Britain star Matt Lucas is to divorce from his partner Kevin McGee-18 months after they entered into a civil partnership. goes interactive with new feature has today launched its new website. The newwebsite will allow readers to pluck stories that interest them from theinternet and post them online for others to see.

-Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York condemn gay marriageservice
The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York have condemned therecent partnership cermony of two bishops held over the weekend.

-Bishops renew opposition to gay marriage as it is not "faithful, exclusiveor lasting"
Catholic bishops have yesterday renewed their opposition to gay marriage,stating that sexual differentiation is intrinsic to the Catholic'sunderstanding of the sacrament of marriage.

Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News
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-Military's Policy Stays Unchanged
At 7 a.m. today, former Marine Bob Lehman and Tom Felkner will be among thefirst gay couples to exchange vows at the downtown county building,cementing their 15-year relationship with the bonds of marriage. Tonight,they'll dance and eat wedding cake at a club in Hillcrest with hundreds offriends and family members. Among the guests will be an active-duty Navycorpsman and Iraq war veteran whom Lehman and Felkner consider a closefriend. There's little chance the corpsman will marry his partner, who alsois in the military, any time soon because of the government's policy barringgay and lesbian service members from serving openly. For now, "don't ask,don't tell" trumps "I do."

-Gay Arabs Party Here, Risk Death Back Home
It's Saturday night, and Sami is feeling the Middle Eastern dance tracks ofDJ I.Z.'s set at Habibi. Upstairs at the Stonewall Inn for the monthlyroaming party, he pushes through a thicket of men and hits the makeshiftdance floor, where he and an Egyptian friend break into freestyle bellydancing. A gay Muslim Moroccan, Sami loves Arabic pop music but rarely getsto dance to it. But Sami (like most of the people in this article, herequested that his real name be withheld) does go dancing often. Sure, hefrequents Splash, Therapy, and other homo hot spots, where the Habibidevotees blend into the city's multicultural stew pot. Yes, they arrive fromdiverse-and sometimes harrowing-backgrounds. And yes, they've experiencedvarious degrees of anti-Arab fallout from September 11-but most remaincloseted to some degree, and once in a while, they just want to hang withtheir homies. Finding other gay Arabs wasn't always so easy. In the early '90s, Jennifer Camper, a first-generation Lebanese-American, sought out otherlesbian Arabs. The first she met ominously whispered: "I have a list ofseven names." At that time, few Arab immigrants self-identified as gay;finding them in the pre-Internet age posed a challenge, since there was noofficial lesbian social group, like Assal for women, or places like Habibi.

-CA: Internet Suicide Case Goes to Federal Court
A Missouri woman accused of taking part in a MySpace hoax that ended with a13-year-old girl's suicide has so far avoided state charges - but notfederal ones. Lori Drew, 49, a neighbor of the dead teen, was to make anappearance in federal court here Monday, accused of one count of conspiracyand three counts of accessing protected computers without authorization toget information used to inflict emotional distress.

-Ruling Assures Second Term for Oklahoma State Rep. Al McAffrey
Victory endorsee Al McAffrey will serve a second term in the Oklahoma stateHouse of Representatives thanks to a court ruling removing his onlyopponent. McAffrey challenged the candidacy of independent Dominque DaMonBlock of Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma State Election Board disqualified Blockfrom running for the House District 88 seat because Block had not beenregistered as an independent for the six-month period preceding the firstday of the filing period. McAffrey first won a seat to the Oklahoma stateHouse of Representatives in 2006, becoming the first openly gay person everelected to the state legislature. In his first term in office, he sought theaddition of sexual orientation to the state's existing hate crimes laws.

-Christian Zionist Gathering Mired in Controversy
The battle lines over Pastor John Hagee have been drawn, redrawn, and are nodoubt being drawn again as this is being written. The San Antonio,Texas-based mega-preacher with the multi-million-dollar empire has alwaysbeen controversial, but these days, the pastor is a lightning rod forcritics.And as the days pass leading up to Hagee's annual Christians Unitedfor Israel (CUFI) conference in Washington next month, new revelations ofhis anti-Semitism have come to light. At last year's CUFI conference,Senator Joseph Lieberman called Hagee "an Ish Elochim", saying he is "a manof God, and, like Moses, he is the leader of a mighty multitude."

-How the GOP Is Blowing It
By Wayne Besen
One has to look no further than Jeffersonville, Indiana to figure out howRepublicans blew their recent hegemony in American politics. This Louisvillesuburb is where the former chairman of both the Clark County RepublicanParty and Young Republican National Federation pleaded guilty last week tocriminal deviant conduct for performing oral sex on a man while he slept,following a house party. This incident is the latest to underscore the rankhypocrisy within republican ranks. The party of Rev. Ted Haggard, Sen. LarryCraig, Rep. Mark Foley, and former Spokane mayor Jim West simply lost itsmoral authority as guardian of the good. More than prurience, it is thewarping of priorities where social conservatives damage the GOP. While thevast majority of Americans are worried about gas prices, the right winggasbags are pushing the Republican Party to make gay marriage its top issue.

-Interview with Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley, Jr.
On June 14, 2008 the Navajo Nation President, Joe Shirley, Jr., received theBarry Goldwater Human Rights Corporate Award. The award is presented yearlyby Equality Arizona, an LGBT equal rights and education organization, toorganizations which demonstrate a commitment and taken specific measures toeliminate discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and genderidentity/expression. This interview was done after the Equality ArizonaAwards Dinner. President Shirley stressed that public education is neededif Navajo LGBTQ and their straight allies want to change the Dine MarriageAct of 2005. He said he supports equality for everyone and thinks thatleaders across Native America need to be together to work towards rights foreveryone. Listen to the interview to hear more about his feelings onequality and vetoing the Dine Marriage Act of 2005.

Forwarded from Euro-Queer
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-The Kuwaiti Newspaper Alqabas, June 17, 2008:
The former head of the "Social Vice" Committee of Kuwait's NationalAssembly (Parliament) told the Kuwaiti newspaper Alqabas that the Committeeis in the process of organizing a national conference in order to define thedefinition of social vice and the ways to crackdown on them. Mr ValidTabatabaii, the Kuwati MP, told the paper that it is the responsibility ofthe parliament to undertake this campaign, especially since the country'sconstitution states that the state has the responsibility to protect youth. Facing increasing criticism about the way they handle social issues, helabeled those criticisms as unjustified and accused his opponents ofignorance; "Mankind is against anything he doesn't understand," adding thatthe parliamentary committee was formed based on a request from 43 MPs andhas so far played a significant role in the Kuwaiti society. Mr. Tabatabaii said in the past, the Committee has tried to crackdown on"girly boys" and homosexuals, who promote crime and sexual immorality in thecountry. He said it is imperative to crackdown on this negative phenomenonin schools and other public places, without violating people's privacy. Mr.Mohammad Haiif, the spokesperson for the Parliamentary Study Group on SocialVice, told reporters yesterday that " those suffering from queerness are inneed of medical treatment for hormonal imbalance, and by doing so, we helpthem, and not harm them".

Forwarded from Bill Sterling

-Teenagers have mixed views on gays -- and they're OK with that
Kye D'Aguilar doesn't have a traumatic story to tell about coming out. The18-year-old said he's always known that he is gay. "My mother told me sheknew when I was born.",0,4432197.column

From Steve Krantz, PhD., email:
PFLAG Director, Southern Pacific Region, and National Board Member,
Jews for Marriage Equality Founder,
Valley Grassroots for Democracy Board Member,
Personal Blog -

-PFLAG was at the First State-Sanctioned Same-Sex Wedding in California!
I was invited to participate in the first, state-sanctioned same-sex weddingin California. It was held on the steps of the Beverly Hills CountyCourthouse. The spouses-to-be were Robin Tyler and Diane Olson, firstlitigants in the just-adjudicated California Supreme Court case. Theceremony was performed by Denise Eger, rabbi of Congregation Kol Ami, inWest Hollywood. I was one of four men honored to hold the chuppah, orwedding canopy, used to signify the home the spouses will live in together.
It is an event on a date I will never forget, as my late wife and I weremarried on June 16 forty years earlier under a similar canopy. The air waselectric and we were mobbed by the world's press. The love and joy in thefaces of the spouses-to-be was evident to everyone in the audience. Cheerserupted at major points in the ceremony, with the loudest erupting whenRabbi Eger intoned "By the power vested in me by the State of California, Inow pronounce you spouses-for-life"! They exchanged rings, kissed and eachsmashed the traditional glasses at the end of the ceremony. Of course,there were the usual, sad-faced homophobes (just a few) with their patheticsigns and occasional imprecations. They were mostly blocked and completelyignored. Now comes the hard part - making sure that Robin and Diane (andthousands of other couples) STAY legally married. To that task I will bedirectly my energies over the next five months - as PFLAG Regional Directorand as leader of Jews for Marriage Equality Together we will ensure ourfamilies equal rights forever.

Gay Romance Novelist Refuses to Surrender Church to the Popes and Bishops Scott Pomfret shares his struggle to balance two disparate parts of his lifein the chaotic memoir "Since My Last Confession," (Arcade Publishing, $26). A happy, out-of-the-closet Boston lawyer who writes erotic gay novels on theside, Pomfret also is a practicing Catholic devoted to his Downtown Crossingchurch where he works as a lay minister. But the Bay State's legalizationof same-sex marriage in 2004 - and the Church's subsequent fight for anamendment to ban it - put Pomfret on an emotional roller coaster. [...] "Idecided to focus on the real drama," [Pomfret] said, after a Mass last week. There was plenty of it - Pomfret's cast of characters includes: three HaleMarys (fellow lay ministers); Father McSlutty, who confides he has enjoyedan active sexual life with gay partners; and Father Bear-Daddy, a dramaqueen of a priest who's subscribed to the gay magazine Bay Windows and readPomfret's early novel,"Hot Sauce."

Anything but Straight

-How the GOP Is Blowing It
One has to look no further than Jeffersonville, Indiana to figure out howRepublicans blew their recent hegemony in American politics. This Louisvillesuburb is where the former chairman of both the Clark County RepublicanParty and Young Republican National Federation pleaded guilty last week tocriminal deviant conduct for performing oral sex on a man while he slept,following a house party.

From Transgender Equality
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-NCTE Applauds the AMA Call for "Removal of Financial Barriers to Care for Transgender Patients"
The American Medical Association (AMA) passed a resolution yesterday callingfor "public and private health insurance coverage for treatment of genderidentity disorder as recommended by the patient's physician." Thedeclaration, known as Resolution 122, "Removing Financial Barriers to Carefor Transgender Patients," was passed by the House of Delegates - AMA'sprimary decision-making body - at its annual conference in Chicago. Resolution 122 affirms the effectiveness of medical treatment fortranssexuals and the right to appropriate treatment. It also names asdiscriminatory the categorical denial of health insurance coverage forpsychotherapy, hormonal and surgical treatments for transgender patients,and reiterates the AMA's opposition to discrimination based on genderidentity. The full text of the resolution is below.

Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List
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-Union of Gay Organizations of Ukraine is founded
On June 13, 2008, Ukrainian non-governmental organizations Gay Alliance, GayAlliance Cerkasy, and Nash Mir Gay & Lesbian Center co-founded the Union ofGay Organizations of Ukraine (UGOU). The goals of the Union are: 1) unitingefforts of its participants inadvocating rights and freedoms of gay people,2) mobilizing thegay-community for building civil society in our country, 3)mprovingeffectiveness of HIV-infection prevention among homosexuals.Members of theUnion begin to realize joint projects in the interests of LBTcommunity ofUkraine - and will provide an even wider range of information,advocacy,social, and health protection services. Among the plans of theUnion isgiving support to young gay organizations as well as educatinggayactivists.

-Suicides Follow Child Pornography Prosecutions
Defendants who keep child pornography on their computers make tempting --and relatively easy -- targets for federal prosecutors. Few offenders elicitso little sympathy from all frequencies of the political spectrum. The casesare incredibly difficult to fight, according to defense lawyers: So long asthe feds lawfully search the computer, stiff mandatory minimum sentencesreduce plea bargaining leverage to nil. The Justice Department has escalatedits efforts since announcing Project Safe Childhood in 2006, filing 27 percentmore indictments last year. Now, the psychological weight of child pornprosecutions -- for family members, lawyers, judges and defendantsthemselves -- is beginning to emerge.

-Congressional Report Cards is a non-partisan, on-line voter guide publishedsince 1995 by Voter Information Services, a non-profit, educationalorganization based in Reading, Mass. The guide, available at, contains easy-to-use "report cards"that compare the position on legislation of members of the U.S. Congresswith the position on legislation of more than 80 advocacy groups.

-Michigan: 14 Year Old Girl Beaten for Being Gay Rights AdvocateBTW, the young woman you see is being beaten because her attackers "did notagree with her advocacy for gay rights". Oh, she is also 14.

-I am looking for manuscript submissions from academics and queer activistsfor possible publication in a book I am editing which deals with thestruggle for social justice for the gay, lesbian, and transgender community.I am seeking a variety of chapters, some academic and some more personal innature. I ask that all contributors speak from their hearts about theirlifetime experiences both before and after becoming an academic and/or queeractivist. PLEASE CONTACT ME AT


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