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NATIONAL & WORLD NEWS - June 16, 2008

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New York Times
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-Taxes and Economy Top Worries in New York Poll
Gov. David A. Paterson, elevated unexpectedly to the job three months ago,has won the support of nearly half of New Yorkers, according to a New YorkTimes poll. But many of those surveyed are increasingly worried about theeconomy and taxes and uncertain about the governor's ability to addressthose problems.

-The Massachusetts Model
The state's plan to provide universal health coverage is heartening evidencethat national health care reform may be possible if a political consensuscan be forged.

-Fiscal Poison Pill
A poison pill, in corporate jargon, is a financial arrangement designed to protect current management by crippling the company if someone else takes over. As I read the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center's analysis of the presidential candidates' tax proposals, I realized that the tax cuts enacted by the Bush administration are, in effect, a fiscal poison pill aimed at future administrations. True, the tax cuts won't prevent a change inmanagement - the Constitution sees to that. But they will make it hard for the next president to change the country's direction. Exhibit A of the poison pill in action is the sad case of John McCain, part of whose lingering image as a maverick rests on his early opposition to the Bush tax cuts, which he declared excessive and too tilted toward the rich.

-Another Chance for the Senate
The Senate can do something for global warming by approving a bill to extendvital tax credits for renewable fuel sources like wind and solar power.

-The Souljah Legacy
Sixteen years ago, the most influential campaign speech of the last twodecades was delivered at a hotel ballroom in Washington. It wasn't broadcaston television and only a few hundred Americans heard it in its entirety. Butwhen presidential candidate Bill Clinton appeared at the Rev. Jesse
Rainbow Coalition on June 13, 1992, and attacked an obscure rapper namedSister Souljah it fundamentally changed the popular perception of theDemocratic Party. Standing only a few feet from Mr. Jackson, Mr. Clintonexcoriated the young rapper, who had said: "If black people kill blackpeople every day, why not have a week and kill white people."

Washington Post
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-A Delegator, Obama Picks When to Take Reins
Senator Barack Obama is more inclined to focus on the big picture over theday-to-day whirl while managing his campaign.

-A Chafed Texan in the Naked City
Washington is a town filled with boobs. They're everywhere, from thebare-breasted ladies who decorate the fountain at Dupont Circle to thepeekaboo statue in the Justice Department's Great Hall to the countlessnudes in our museums. But while those of us who live here hardly blink atthe public nudity, it can shock some of our visitors. Such was the case forRobert Hurt, who last week tried to add the issue of artistic indecency inthe nation's capital to the platform of the Texas GOP.

-The Pakistan Question by Jackson Diehl
Can a democracy fight terrorism better than a dictatorship did?

-What We Owe Our Young by Sandra Day O'Connor and James R. Jones
Our next president's legacy will be defined by how he represents theinterests of young Americans.

-Ex-Journalist Is Now Obama Aide
Former TV correspondent Linda Douglass is the new face of the senator's campaign.

Miami Herald
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-Obama backers love Web, but does it give him an edge?
Americans are increasingly tracking politics via the Internet, especiallysupporters of Sen. Barack Obama.

-News from the wars By JOSEPH L. GALLOWAY
The waning days of the Bush administration are filled with news, good and bad, and American voters who should be watching the lame ducks with the eyes of a hawk are still absent without leave. In just one week these news bites have crawled across the bottom of the cable news screens:
... The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that suspected terrorist detainees held inthe Guantánamo prison camp are entitled to the habeas corpus rights andprotection -- access to the federal courts -- that the Bush White House andCongress so assiduously attempted to ''white-out'' of the Constitution.
... Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain kept his large crewof spinners, explainers, foot removal specialists and apologists on overtimepapering over the daily dose of candidate misstatements, mistakes andcallous comments.
... The Bush administration's attempt to jam through a U.S.-Iraq Status ofForces Agreement by July 31 seemed to be foundering both in Baghdad and inWashington.
... The chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Adm. Mike Mullen, had some more badnews for American troops heading back to Iraq or Afghanistan for theirsecond, third or fourth tour in combat. I know many Americans are worrying about whether they can afford enoughgasoline to make it to the beach and a summer vacation, but there are sometroublesome blips on the radar that we need to keep a sharp eye on while weare down in Margaritaville.

-Obama camp sees possible win without Ohio, Fla.
Barack Obama's campaign envisions a path to the presidency that couldinclude Virginia, Georgia and several Rocky Mountain states, but notnecessarily the pair of battlegrounds that decided the last two elections -Florida and Ohio.

Fort Report
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-Historians see little chance for McCain
One week into the general election, the polls show a dead heat. But manypresidential scholars doubt that John McCain stands much of a chance, ifany.

-Mapping the '08 Battlegrounds
Politics is a business with sometimes bizarre rules. But like anyenterprise, there are benchmarks that let managers know if they are going toreach their goals. That being the case, here is an early guide toevaluating progress toward the presidency - that is, winning the needed 270votes in the Electoral College - for Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain.

-CEOs' pay rises as economy struggles
Median package for top execs near $8.4M; Wagoner got $15.7M in '07 as GMlost $39B.
As the American economy slowed to a crawl and stockholders watched theirmoney evaporate, CEO pay rose to yet more dizzying heights last year, anAssociated Press analysis shows.

-Why the Christian right fears Obama
The language of faith isn't a foreign tongue to the senator of Illinois. Hetalks the talk and easily engages believers. In fact, Obama has a betterfooting with the religious-minded than competitor John McCain. On paper,the Democrats' nomination of Barack Obama is a gift to the Christian right.

-The real reason running mates matter
Of the past 11 VPs, 7 went on to become their party's presidential nominee.We're already hearing plenty of chatter about possible vice presidentialchoices. But as pundits and politicians debate who will provide partytickets with the most electoral bang, the one thing we won't hear is why theVP selection is important.


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