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FLORIDA DIGEST - July 13, 2008

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-Bermuda issues tropical storm warning
Bermuda is preparing for heavy rains and wind this weekend as HurricaneBertha sputtered across the Atlantic. The Bermuda Weather Service issued atropical storm warning Saturday morning and the outer bands of Berthathreatened to sideswipe the island on Sunday.,0,4301754.story

-Gov. Charlie Crist should focus on Florida, not McCain
It's time for Gov. Charlie Crist to call the whole thing off. No, not hisrecent engagement. I'm talking about his not-so-subtle courtship of theRepublican vice-presidential nomination.,0,2610319.column

Fort Report
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-Voting machines debut in August primary
You used to push a button to cast your vote. Now you'll use a pen to fill inan oval or connect two arrows. Sounds simple, right? This being Florida,the change is accompanied by hitches and glitches - and the first real test,a statewide primary, is six weeks away.

-George P. Bush, the president's nephew, forming an identity in his famousfamily
As George P. Bush made his way through Sambuca restaurant recently to posefor pictures with young Republican donors, a woman cast his appeal inKennedyesque terms. "He's our John-John," she said.

-Blaming Disney for using gun-law loophole is off target
I don't care whether Disney employees keep Glocks in their glove boxes. The 400-pound tourists careening around in rented cattle carts are what scareme. But for whatever reason, Disney bans the former and not the latter.,0,7464186.column

-One Policy, Multiple Coverages
This has been a sad few weeks for residents of our nation's Heartland asflooding has caused the failure of numerous levees along the MississippiRiver creating untold damage, destruction and loss of life. Many residentsno doubt also have received some additional bad news - the destruction oftheir home by flooding is not covered by their standard homeowners insurancepolicy.

-Crist's fiancée a study in contrasts
Florida's future first lady is a study in contrasts. A pampered princessyet uncompromising businesswoman. A big spender who collectsmultimillion-dollar homes. And a philanthropist who raises hundreds ofthousands for cancer research and programs for the homeless.

Two very public figures figure out a private life
When Gov. Charlie Crist got engaged, it was as if Carole Rome had inherited19 million in-laws. Floridians wondered who the glamorous woman was that hadcaptured their frugal governor's heart.


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