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GLBT DIGEST - July 16, 2008

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New York Times
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-Gene Variation May Raise Risk of H.I.V., Study Finds
A genetic variation that once protected people in sub-Saharan Africa from anow extinct form of malaria may have left them somewhat more vulnerable toinfection by H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS. The gene could account for11 percent of the H.I.V. infections in Africa, explaining why the disease ismore common there than expected, researchers based in Texas and London say.The researchers said their finding had no immediate public healthconsequences. But if confirmed, it would offer an important insight into thebiology of the virus.

-Op-Ed Columnist: Las Vegas Envy
You'll remember that Massachusetts was the first state to legalize gaymarriages, thanks to a court ruling in 2004. Everyone was not thrilled.There were petitions and attempts to pass constitutional amendments. MittRomney, who was evolving from liberal Republican governor to desperateRepublican presidential candidate, declared his determination to keepMassachusetts from becoming "the Las Vegas of same-sex marriages."

-Donation to Same-Sex Marriage Foes Brings Boycott Calls
A hotel owner's $125,000 donation to support a ballot initiative banningsame-sex marriage in the state has become a flashpoint, with opponentscalling for a boycott of two of his hotels and supporters highlighting thedonation in a fund-raising letter. The hotelier, Doug Manchester, donatedthe money to support the collection of signatures to qualify the initiative,which would amend the state's Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage,for the November ballot.

Washington Post
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-An Easy Fix for 'Don't Ask'
Regarding the July 11 editorial "Time to End 'Don't Ask' ":
The quickest fix does not require action by Congress at all. DefenseSecretary Robert M. Gates can rescind the "don't ask" part of the policytoday. The law leaves it up to the secretary of defense to decide whetherrecruits are "asked," as they were before the 1993 policy change. Asking atthe point would reduce the number of gay men and lesbians who join themilitary but have to hide their sexual orientation. Having served on Navyships and seen the living quarters of junior enlisted sailors, most under 30years old, I think it would be the height of insanity to allow gay men andlesbians to serve openly. To do so would be as logical as making the ships'sleeping and shower facilities coed.
The writer, a retired Navy commander, served in the Judge Advocate General'sCorps, including prosecution and defense roles in cases involving

-Gay-Marriage Vote Stays on Ballot
The California Supreme Court decided not to hear a case seeking to keep offthe November ballot an initiative that would ban same-sex marriage. Thejustices' decision means Proposition 8 will stay on the ballot barringfurther legal action. It also clears the way for the secretary of state toprint voter pamphlets on the issue. The initiative seeks to amendCalifornia's constitution to ban same-sex marriage.

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-Judge: Fort Lauderdale officer entrapped man in gay solicitation:
Prosecutors told to drop case
A Fort Lauderdale police officer entrapped a middle-aged man into exposinghimself in Holiday Park and groping the officer's groin, a Broward Countyjudge has ruled. County Court Judge Gary Cowart ordered prosecutors todismiss charges of indecent exposure, committing a lewd act and batteryfiled against Michael Marsh as prosecutors presented no evidence Marshintended to commit those crimes before meeting Officer Nick Coffin inHoliday Park last August.,0,3718694.story

-War of words for Fort Lauderdale's Mayor Jim Naugle
July 17, 2008
The July 9 South Florida Sun-Sentinel article, "Two gay candidates in racefor Fort Lauderdale mayor," included the earlier quote by which currentMayor Jim Naugle demeaned gay persons by saying, "I use the word'homosexual.' Most of them aren't gay; they're unhappy." One would suspectthat Naugle would be "unhappy" if his insensitivity led to the election of agay mayor. Paradoxically speaking, is it fair to conclude that an "unhappyNaugle" is synonymous with a "gay Naugle"? Let's hope not, as he is adiscredit to every group of which he is a member.
Carl Whitley
Fort Lauderdale,0,6525078.story

Steve Rothaus
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-Design Star's Mikey V reportedly starred in 1996 gay bondage film
Years before interior designer Mikey Verdugo appeared on HGTV's Design Star,the Hollywood police officer apparently had a brush with video fame -- in a1996 bondage flick called Rope Rituals, according to several gay bloggerswho are now coming out of the woodwork.

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-Appeals Court Rules Anti-Gay Group Protest Broke Law
A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling that the city ofPhiladelphia did not violate the rights of members of an anti-gay group whenit arrested them during a protest at the city's gay pride celebration in2004.

-Malaysian Opposition Leader Arrested For Sodomy
(Kuala Lumpur) Malaysian police arrested opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim onWednesday on suspicion that he sodomized a male aide, pre-empting hisvoluntary appearance at the police headquarters to answer the allegation.

-Poll: Candidate Support Falls Along Racial Lines
Barack Obama's status as the first black presidential candidate of a majorpolitical party has not influenced the perception of race relations in thiscountry, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll.

Express Gay News
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-Ron Paul supporters mourn death of gay campaign chair
With no health insurance, Snyder leaves $400K in hospital bills
Activists belonging to the libertarian wing of the Republican Party continueto mourn the loss of Kent Snyder, a 49-year-old gay political operativecredited with propelling the presidential campaign of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul(R-Texas) into a national, grassroots movement that raised more than $35million. Snyder, who served as Paul's campaign chair, died of pneumonia onJune 26 after being hospitalized for about two months and after running upmedical bills exceeding $400,000, according to friends and family members,who said he did not have health insurance.

-S.C. may lose money over "So Gay" ad campaign flap, consultant says
Gay rights leaders said Wednesday state leaders have been "misguided" ingetting upset over the state's purchase of tourism advertising targeting thegay community. And a national consultant on gay marketing said the statemay lose revenue because many gay travelers decide where to go based on anarea's reputation as "gay friendly."

-HOA Won't Allow Homes To Be Rented To Homosexuals, Unmarried Couples
An East Orange County subdivision is facing a dilemma. Several residents saythe Homeowner's Association at the Rybolt Reserve subdivision in OrangeCounty is discriminating against renters. "The Homeowner's Association istotally out of control," said Suzane Musashe of Jander Property Management.

-Believing in Our Families
As you're reading this, I'm either on my way to, in, or on my way back fromNew Jersey. There reason for the trip is incredibly happy one. Today is theday we're finalizing Dylan's adoption. Last week we got a letter from theadoption agency's lawyer, confirming the court date. Wanting to make surethat seven months after we first got word that he'd been born -- and afterhis birthmother chose us to be his adoptive parents -- and set out to layeyes on the newest addition to our family, the judge will declare that Dylanis finally a member of our family; and that we legally and officially whatwe've known we were since day one: a family.

The Advocate
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-U.S. Senate Approves Repeal of HIV Travel Ban in America
The U.S. Senate voted Wednesday to repeal the nation's law barringHIV-positive visitors and immigrants from traveling to America. Sens. JohnKerry (D-MA) and Gordon Smith (R-OR) attached the repeal to legislationreauthorizing PEPFAR, the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. ThePEPFAR bill was approved by a vote of 80 to 16 and now moves to committee inthe senate before being sent to the President.

-Court Rejects Suit Challenging California Marriage Amendment
The California supreme court has refused to hear a case seeking to keep aninitiative that would ban gay marriage off the November ballot. Thejustices' decision not to take up the case means Proposition 8 will stay onthe ballot barring further legal action. It also clears the way for thesecretary of state to print voter information pamphlets on the issue.

-Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Against Men in Abuse Case
A lawsuit brought against two Roman Catholic dioceses by five men sexuallyabused by a Catholic school teacher was dismissed Wednesday by the Wisconsinsupreme court.

-Study: EU Growing More Gay-Friendly
The latest Eurobarometer survey examining discrimination in the EuropeanUnion published this month reveals growing acceptance of the LGBT communitywithin the E.U., but more work needs to be done, according to a pressrelease from the International Lesbian and Gay Association.

National Gay News,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
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-Gay victims of Franco era to win compensation
In the dying days of General Francisco Franco's dictatorship, Antoni Ruizfound out for himself what thousands of others had already suffered forbeing gay. Antoni, then just 17, from Valencia, eastern Spain, told hismother he was homosexual and his family sought advice from a nun. "She wentstraight to the police and I was arrested and sent for trial," said Mr Ruiz.

-Vandals Strike In East Tulsa
Vandals are terrorizing a neighborhood. They're spray-painting
discriminating messages on a home. But Oklahoma doesn't call it a hatecrime. Since Thursday, someone has vandalized a home twice near 21st andGarnett.

Marriage Equality News
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-CA not the only state facing marriage challenge
Link: The Bay Area Reporter
As California LGBTs prepare to defeat Proposition 8 with the help of groupslike the national Human Rights Campaign, Arizona and Florida are facingsimilar November ballot measures that would amend those state constitutionsto ban same-sex marriage. The focus by HRC on California is drawing a mixedreaction from gay advocates in the other two states.

-"Anti-Gay Challenge Issued to Kids' Book About Marriage Equality in COLibrary"
Link: Edge Boston
Excerpt: image The blog of a Colorado librarian documents the firstchallenge to a children's book about a gay wedding, and predicts, "I suspectthe book will get a lot of challenges in 2008-2009." In anticipation offuture attacks on the book, the librarian, Jamie S. LaRue, adds in the July14 posting to his blog, called Myliblog, "So I offer my response, purgingthe patron's name, for other librarians."

-Poll: "28% - Is Gay Marriage a Campaign Issue?"
Link: Pew Research Center
Excerpt: As it did in October 2004, gay marriage ranks lowest in importanceamong 16 campaign issues for the average U.S. voter; overall, 28% say gaymarriage will be very important to their vote, down slightly from 32% in2004. Far more Republicans than Democrats (19 points) rate gay marriage asvery important. White evangelical Protestants (49%) place the mostimportance on the issue. Currently, 49% of the public opposes allowing gayand lesbian couples to marry legally, while 38% support gay marriage. Readmore

-Mombian: "Having Gay Parents Better than Being Abandoned, McCain Concedes"
Link: Mombian
Full text by permission. Source retains copyright.
Last Sunday, presidential candidate John McCain told the New York Times, "Ithink that we've proven that both parents are important in the success of afamily so, no, I don't believe in gay adoption" (which, like "gay marriage,"is a misleading term implying there is something so fundamentally differentabout the act when it is done by gay people that it requires the extramodifier). Presumably he's not too fond of adoption by single parents,either, although as Raw Story points out, his phrasing also seems to implythat two gay parents only constitute a single parent. (Hmm. . . . Twobecoming one. Isn't that how some people describe marriage?)

Pink News - UK
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-New campaign encourages mums to help their kids come out
A new anti-homophobia campaign is targeting working class mothers in thebelief they "act as the catalyst for change" in the family unit.

-Gay Iranian granted refugee status by UN
A gay Iranian asylum seeker has been granted refugee status by the UN aftereighteen months of campaigning. Kamal and Reza fled Iran for Turkey so theycould start a life together without the fear of being punished for theirsexuality.

-Plan to name AIDS bill after homophobe is "bizarre"
He backed the ban on HIV+ people entering the United States and slammed thegovernment for spending money on a "disease transmitted by peopledeliberately engaging in unnatural acts." Now a Republican colleague hascalled on the US Senate to rename the 2008 United States Global LeadershipAgainst HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Reauthorisation Act after him.

-Joker role could win posthumous Oscar for Brokeback star
The new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, lands in Britain next Friday.Buzzing with the glowing reviews of Heath Ledger's last performance as theJoker, the late actor has been tipped for a posthumous Oscar.

-South Carolina gays pledge to pay for Tube adverts
The organisers of Pride in the US state of South Carolina have decided toraise money to pay for an ad campaign on the London Underground promotingthe state to gay tourists. "South Carolina is so gay," proclaimed postersdisplayed in one Tube station to coincide with Pride London earlier thismonth.

-Former minister arrested over sodomy allegations
Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has been arrested and will bedetained overnight following allegations of sodomy made last month. It wasreported in June that the 60-year-old politician was accused of sodomy byhis assistant and had temporarily sought refuge in the Turkish embassy inKuala Lumpur.

Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News
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-Local Gay Advocates Slam Exodus Conference Message
Firestorm Café was filled to capacity Tuesday evening with a crowd of about100 people eager to hear gay advocate and author Wayne Beson. Beson,founder of Truth Wins Out and author of "Anything but Straight" and "BashingBack," counters the message of "ex-gay" ministries such as ExodusInternational at events like Tuesday's Just the Way You Are.

-Here's To You, Mr. Robinson
The emails have been coming in all day. My favourite begins: "Dear sodomitesupporter, you are nothing but a dirty sodomite-loving ugly stain of a manwho is a disgrace to humanity." It ends "Burn in hell, Mr K." Well, thankyou for that, Mr K. I have had a fair number of letters and emails frompeople who think like you. One suggested that I ought to be executed atTyburn. Another graphically described the details of fisting.

-Immigrant Students Face Harassment, Racial Profiling on Campus
As a Muslim male of Somali descent living in post-September 11 UnitedStates, Mustafa Jumale knew that he risked harassment from law enforcementofficers and racism from some Americans. Although he had never experiencedit himself, harassment by police was a common complaint among his peers. ButJumale thought that if he did everything right - completed high school andwent to college - people would treat him differently.

-NJ: Court Bars Town from Moving Sex Offenders
New Jersey towns cannot prohibit convicted sex offenders from living nearplaces such as schools, playgrounds and day care centers, a state appealscourt ruled Tuesday. In a unanimous decision, the three-judge panel saidMegan's Law is the exclusive law governing the treatment of sex offenders.Municipal ordinances restricting where they can live "interfere with andfrustrate" statewide efforts to monitor offenders and reintegrate them intosociety, the judges said.

Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List
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-ScienceDaily: Pathologists Believe They Have Pinpointed Achilles Heel OfHIV
Pathologists Believe They Have Pinpointed Achilles Heel Of HIV
Human immunodeficiency virus researchers believe they have uncovered theAchilles heel in the armor of the virus that continues to kill millions. Theweak spot is hidden in the HIV envelope protein gp120.

-"Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberty" September 8th in Washington, DC
What kind of religious freedom conflicts are likely to emerge if societyembraces same-sex marriage? A redefinition of marriage would impact a hostof laws where marital status affects legal rights-in housing, employment,health-care, education, public accommodations, and property, in addition tofamily law. These laws, in turn, regulate a host of religiousinstitutions-schools, hospitals, and social service providers, to name afew-that often embrace a different definition of marriage. As a result,church-state conflicts will follow. How might such conflicts be resolved?If the disputes spark litigation under the Free Speech, Free Exercise, orEstablishment Clauses of the First Amendment, who will prevail and why?When, if ever, should claims of religious liberty prevail over claims ofsexual liberty?

Forwarded from Steve Krantz, PhD
PFLAG Director, S. Pacific Region, and National Board Member,
Jews for Marriage Equality Founder,
Valley Grassroots for Democracy Board Member,
Personal Blog -

-Scientific American: Bisexual Species- Unorthodox Sex in the Animal KingdomInteresting article about the animal kingdom and sexual behavior.

Forwarded by Bill Sterling
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-Pastors defy United Methodist officials to conduct gay weddings
Some have officiated at such ceremonies, some plan to and 82 retiredministers have offered their services. Bishop warns that violating churchguidelines has consequences. Scores of United Methodist Church ministers inCalifornia are putting their careers on the line in an open revolt againstreligious edicts that forbid them to conduct weddings for gay and lesbiancouples.,0,484099.story

Triangle Foundation - Michigan
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-Domestic Violence within Our Communities
By Georgia Carpenter, Victim Advocate
Intimate partner violence, or domestic violence, includes any behavior usedby one person to manipulate and control their intimate partner. Thesebehaviors always convey the threat of or an actual physical harm. Tacticsused by abusers include behaviors meant to cause emotional and physicalpain, isolation, and fear. The women's rights movement has increasedawareness of intimate partner violence in heterosexual relationships.However, there are layers of complexities that exist in LGBT relationshipsthat are unique from heterosexual relationships.

Forwarded from Michael Emanuel Rajner
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by Michael Rajner
Fort Lauderdale Mayor James Naugle appeared on 850AM radio on the morning ofThursday, July 10 and once again continued to bash the gay community andcontribute to the increasing stigma of people living with AIDS. "On the850AM radio show, Mayor Naugle attempted to place blame on the BrowardCounty Board of County Commissioners for the increase of HIV. What MayorNaugle fails to realize is his divisive actions and failure to providegenuine leadership are among the most harmful factors increasing the stigmaof HIV/AIDS. How dare this dishonorable man bring shame to the highestelected office in the City of Fort Lauderdale! "What Mayor Naugle fails torealize is while under his watch the Housing Authority of Fort Lauderdaletook advantage of people living with HIV/AIDS and floundered with fundingfor Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA). The City of FortLauderdale administers this program and yet the Mayor never advocated forsome of the neediest of people. Many of us owe great respect for the peoplewho served on the review committee, some who live with HIV/AIDS, whodemanded an end to mismanagement and eliminated funding to the HousingAuthority of Fort Lauderdale. "Below is an excerpt of a speech I made onOctober 2, 2007 before the City of Fort Lauderdale Commission meeting:


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