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GLBT DIGEST - October 15, 2009

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Washington Post
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Two Republicans Stand By Same-Sex Marriage
By Tim Craig
Two leading Republicans in the District have announced their support for efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in the city.

Man Gets 6 Months in Assault Near Gay Bar
By Keith L. Alexander
A District man who punched a Maryland man outside a gay nightclub in Northwest Washington was sentenced Wednesday to six months in jail. The victim later died from his injuries, and the reduced charges sparked outrage among gay rights advocates.

Steve Rothaus
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Peter Tatchell: ‘Stunned’ that U.S. gay activists got nothing from Buju Banton, ‘not even promises’
British gay-rights advocate Peter Tatchell sent me the following message for San Francisco activists who met on Monday with reggae star Buju Banton:
Hi SF LGBT Activists, Thanks for your efforts. I don't doubt the good intentions of the LGBT activists who attended the meeting with Buju Banton in San Francisco, but they appear to have come away with nothing from Banton. Not even promises.

Jerry Chasen, Daniel M. Pye to hold seminar, 'Wealth Planning for Domestic Partners, on Oct. 20 in Fort Lauderdale
Attorney Jerry Chasen and financial planner Daniel M. Pye, a Morgan Stanley vice president, will hold a seminar, 'Wealth Planning for Domestic Partners,' on Oct. 20 at the GLCC Pride Center in Fort Lauderdale.

Teen arrested in death of Craig Cohen, a Broward gay man beaten six months ago
An 18-year-old was arrested Tuesday in the beating death of an Oakland Park man, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Muslim soccer club banned after refusing to play gay team
Associated Press
PARIS -- A soccer club was permanently banned from the French amateur league on Wednesday after refusing to play a match against a gay team. Last week, Paris Foot Gay said its members were victims of homophobia when Creteil Bebel, a team of Muslim players, refused to play them this month.

HRC President Joe Solmonese: ‘The last thing we should do is wait’
From HRC’s Back Story blog:
The following post is from HRC President Joe Solmonese:
Between President Obama’s speech at the HRC National Dinner on Saturday night and the inspiring crowd of pro-equality marchers who gathered at the Capitol on Sunday, it was quite a weekend. In my mind, it all reflected the undeniable fact that we in the LGBT community and our allies have a new-found energy and focus on what needs to be done to achieve the equality we’ve been promised and that we deserve. Of course, we are not a community that sees everything through the same lens (and thank goodness for that!), so there have been nearly as many different views of what really went down this weekend as there were people marching past the White House. With this in mind, I want to address some of the issues people have been discussing and talk about how I see us all moving forward.

Comic Kevin Meaney shuts door on his closet life
Kevin Meaney is out and proud, but it wasn't always this way. The 52-year-old standup comedian -- who got his break on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in the '80s -- was married for 10 years. He and ex-wife Mary Ann had a daughter, with whom he currently lives in New York.

Miami Herald
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Let women take the lead
As the Republican Party continues its pilgrimage through the desert, its leaders may be missing the oasis for the vale of tears.

South Florida Blade
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Lieberman in 'Don't Ask' discussions
Senator speaking with administration officials on repeal
By CHRIS JOHNSON, Washington Blade
A spokesperson for Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) has confirmed the senator has been in discussions with Obama administration officials on the proposed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal.

The Advocate
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Fatality Shutters Sex Club in D.C.
By Julie Bolcer
A sex club in the Logan Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C. closed last week after what appears to be an accidental death at the establishment.

"Yes" Ad for Kalamazoo Ordinance Debuts
By Julie Bolcer
One Kalamazoo, the group urging voters to support the city’s LGBT non-discrimination ordinance on the November ballot, debuted its first ad. The 30-second spot focuses on the theme of “equality for all families.”

Mormons Are the New Black?
By Christopher Mangum
In a speech at Brigham Young University–Idaho on Tuesday, Elder Ballin H. Oaks suggested that Mormons are facing the same type of intimidation that Southern blacks had to endure from Reconstruction to the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965.

Boehner: Protect the Religious, Not Gays
By Michelle Garcia
House Minority Leader John Boehner says that hate-crimes protections should not be extended to LGBT people -- though he supports existing federal protections extended on the basis of "immutable" characteristics, like religion.,_Not_Gays/

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Judge refuses to dismiss gay marriage ban lawsuit
By The Associated Press
A federal judge in San Francisco has refused to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to overturn California’s same-sex marriage ban.

Gay partnership foes, backers in WA await ruling
By The Associated Press
Supporters and foes of gay domestic partnerships await a federal ruling from a three-judge panel on whether petitions for Washington states’s Referendum 71 should be made public.

Pink News - UK
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Girls who killed man in Trafalgar Square 'had been screaming homophobic abuse'
The two girls being sought by police for the murder of 62-year-old gay man Ian Baynham had been screaming homophobic abuse at him before they kicked him to death.

Anti-gay groups asked to prove how gay marriage threatens traditional unions
A judge presiding over a legal challenge to California's gay marriage ban has asked anti-gay groups to prove how it affects heterosexual marriage.

Almost 4,000 people complain over Dannii Minogue's 'bisexual' comment
Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom received 3,885 complaints over comments X Factor judge Dannii Minogue made about a bisexual contestant.

Liverpool gay club denies allegations of violence and underage sex
A gay club in Liverpool's city centre has denied police claims of violence, disorder and indecency. Police want to temporarily close Pink nightclub after almost 40 alleged incidents in just 12 months.

Paul O'Grady set to return to ITV for peak-time chatshow
Gay TV presenter Paul O'Grady is reportedly about to sign a contract with ITV after saying he would never work with the broadcaster again.

Catholic adoption charity to challenge gay ruling in the High Court
Religious adoption agency Catholic Care is to argue its case for banning gay people from its services in the High Court early next year.

Man found guilty of stabbing gay shopkeeper to death
A man has been found guilty of stabbing a gay shopkeeper after the man made sexual advances to him. Sami Mahmoud Salama, 37, knifed Dilip Unadkat, 48, five times in the chest at Unadkat's home in Empire Way, Wembley, last November.

Controversial Daily Mail journalist addresses gay event
Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips spoke last night about the danger of “criminalising religious beliefs” at an event debating the conflict between LGBT equality and freedom of speech.

Daily Queer News
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Domestic Partnership Legislation Demeans Marriage and Undermines Federal Law
Today the Senate will hold a hearing on special federal privileges for “same-sex partners.” The Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act of 2009 allows any federal employee who claims a “same-sex domestic partner” to be entitled to the same employment benefits that are currently available only to married federal employees and their spouses.

The Barney Frank Story
Doug Ireland \ In These Times
When Barney Frank discussed his sexual orientation with the Boston Globe in May 1987, he entered history as the first member of Congress—among dozens of same-sexers in the House and Senate—to voluntarily disclose that he was gay. Frank’s politically risky, extraordinarily courageous coming out, was a long time coming—he was 47-years-old, and would later admit, “One of the stupidest things I ever did was to wait so long … What I thought was going to be a very tough time turned out to be a surprisingly easy one.”

Rahim Mohammadi Executed in Iran for A Homosexual Act - Lavat
Iranian Queer Railroad
On October 6, 2009, Rahim Mohammadi was executed in Tabriz, a city in northwest Iran, after being convicted of sexual abuse and rape during sexual relations between males (a homosexual act called Lavat). According to Rahim’s lawyer, Mr. Mohammad Mostafayi, there was not enough evidence presented to the court to prove such accusations; the court nevertheless decided that once a person is convicted of Lavat, he must be executed. Mostafayi, who had not been informed of the court’s decision once it was handed down - and was only contacted after his client Rahim had been executed - wrote a letter of further explanation to the authorities. You can read Ramin’s full story at
Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees - IRQR
www . irqr . net
info @ irqr . net
(001) 416-548-4171
414-477 Sherbourne St.
Toronto, On - M4X 1K5

Two NC Reps Co-Sign Call for Jennings Removal
Matt Comer | Q-Notes
Right-wing groups have taken aim at an openly gay Obama Administration official after conservative media and several activists and pundits chastised the official over sex advice he gave a gay student in 1988. The attacks culminated Wednesday in a call from 26 U.S. House members for President Barack Obama to remove Kevin Jennings, an assistant deputy secretary in the Department of Education and director of the department’s Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools.

ND: Ex-Gay Ministry Holds Conference in GF Church
Stephen J. Lee \ Grand Forks Herald
Can, or should, homosexuals try to change their sexual orientation? That’s the controversial question two Christian ministers who once lived, then left, homosexual lifestyles will address today in a conference in Hope Evangelical Covenant Church in the Grand Cities Mall, 1601 17th Ave. S.

Former Miss California Carrie Prejean Took a Stand When Her Pastor Gave Her an Out
Carrie Prejean made headlines last April in the Miss USA pageant when she famously responded in the question period that she believed marriage is between a man and a woman. The question came from celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton, and two days later Prejean was in New York appearing on the Today Show.

Judge Refuses to Toss Suit Challenging Prop 8
Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer \ San Francisco Chronicle
A federal judge in San Francisco refused Wednesday to dismiss a lawsuit challenging California’s Proposition 8, the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage, and ordered a trial on whether the measure denies fundamental rights to gays and lesbians.


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