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GLBT DIGEST - October 16, 2009

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New York Times
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In New Orleans, Obama Fires Back At Critics
U.S. President Barack Obama fired back on Thursday at critics who say he has few accomplishments of note in his nine months in office and declared he was just getting started. In recent weeks, Obama has faced criticism both from liberals who want him to do more to advance causes such as gay rights, and conservatives who accuse him of taking too long to decide whether to send more U.S. troops to Afghanistan.

53 Republicans Seek Ouster of Obama Schools Official
Fifty-three House Republicans have signed a letter to the Obama administration asking for the ouster of Kevin Jennings, an official charged with promoting school safety, because of his career as an advocate of teaching tolerance of homosexuality.

People for the American Way
Kevin Jennings under attack: Tell the White House: Don't Be Bullied!
Right-wing media personalities and members of Congress have been bullying both the White House and the Democratic congressional leadership into inaction and, in some cases, submission. The only way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them. And it's fitting that the latest bullying is around the person in charge of keeping schools safe: Kevin Jennings, who heads the Department of Education's Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools.
Jennings has been targeted since he was appointed. First, it was by the Religious Right (spearheaded by the Family Research Council) who continues to oppose Jennings' position based on his sexual orientation and his role with GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) in helping to ensure that all students are safe in school, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. Now, Sean Hannity and others smell blood in the water after Van Jones was forced to step down from his role leading the charge to create green jobs because of pressure from demagogues like Glenn Beck. The Right's attacks on Jennings have been thoroughly debunked. But, of course, lies are not a new weapon in the Right’s arsenal. A wave of NeoMcCarthyism is sweeping Washington with the Far Right targeting Obama administration officials and others with witch hunts. The broad goals are to obstruct progress and damage President Obama politically via "guilt by association." The President must call their bluff and stand up to these people. Call the White House now to help firm up the administration's backbone and shore up its support for Kevin Jennings. White House: 202-456-1111

Washington Post
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'Survivor' star Hatch ends federal tax sentence
"Survivor" winner Richard Hatch was released from a Massachusetts jail early Friday after completing a federal sentence for evading taxes on the $1 million he won during the CBS reality show's first season.

'Cool' Jobs and Same-Sex Benefits
By Ed O'Keefe
Remember when President Obama said he wanted to make working for the federal government "cool again"? The government's chief human resources officer told lawmakers Thursday that they need to approve a bill that extends full benefits to the domestic partners of gay and lesbian federal employees to ensure that the government remains competitive with the private sector.

Standing Up for Gay Rights
In 1989, as commanding officer of a Navy carrier-based squadron, I used my authority to block attempts by my executive officer to demean and prosecute a man because he thought the sailor was gay. I would not allow such harassment. The sailor in question had an outstanding performance record and was serving his country with honor. What possible difference did it make whom he loved? It's time for the people of this country to show some courage in the face of the bigots who would shame, condemn, abuse or demean gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender citizens. As Americans, we are all pledged to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Accordingly we are legally and morally bound to enact legislation that ensures the law shall be applied equally to all of us, regardless of our differences and especially if those differences incite prejudice in others. Anything less is gay-bashing. I hope the citizens of this country do not continue to dishonor my military service by continuing to permit gay-bashing.
Hilliard, Ohio

Wall Street Journal
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Tea-Party Activists Complicate Republican Comeback Strategy
The rise of conservative "tea party" activists around the country has created a dilemma for Republicans. They are breathing life into the party's quest to regain power. But they're also waging war on some candidates hand-picked by GOP leaders as the most likely to win.

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Jason Ricci is much more than blues
By Deborah Ramirez
Jason Ricci is one of the best blues harmonica players of his generation. He's seen the awards, and the hard times, including a stretch in a drug detention center in Delray Beach. But traditionalists beware. Onstage, where you'll find Ricci on Sunday with his band New Blood at the eighth annual Hollywood Beach Clambake, he may be sporting orange hair, worn in punky spikes, along with skin-tight clothes and heavy-metal accessories. He's openly gay in a rather macho genre and defiant about stereotypes, musical and otherwise.,0,4799217.story/

Now Texas fights same-sex divorce
BOSTON - I suppose there is something charming about watching conservative politicians in Texas trying so ardently to preserve a same-sex marriage. How else can you explain their passionate opposition to a court ruling last week that would allow a couple legally wed in Massachusetts to be divorced in their state?,0,1090240.story/

Conservative women can rejuvenate GOP
As the Republican Party continues its pilgrimage through the desert, its leaders may be missing the oasis for the vale of tears. The answer to the party's woes won't be found in the sudden realization that 83 percent of young people 18 to 24 have an online profile — or other late-breaking revelations that merely reinforce the perception of the GOP as woefully behind the curve.,0,5969771.story/

Steve Rothaus
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Stellaaahhh!!! Festival honors Tennessee Williams
By SHELIA BYRD, Associated Press
Fans of the playwright Tennessee Williams will be shouting for Stella this weekend in Clarksdale, Miss.

Italian couple sue shipping line because they were not told their holiday was a gay cruise
From Daily Mail Online:
By Nick Pisa
An Italian couple are suing a shipping line for £2,800 after claiming they were not told a relaxing holiday they had booked was in fact on board a ship hosting Italy's first gay cruise.

SAVE Dade: Miami Beach passes first reading of improved Human Rights Ordinance, 7-0
News release from SAVE Dade:
Miami Beach, October 14, 2009 - The City of Miami Beach today unanimously passed the first reading of a Human Rights Ordinance revision designed to strengthen and improve its original Human Rights Ordinance, first passed in 1992.

Lesbian student in Miss. fights for tuxedo photo
By SHELIA BYRD, Associated Press
Everyone at Wesson Attendance Center knows 17-year-old Ceara Sturgis is gay because she's never tried to hide it.

California gay marriage advocates to launch public education campaign
By Torey Van Oot, The Sacramento Bee
A coalition led by gay-rights group Equality California announced today plans to invest more than $15 million in an educational campaign to build support for same-sex marriage.

SAVE Dade Action PAC Endorsements - Miami
From SAVE Dade Action PAC:
City of Miami Candidate Endorsements
In connection with the November 3, 2009 City of Miami General Municipal Election, the SAVE Dade Action PAC endorses the following candidates:

'No end to the war between me and the gays,' Buju Banton tells talk show host in Jamaica
From today’s Jamaica Observer:
By Steven Jackson Observer writer
Friday, October 16, 2009
International reggae artiste Buju Banton, who this week met with gay activists in San Francisco, says he will not "surrender" to the group's philanthropy proposals as they would contradict his religion and culture.

South Florida Blade
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Ft. Lauderdale: Pride group fined for not filing taxes
When the new Board of Directors of Pride of Greater Fort Lauderdale took office in early September, they had only two months to organize the annual “Wicked Manors” Halloween party for Wilton Drive. But as they started their term of office, they discovered the organization owed the International Revenue Service thousands of dollars—a major obstacle for the non-profit organization already facing budget shortfalls.

Island City Art Walk Nov. 20 on Wilton Drive
Organizers promises event will be bigger and better
The original Island City Art Walk will continue again this year starting on Friday, November 20 from 7 to 10:00 p.m. This will be the fourth year of the Art Walk that has grown exponentially each year in both participants and guests. According to Mary Ellen Charapko, founder and organizer of the Island City Art Walk, this year’s Art Walk, which operates under the original organization, Island City, Inc., will be bigger and better than ever and will run the third Friday of each month starting in November and ending in April. Ms. Charapko also owns a gallery on Wilton Drive. Each participating gallery and store on Wilton Drive plans their own exhibits and events for the evening which draws large crowds especially during the holiday season.

Wilton Manors: Halloween: the new ‘GLBT Pride’ for SoFla
Why Wicked Manors means more than just dressing up
What are your plans for Halloween? It’s a big deal in South Florida. I am among the gay men in America who have informally adopted Halloween as our own Pride celebration. Like “gay pride,” Halloween is a chance to liberate oneself, come out of the closet as the naughty nurse or dominatrix you want to be, and march through the streets just to make everyone appreciate how great you are. Slutty costume? I will squeeze into it somehow, with pride, showing off myself in embarrassing ways I wouldn’t otherwise dream of while in my own home with the curtains closed. (I have a good one this year, but I’m not telling yet.)

The Advocate
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Family Refused Country Club Membership
By Julie Bolcer
A country club in Norfolk, Virginia voted last week to allow two married women to join, but only as individuals, and not a family.

NAACP Leader Backs Vander Plaats
The head of the NAACP in Iowa backed Bob Vander Plaats, a staunch opponent of marriage equality.
By Julie Bolcer
The president of the Iowa-Nebraska chapter of the NAACP endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats in Iowa this week, calling his opposition to same-sex marriage an “important factor.”

Joy Behar: Isn't Janet Napolitano Gay?
By Editors
Quickly becoming second only to The Rachel Maddow Show as prime time’s most gay-centric news talk show, The Joy Behar Show has been generating a lot of press for its coverage of “don’t ask, don’t tell” and the National Equality March. But this Monday, an exchange between Behar and guest Dan Savage that was largely overlooked by the press had her wondering if Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano is openly gay.

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Straight interracial couple denied marriage license in La.
By The Associated Press
A Louisiana justice of the peace said he refused to issue a marriage license to a heterosexual interracial couple out of concern for any children the couple might have.

Court allows release of domestic partner petitions
By The Associated Press
Washington’s secretary of state can release the names and addresses of people who signed petitions calling for a public vote on the state’s expanded benefits for domestic partners, a federal appeals court said Thursday.

Evangelicals step up for marriage equality
By 365gay Newswire
From a press release from American Progress: Brent Childers used to call himself a “Jesse Helms Republican” who justified his homophobic beliefs through biblical interpretation. But last weekend, as he marched in the Equality March in Washington, D.C., he stood alongside his lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender friends in support of their full human rights.

Pink News - UK
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Updated: Twitter storm over 'vile' Daily Mail column on gay singer Stephen Gately
A Daily Mail column by writer Jan Moir has provoked a storm of anger on the internet for apparently suggesting that Boyzone singer Stephen Gately died because he was gay.

Two girls and a boy arrested over murder of gay man
Police hunting for the killers of a 62-year-old gay man who was beaten to death in Trafalgar Square have arrested two 17-year-old girls and one 18-year-old boy.

Gay man jailed for attacking woman after sex proposal
A former soldier who attacked a woman after she invited him home for sex has been jailed for three years. Mark Wardley, of Crosthwaite Court, Workington, bit the woman's chest and crashed her car into a wall.

'LGBT sex club' gets the go-ahead
A sex club for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people in Gloucester is to open despite local councillors voting against it. Opponents said the club would turn the city into "Sodom and Gomorrah".

Vigil planned for gay man murdered in Trafalgar Square
A vigil has been organised to pay tribute to Ian Baynham, the gay man who died this week after being attacked in London's Trafalgar Square.

Section 28 MP forced to stand down over expenses
The MP responsible for creating Section 28 is being forced to stand down at the next election after claims he abused his expenses.

Lesbian barred from school yearbook for wearing a tux
A lesbian student in Mississippi is challenging her school's decision to bar her from the yearbook for wearing a tuxedo. She was told she would have to wear a dress to appear in the book.

Man jailed for 27 years for murder of gay shop assistant
A man who knifed a gay man to death before stealing his jewellery has been jailed for a minimum of 27 years.

Ugandan MP proposes that gays should be executed
A Ugandan MP has proposed that lawmakers should create a new crime of "aggravated homosexuality", which would be punishable by death.

Daily Queer News
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United, We Can Stop HIV and Prevent AIDS
Gay & Lesbian Times
National Latino AIDS Awareness Day is recognized on Oct. 15. On this day, we all must take stock and take action to prevent HIV from continuing its toll on Latino communities across the United States.

IL: Gay Senate Candidate in Boystown
Chasse Rehwickel \ Windy City Times
Jacob Meister, the openly gay candidate for Roland Burris’ U.S. Senate seat, made a two-hour appearance at Halsted’s, 3441 N. Halsted, on Oct. 8 to rally support for his campaign.

IL: EQIL Event: Annual Matthew Shepard March Oct 17th
In 1998, death of Matthew Shepard, a 21 year-old student at the University of Wyoming, thrust violence against LGBT people into national and world spotlights. The severity and brutality of Matthew’s murder – beaten, tied to a fence, and left to die outside of Laramie, Wyoming – underscores the importance of proactively combating hate crimes and building a society that values dignity of every human being.

Marriage Equality in California: Why We Can’t Wait Until 2012
Love Honor Cherish \ AlterNet
Editor’s Note: Yesterday we ran a story by Troy Perry and Hans Johnson that argues for waiting until 2012 to take on the same-sex marriage fight in California. You can read that commentary here. Proposition 8 passes every day, until it’s repealed.

FL: City of Miami Beach Passes First Reading of Improved Human Rights Ordinance, 7-0
City of Miami Beach passes first reading of improved Human Rights Ordinance, 7-0
The City of Miami Beach today unanimously passed the first reading of a Human Rights Ordinance revision designed to strengthen and improve its original Human Rights Ordinance, first passed in 1992.

One Iowa Looking for Public Forum Speakers
One Iowa is going to be holding a series of public forums throughout
Iowa. Each forum is going to have a panel of five or six people who
will speak briefly and then help answer questions submitted by forum
attendees. They are looking for people willing to speak from the
following perspectives: a person of faith, legal, a same-sex couple,
business/economic, and a straight ally.

TX: Ordained, Gay, and Black
TOM HOLMES \ Contributing Reporter \ Austin Weekly News
On the book at issue in the recent Buzz CafĂ© cancellation, the Rev. Benjamin Reynolds has a particularly informed take. He is a gay black man who, as a pastor, has paid the price of coming out. This spring, he arrived as transitional pastor at Pilgrim Congregational Church in Oak Park. Three years ago, in Colorado, the congregation he grew up in dismissed him when he spoke up about his sexual orientation. Cornelius Williams’ book Transition: From Homosexual to Preacher concerns Reynolds. Regarding his personal struggle, “ex-gay” isn’t an option. Reynolds says some religions that condemn gay people do so largely on the basis of a literal reading of the Bible. Similar methods of interpretation, he noted, have even justified slavery and oppressing women’s rights.

TX: An ‘Ex-Gay’ Speaks Out
ROBERT FELTON \ Contributing Reporter \ Austin Weekly News
Cornelius Williams remembers being 5 years old and dressing up in his mother’s wigs and wearing her lipstick. He recalls that and other stories from his youth to adulthood in his memoir: Transition: From Homosexual to Preacher. That early experience was the first glimpse of sexual confusion that Williams, now a pastor, would encounter throughout his adolescence.

Interview with Cleve Jones at National Equality March
Bil Browning \ Bilerico Project
We shot so much video that we’re still finishing up some of the interviews. I think today will just about wrap it up. This interview with Cleve Jones happened during one of the first speeches on stage as marchers were still pouring onto the Capital lawn. The audio is a bit hard to hear clearly on this one so the video is captioned.

Sen. Kay Hagan to Transgenders: I Will Have To “Carefully Consider” Your “Impacts”
Dr. Jillian T. Weiss \ Bilerico Project
Senator Kay Hagan has been sending out letters to constituents who inquire about ENDA, and they suggest she’s not at this point in favor of a bill that includes “gender identity.” I’m feeling very 2007.

New Tools to Push for LGBT Equality Now
Juan and Ken Ahonen-Jover \ Bilerico Project
We are pleased to announce a new set of tools that we believe will greatly help to accelerate reaching LGBT legal equality. These tools are web-based, integrated with each other, are super easy to use, and are available to both individuals and organizations at no charge. They are guided by The Dallas Principles and emphasize the importance of taking action now to achieve full legal equality for our community. You can see them at

A Movement Moving Forward
Bilerico Project
Editors’ Note: Guest blogger Rea Carey is the Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
The National Equality March held in Washington, D.C., last weekend resonated and refreshed lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and our straight allies with new energy and new momentum for progressive and positive change as thousands gathered to demand action on our equality agenda. With our feet, signs and voices, we recommitted ourselves to act on behalf of LGBT aspirations for full legal equality.

Exiled From School, HIV Infected Orphans Learn a Bitter Lesson
SETH MYDANS \ New York Times
AN NHON TAY, Vietnam — The first day of school was a special one last month for the 15 children from the Mai Hoa orphanage here. They are infected with H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS, and for the first time they would be allowed to attend the local primary school.

Gay Activists Highlight Debate Over US Military Policies
Adam Phillips \ VOA News
During Oc. 12 demonstrations in the nation’s capital, some current and former service members urged U.S. lawmakers to repeal both a 1993 “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy that prevents openly homosexual men and women from serving in the armed forces and a stricter legal ban.

Pew Research center
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Lots of Ex's Live in Texas
States of Marriage & Divorce
Men and women marry young in Arkansas and Oklahoma. They also marry often. It's the opposite state of affairs in Massachusetts and New York. An analysis of new Census data reveals some interesting patterns about marriage, remarriage and divorce and their relationships to education, income, religion and politics. Read more

Marriage & Divorce: A 50-State Interactive Tour
Interactive maps allow you to explore state-by-state marriage and divorce
patterns and discover how your state measures up.Most Still Oppose Gay Marriage, but Support for Civil Unions Continues to Rise Continuing a trend, support for civil unions has risen to 57% of the public; but a majority still opposes same-sex marriage with sharp divisions among religious and political groups. Read more

Opinion Matters: But What Do the Polls Show?
Perhaps the best way to think about public opinion and its relationship to politics and policymaking is that the public is typically short on facts, but long on judgment. Read more

Global Outlook: Obama's Nobel Prize
News that the president won the Nobel Peace Prize is another sign of his international appeal; his election turned around America's negative image in many countries. Read more

Daily Number: 29% - Say Press is Generally Accurate
Just 29% of Americans say that news organizations generally get the facts straight, while 63% say that news stories are often inaccurate. Check back every weekday for another number in the news. Read more


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