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Crist notably quiet about presidential straw poll
Published December 3, 2006

Many Republican activists in Florida are excited about the prospect of apresidential straw poll next year that would ensure they receive loads ofattention from GOP presidential candidates. Count Jeb Bush among those wholike the idea.

"It's great for Florida," said the governor, who actually helped lead thelast nonbinding straw poll in Florida in 1996. "It's a great way to energizethe base. For supporters that seldom get attention, this is a way to holdthem up high and pay tribute to them."


Pick for agency chief tests Crist-Bush bond
By S.V. Date

Palm Beach Post Capital Bureau

Sunday, December 03, 2006

TALLAHASSEE - As Gov.-elect Charlie Crist prepares to announce his first setof agency-head appointments this week, a battle may be looming over one ofthe highest-profile leadership positions: the commissioner of education.

Outgoing Gov. Jeb Bush's choice for that job, John Winn, technically reportsto the Board of Education, a body that was created in its current formatunder Bush in 2001. Bush has appointed all seven of its members, but atleast two also are close to Crist: Roberto Martinez and Kathleen Shanahan,both top members of Crist's transition team.

Winn, unlike the agency secretaries who report directly to the governor, hasnot tendered his resignation, despite Crist's preference that he do so.


The Independant

Today's Date:December 3, 2006

GLCC Making Progress In Spite Of Delays

Although the GLCC's new building project has suffered a few delays progresshas been made. The developers, the Tarragon, obtained unanimous Design andReview, Planning and Zoning, and City Commission approvals from the City ofFort Lauderdale a little earlier this year. It is anticipated thatconstruction plans will be completed in the Spring 2007 and thatapplications for building permits will be submitted for the new site on theEast side of North Andrews Avenue occupied until the end of the year by theDemocrats which is opposite where the GLCC currently stands.

At the moment the GLCC is involved in planning what the interior of thethree storey building will look like. Suggestions and comments from theGLCC'songoing Strategic Planning survey are being considered and used. Paul Hymanstated that "Community input is central to our planning process. Individualsare still invited to complete the survey at the GLCC's"


The Miami Herald

Posted on Fri, Dec. 01, 2006

Miami's diversity offers a glimpse of nation's future


There's a joke I tell behind Miami's back.

I'll be elsewhere in the country and someone will ask how race anddiversity are viewed from a South Florida perspective. I reply that,according to the Census Bureau, Miami's polyglot population represents whatAmerica will look like in about 40 years. And if America really understoodthat, it would be worried. Rim shot.

My point is that, for most of the years of the American experiment,our dialogue about race and diversity has been strictly bipolar: black andwhite, minority and majority. But by 2050, the conversation will bethree-way -- black, white and brown -- and none will have dominant numbers.We will all be minorities.


Influence expands for South Florida's gay voters
By Anthony Man
Political Writer

December 3, 2006

Fort Lauderdale -- Gay and lesbian Democratic activists gathered Saturday tocelebrate the 2006 elections and strategize for 2008.

The 75 activists from throughout Florida and across the nation were still ona high from last month's elections, which saw Democrats take over the U.S.House and Senate and score many state local wins.

Stephen Driscoll, co-chairman of the national Stonewall Democrats andco-chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party's gay, lesbian, bisexualand transgender caucus credited six years of President Bush with politicallyenergizing gays nationwide.

"We saw anger morph into action, and that resulted in success," he said."Candidates who were supportive of LGBT issues did not suffer any direconsequences. The terrain is different now."


The Independant

Today's Date:December 3, 2006

Stonewall Executive Director Appointed

By Paul Harris

The Stonewall Library & Archive has announced the appointment of JackRutland as their new executive director. Rutland will be leaving his post atthe Fort Lauderdale Historical Society to take up the position beginningFriday, December 1.

A Fort Lauderdale native, he has worked as a curator across the country inareas as diverse as Oregon, New York City and Dallas. In an interview withThe Independent he stated that he remembers as a child attending the openingof the New River Tunnel and "standing on the sidewalk watching the ?lming ofWhere The Boys Are."

He stated that he applied for the position because he had been amuseum/non-pro?t professional for over 28 years and came out as a gay man 30years ago. "I have always dreamed of co-mingling those two streams of mylife," he said, "of using my academic and professional expertise to servethe community that has nurtured me all these years. Sometimes, I guessdreams really do come true."


The Independant

Today's Date:December 3, 2006

SunServe: Gem of the Community

By Paul Harris

One of the gems of the gay community in South Florida is SunServe. It isunique in that it is a social services agency that caters to the gay,lesbian, bisexual and transgender population literally from childhood to oldage. It provides everything from counseling (on a generous sliding scale),to help for teenagers who have been kicked out of their homes, to trainingfor those of us who decide to foster. It also operates the ONLY GLBT elderday care center in the world, the Noble A. McArtor Senior Daycare Center.Earlier this year "The Independent" was glad to recognize them and gave theman award as "Agency of the Year."

Well, we are almost at year's end and many people at about this time decideto make contributions to worthy causes. We at "The Independent" would liketo bring SunServe to your attention so that if you can spare some money youmight want to send it their way. They are a 501 (c) (3) so any contributionsare tax-deductible. Many of the agency's clients are only just getting by?nancially. You'll be glad to hear that the Center NEVER turns anyone away.


Frankly, teens have much to say about sex
Speakers field tough questions at conference pushing responsibility.

By Macollvie Jean-Fran├žois
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

December 3, 2006

Fort Lauderdale · Colorful thoughts run through teenagers' minds when theysee attractive people they might like to date. Rubin Clark, 17, now has asobering thought to add: "Are you willing to die for it?"

Conference facilitators told about 400 attendees of the 27th annualAdolescent Health and Sexuality Conference at Dillard High School Saturdayto ask themselves that question when they are faced with choices aboutdating and sex. Through workshops, pamphlets and performances by localartists, organizers encouraged the youngsters to be responsible when itcomes to actions that might spread HIV, cause unwanted pregnancies and evenland older teenagers in jail for statutory rape.


The Miami Herald

Posted on Sun, Dec. 03, 2006

Families suffer as mentally ill inmates can't get care they need
While lawyers and government officials argue over what should be donewith mentally ill jail inmates, families fear for their loved ones.

When Enrique Cordero was arrested, he was healthy enough to work, hissister says.

But after a year on the Miami-Dade County jail's wing for the mentallyill, the voices in his head had reached such a frenzied pitch, he couldn'teven sit quietly in a courtroom as lawyers argued over his future.

''Every time I imagine what's happening to him, I leave crying. Idon't understand why they've destroyed him like this,'' she said, askingthat her name not be used because she doesn't want their mother in Havana tofind out how bad things really are.

Minnie Atwell, of Fort Lauderdale, understands her pain. She haswatched her son, Benjamin Franklin Jones, deteriorate emotionally whilewaiting months for treatment in the same jail's mental health wing.


Forwarded from Ron Mills

Hastings Impeachment follow-up: Read the 1997 Inspector General Report onallegations of FBI misconduct

CREW researchers obtained the 1997 Inspector General Report regardingmisconduct at the FBI Laboratory. The 517-page report details allegations ofwrongdoing and improper practices at the lab. One section of the IG reportdeals with the misconduct of an FBI employee in dealing with a piece ofevidence connected to the Alcee Hastings matter. After this report wasreleased, Rep. Hastings argued that the House should have re-opened theimpeachment investigation, but that did not happen. We have linked to thefull report here (the relevant section is H12: Tobin Allegations) -- so youcan read it yourself.

Let us know what you think.


ArtsUnited Features Artist Jeremiah Jenner at Stork's

ArtsUnited will feature the photography of local artist Jeremiah Jennerin a solo exhibit at Stork's Bakery Coffee Cafe from December 3 through 30,2006. Stork's is located at 2505 NE 15th Avenue in Wilton Manors. Theexhibit is free and open to the general public.

Jenner's career has grown exponentially in the past year with recentsolo exhibitions at Starbucks on Lincoln Road, OneTea Lounge, ArtExpressions Gallery and other fine venues in the South Florida area. He willdisplay work on December 6th at the "Masters Mystery Show" at the RitzCarlton in Miami Beach benefiting FIU's Fine Arts Program.

Jeremiah loves to take things and give them a different twist, andthat'swhat defines his "Abstract Urbanism" photographic style. A majority of hisimages are deliberately shaken or shot out of focus during the exposure toget the desired effect of movement from a static object such as lights orstatues. Photographing neon is one of Jeremiah's favorite



Gil Martin's Angels Art Exhibit Opens December 4th

Arts United will present artist Gil Martin's "Angels" paintings at theStonewall Library and Archives from December 4 through 30, 2006. TheStonewall Library and Archives is located at 1717 North Andrews Avenue inFort Lauderdale. The exhibit is free and open to the general public duringnormal library hours.

Fresh off his debut exhibit in October, Gill Martin will showcase anexpanded display of his acclaimed "Angels" paintings just in time for theHolidays. Born in New Jersey, Martin's family moved to Florida when he waseleven. His parents did not have enough money to buy toys, so Gil began tomake his own toys and draw on paper bags. In elementary school when theclass had contests to determine who the best artist of the class was, hewould always be chosen.

In 2000, Martin began painting professionally. To date, he considers"Angel Happy and Sadness" to be his greatest creation. Gil's creativity isfueled by his passion and filled with rich colors. He believes his worksends a message.

After six years of painting, this is the largest exhibition of his work todate.

"When you look at my art, you look through my eyes.

Enjoy!" said Martin.

From Arts United:

We have agreement with Dudes to host our annual one-night-only Erotic ArtExhibit on Monday December 18th from 6 to 8 PM. Attached is the applicationform for those of you that want to submit work. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT WORKSWE HAVE SHOWN BEFORE.

Because of the short notice, I will try to be as accommodating aspossible to accept your work, but please respect that I do have a day job.In take will be Saturday 12/16 from noon until 2 PM at Stonewall Library andArchives, 1717 N. Andrews Avenue in Ft Lauderdale. Contact me if you can notmake that time. Pick up is at the event at 8 PM unless your work is sold.Keep in mind that the majority of the art will be displayed on easels, sothey can not be too narrow or too large for that to work.

The event is meant to a fun night and a benefit for ArtsUnited. We stillhope to offer you a monthly long exhibition of erotic work in the future.Dudes is providing food and 2 for 1 drinks, and the $5 cover charge goes toArtsUnited. We will also have some raffles that night.


Chuck Williams
ArtsUnited, Inc.


Jewish Community Services of South Florida and Switchboard of Miami areteaming up together to provide individual, group or family counseling forGLBTQ youth in Miami. These services will be provided through The Alliancefor GLBTQ Youth free of charge.

If you, your organization or school are interested in receiving thesecounseling services, please contact:

Randi Adler
Jewish Community Services of South Florida
18999 Biscayne Boulevard #200
Aventura, FL 33180
(305) 933-9820 x212

Michael Dentato
Switchboard of Miami
701 SW 27th Avenue, Suite 1000
Miami, FL 33135
(305) 358-1640 x122


For Immediate Release:

For more information phone (954) 564-9232

Cong. Etz Chaim's Rabbi Caminker to teach Jewish Spirituality Course (Jan.10-Mar. 7)

Rabbi Harold F. Caminker, D.D., the spiritual leader of Congregation EtzChaim, will teach a course on Jewish Spirituality Wednesday evenings (at7:30 p.m.) from January 10 to March 7. This nine week course, RabbiCaminker says, "will explore numerous approaches to our spirituality. Someof the sessions will focus on the writing of a great Jewish philosopher. Wewill also learn about the concepts of Ruach (turning potential intoreality), Kedushah (holiness in God's image) and Chassidut (lovingkindness).Other sessions will deal with Feminist Jewish Spirituality and Queer JewishSpirituality."

Cong. Etz Chaim's Jewish Spirituality course will be held at the Synagogue,1881 N.E. 26 Street, in Wilton Manors. The fee for the course is $75 forCEC members and $125 for non-members. The text for the course is "FindingGod: Selected Responses," edited by Daniel Syme and Rifat Sonsino, and costsan additional $20. The deadline for registration in the course is December27. For more information and registration call the Synagogue office at954-564-9232.

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