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FLORIDA DIGEST December 05, 2006

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The Board and Members of A.V.E.R. American Veterans for Equal Rights inviteeveryone to join us on Sunday December 10,2006 for the 5:00. P.M.Showing ofthe Award Winning Play "Burning Blue".

Ticket Price: $30.00
to reserve tickets: Please contact
Mark La Fontaine (954) 495-4565

Part of the ticket sales will be donated to A.V.E.R.and a Fundraising eventwill follow.

Come join Cast and Crew. All proceeds from this event will help in the fightto repeal "Don't ask Don't Tell. The play and fundraiser will be held at theCinema Paradiso 503 S.E. 6th Street


The Washington Post


Ex-President Bush Praises Gov. Jeb Bush

The Associated Press
Tuesday, December 5, 2006; 5:08 AM

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Former President George H.W. Bush broke down in tearsas he cited his son, Gov. Jeb Bush, as an example of leadership.

Bush was addressing lawmakers, his son's top administrators, and stateworkers gathered in the House chamber Monday for the last of the governor'sleadership forums.

He said he was proud of how his son handled losing the 1994 governor's raceto popular incumbent Democrat Lawton Chiles, and vaguely referred to dirtytricks in the campaign.


The Sun-Sentinel


Broward hate crimes up 27%, while state rate drops

By Sofia Santana
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

December 5, 2006

Broward authorities reported the most hate crimes in the state in 2005 andan increase, while most other parts of the state reported a decrease,according to the Florida Attorney General's annual report released Monday.

Most of the cases in Broward and statewide were assaults and acts ofintimidation or vandalism, in which about two-thirds of the victims saidthey were targeted because of their race or ethnicity, the report said.

But it takes more than uttering a slur.

"If you use the N word when robbing someone, that doesn't make it a hatecrime," said Detective Katherine Collins, Fort Lauderdale policespokeswoman.


The Sun-Sentinel


Voting fixes: New machines and a `none of the above' button
Michael Mayo
News Columnist

December 5, 2006

The latest election went relatively smoothly in South Florida, but a closeU.S. House race in Sarasota shows that we need two fixes for our flawedelectronic touch-screen machines.

First, add a "none of the above" option to every race on electronic ballots.

Second, ditch the touch-screen machines entirely.

"I think you're going to start seeing a push toward opti-scan machines,"said Broward County Commissioner John Rodstrom.

Now that a federal research agency has issued a draft report concluding thatpaperless machines, including the ones used in Broward and Miami-Dadecounties, "cannot be made secure," the push should become a stampede.


The Miami Herald


Posted on Tue, Dec. 05, 2006


Bush pledges national school reform
'Education Governor' Jeb Bush said after he leaves office, he will continuehis work reforming public education -- but on a national level.


After indelibly marking Florida with his own public education legacy, Gov.Jeb Bush said Monday he will work to make the federal No Child Left Behindlaw look more like the school grading system he created.

Bush and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited a Miramar Elementaryfourth-grade class on Monday to illustrate their pledge to work togethertoward renewal of the vast federal education law, as well as their intentionto lobby for changes.

The pair have joined forces, Bush said, because Florida and New York Cityhave tried similar innovative educational strategies that have reduced thegap in performance between white and minority students, although they stillhave a long way to go.


Express Gay News


Local World AIDS Day events focus more on African Americans
Organizers seek to reach minority communities hit hard by virus

Dec. 01, 2006

This year's World AIDS Day events are focusing more on the minoritycommunities that have been disproportionately affected by the disease,organizers said.

In Broward County, the Dec. 1 World AIDS Day commemoration will be held atCarter Park, between Sunrise Boulevard and Sistrunk Boulevard, which is inthe heart of Fort Lauderdale's African-American community. Browardorganizers chose a new venue for the main World AIDS Day event this yearpartly because last year's event at the county library in downtown FortLauderdale was poorly attended, said Jean Starkey, Broward County chair forthe World AIDS Day Committee.


The Miami Herald


Posted on Tue, Dec. 05, 2006


BSO pulls over cop critic

Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Carlton Moore, a vocal police critic, getsa pass for driving with a suspended license.


Just days after questioning the actions of Fort Lauderdale police officerswho killed a man during a traffic stop last week, City Commissioner CarltonMoore has had his own brush with the law.

On Sunday morning, the 17-year veteran politician suddenly saw the flashinglights of a police cruiser in his own rearview mirror, as he was stopped bya Broward sheriff's deputy who suspected he had the wrong license plate onhis silver Mercedes.

The plate was valid, but his driver's license wasn't. Moore admitted he knewhis driving privileges had been suspended, an offense that can often land amotorist in the slammer.

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