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FLORIDA DIGEST December 08, 2006

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Port Radiation Monitors In Place, Unused
6 Months Later, Radiation 'Sniffers' Still Idle

POSTED: 5:49 pm EST December 6, 2006
MIAMI -- The Port of Miami was one of the first in the country to getsophisticated radiation detection equipment designed to stop a terroristthreat.

But Local 10's Rad Berky found out that radiation sniffers are not beingused. The monitors are gamma ray imaging systems capable of penetrating upto 6 inches of steel.

Each truck that rolls out of the port is supposed to have been checked byradiation portal monitors. In fact, the equipment to do those checks hasbeen in place on the port for more then six months, but Berky said thatwhile he was at the port, not one of the trucks that passed by was checked.


From Nate Klarfeld
Stonewall Library & Archives

On Saturday, December 16th, 2006, 1:00 PM the Stonewall Library & Archivespresents a book reading by local gay author, Lorin Alan Weiss, author of"Tuzla". Tuzla, the third largest city in Bosnia Herzegovina caught theattention of Lorin Weiss when his son, Army Spec 4 Mark Weiss was sent tothe region as a member of the United States Peacekeeping Forces. Tuzla wastheonly municipality not governed by nationalist authorities, and was besiegedby Serb nationalist forces. The town was not spared the atrocities of war.
Weiss wrote this historical novel "Tuzla" using his experiences in theBalkans. In early 2007, Lorin Weiss will release his next book, "I PreferThe Company Of Men." Please join us on Saturday, December 16th at 1:00 PMatthe Stonewall Library & Archives 1717 North Andrews Ave, Ft. Lauderdale, FL(inside the GLCC)


December 08, 2006

Dean calls for new election in disputed congressional race

Associated Press

SARASOTA -- Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean called foranother election in the disputed District 13 congressional race, saying thatthe Democratic-controlled Congress should not seat the declared winner,Republican Vern Buchanan, until it is sorted out.

"You cannot seat someone if you don't have an election that's valid," Deansaid in a taped interview scheduled to air Sunday on Bay News 9, Tampa Bay'scable news channel. The St. Petersburg Times reported the comments in itsThursday editions.

The election has been called into question because of 18,000 blank votes --also called undervotes -- in Sarasota County the race between Buchanan andDemocrat Christine Jennings in the Nov. 7 election.



Ft. Lauderdale

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board

December 8, 2006

Official points finger in wrong direction

City Commissioner Carlton Moore should get a grip. He's way out of line inalleging that the city's police union set him up to be ticketed for drivingon a suspended license. He set himself up by doing exactly that -- sinceJanuary!

Moore thinks the union is out to get him because he has led a public outcryin the minority community against recent shootings by police. He says theunion hired a private investigator to check his background, which revealedthe suspended license. The union denies that, but it seems a moot point.

Moore hasn't helped himself or his cause by tossing grenades at the police.If he wants to avoid traffic tickets, he should avoid breaking the law.


The Florida Times-Union

The Florida Times-Union

December 8, 2006

New governor, speaker are starting on the wrong feet

Webster's defines a populist this way: "a member of a political partyclaiming to represent the common man."

Gov.-elect Charlie Crist says that's what he is, a populist.

Actions speak louder than words.

The price tag for Crist's inaugural celebration in January is running at$2.5 million.

And the usual suspects are footing the bill - lobbyists and big-timeRepublican donors.

For $500,000, you get 12 tickets to the Jan. 2 inaugural ball.

You say you can only afford $25,000? For that you get four tickets to thefour-hour bash.

There will be some tickets for $100 each.

If you are looking for the common man at the ball, they will be the onesserving the hors d'oeuvres and cleaning up any messes that the wealthydonors leave behind.

Now will any of those donors who cough up a half-mill to attend expect anyspecial access to populist Charlie?


Pressure increases on DCF to remove mentally ill from jails
By CHRIS TISCH, Times Staff Writer
Published December 8, 2006

The pressure on the Department of Children and Families to remove mentallyill inmates from county jails continues to mount.

A Miami appeals court ruled Wednesday that the DCF must remove such inmatesfrom Miami-Dade jails immediately.

And on Tuesday, an advocacy group for people with disabilities filed afederal civil rights lawsuit against DCF Secretary Lucy Hadi. The AdvocacyCenter for Persons with Disabilities seeks to force Hadi to remove about 300mentally ill inmates from jails statewide.

The actions come after Pinellas Circuit Judge Crockett Farnell fined Hadi$80,000 and threatened to jail her if her agency didn't remove inmates fromthe Pinellas jail right away.


The Sun-Sentinel,0,7875046.story?coll=sfla-consumer-headlines

Crist seeks big donations for party
Sponsors' names will be public to head off criticism

Jason Garcia and John Kennedy
Tallahassee Bureau

December 8, 2006

TALLAHASSEE · Gov.-elect Charlie Crist, who cast himself as the "people'sgovernor" while campaigning, wants some of Florida's most powerful intereststo help bankroll the first major event of his administration.

Crist is seeking as much as $500,000 each from lobbyists and industries tounderwrite his inauguration event as he prepares for a January specialsession to decide changes to the powerful insurance industry.

But in a move designed to blunt criticism, the incoming governor saidThursday he would begin revealing donors today, after initially saying statelaw allowed him to wait three months before making the names known.

"Through the campaign there was obviously full transparency oncontributions, and we'd like to continue that," said Erin Isaac, Crist'spress secretary.


The Sun-Sentinel,0,6498784.story?coll=sfla-consumer-headlinesGovernor%E2%80%99soffice

Governor's office looks at City Commissioner Carlton Moore's driving record

By Brittany Wallman
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

December 8, 2006

FORT LAUDERDALE · The governor's office is reviewing City CommissionerCarlton Moore's driving record and his behavior during a traffic stop, aspokesman said Thursday.

The governor's office will determine whether further investigation is neededinto Moore's driving with a suspended license and whether he soughtpreferential treatment when a Broward Sheriff's Office deputy cited himSunday.

Moore, 53, was ticketed for knowingly driving on a suspended license. Moorehad known at least since August that his license was no good, recordsindicate.

News of a governor review is the latest in a saga between Moore and policethat began following the fatal Nov. 28 police shooting of a black mansuspected of carjacking and the wounding of another.


The Express Gay News

Hispanic Unity starts distributing condoms at bars
Drop-in center in Wilton Manors offers social outlet for young gay Latinos

Dec. 08, 2006

Hispanic Unity, a nonprofit that offers services for all the state'sHispanic residents, has started a condom-distribution program aimed at younggay Latinos in South Florida.

The group started distributing condoms at local gay bars in the FortLauderdale area about a month ago. So far, it has distributed condoms atChina White, Elements' Noche Latina Fridays and the Alibi, according toRafaele Narvaez, coordinator for Hispanic Unity's Fusion program.


The Express Gay News

Will housing slowdown burst the gay bubble?
Could character of local gay community change with sluggish housing market?

Friday, December 08, 2006

When Eric Ackerman, a gay real estate agent, bought his two-bedroom condo atWilton Station two years ago, it seemed like a solid investment. With 272luxury units spread over 10 acres in the heart of Wilton Manors, the projectlooked poised to become another magnet in a growing city that has attracteda large influx of gay residents and businesses from around the country inrecent years.

But two years later, Ackerman, who works for Altantic PropertiesInternational, wants out of his contract. Furthermore, more than 100 ofthe completed units at Wilton Station are currently vacant because investorsand other buyers are trying to sell or rent units they just purchased ashort time ago, according to at least two local realtors.


The Express Gay News

BSO's community liaison speaks at gay Dems meeting
Sheriff Jenne and Congressman-elect Klein also address group
Friday, December 08, 2006

Adriane Reesey, an openly lesbian community liaison for the Broward CountySheriff's Office, spoke at the Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus WinterConference Dec. 2 at the Galleria DoubleTree Hotel in Fort Lauderdale.

Reesey, who has been with BSO for several years, was just appointedCommunity Involvement Specialist. Her duties will include serving as liaisonto the gay and lesbian and other community groups, including veterans andAfrican Americans, Reesey said. Earlier this week, she was also appointedchairperson of the Broward County Human Rights Board.

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