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FLORIDA DIGEST April 27, 2008

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Angel Award given to Doug White
At the April 1, 2008 Tuesdays Angels Dinner, Doug White, President of SouthFlorida Social Circle, presented a check in the amount of $814 to TuesdaysAngels from the proceeds that South Florida Social Circle raised at ourSound of Music Show in late February. As Doug was thanking everyone fortheir support of Tuesdays Angels, Chuck Nichols, President of TuesdaysAngels surprised Doug White. Chuck presented Doug with an Angel Award and aletter of appreciation for his years of service to Tuesdays Angels inpromoting functions that raised thousands of dollars for the organization.
Doug thanked Chuck for the award, and reminded everyone how importantTuesdays Angels is and to please keep supporting it. You can find moreinformation about Tuesdays Angels by going to:

Steve Rothaus
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