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FLORIDA DIGEST April 28, 2008

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Miami Herald
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State may pass anti-bullying law
Supporters of a bill that would force all Florida school districts to adoptpolicies prohibiting bullying and harassment are hopeful that it willfinally become law this year.

Steve Rothaus
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-Photo gallery - Day 3: Star Jennifer Tilly attends Miami Gay & Lesbian FilmFestival

-Jesse's Journal | Tales from the Gay Outdoors BY JESSE MONTEAGUDO
Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people love camp, in both senses ofthe word. According to CampGayUSA (,there are over a hundred GLBT-owned or GLBT-friendly campgrounds in theUnited States alone. My own State of Florida has two popular gaycampgrounds: the Sawmill Camping Resort in Dade City (
and Camp Mars in Venus ( Most of the time, GLBTcampgrounds were created with little or no controversy. This is not thecase of a camp established on Route 226 near Casar, North Carolina; onewhich bears the provocative name of Camp Lickalotta.

Fort Report
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-Head of DNC points finger at Mich., Fla.
Dean insists he wants their delegations seated, but calls states' primary problems self-inflicted. Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean on Sunday repeated his pledge that delegates from Michigan and Florida should be seated, but he also had tough words for politicians in the two states and signaled no
intention of intervening in the dispute.

-Election Day in Florida May Look Familiar
MIAMI - The League of Women Voters in Florida and its 27 local groups havehelped thousands of residents register to vote over the years.

-On vital issues, legislators fail
Barring a Tallahassee miracle, when the Legislature adjourns Friday it willhave failed in every respect to responsibly address the state's mostpressing issues. It is hard to imagine re-election campaigns based on arecord of imposing painful spending cuts, protecting special interest taxbreaks, forcing universities to cap enrollments and raising local propertytaxes to keep public education limping along. But incumbents will try topaper over the sins of the spring with misleading campaign ads in the fall,and voters should not let them get away with it.

-Parents of murder victim to urge lawmakers to protect gay kids
The parents of Ryan Keith Skipper, the victim of a gay-hate-crime murder inPolk County, will mark what would have been his 27th birthday Monday byjoining others in support of anti-bullying legislation in Tallahassee.,0,1176504.story


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