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NATIONAL & WORLD NEWS April 28, 2008

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New York Times
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-Critics Cost Muslim Educator Her Dream School
Debbie Almontaser dreamed of starting a public school like no other in NewYork City. Children of Arab descent would join students of otherethnicities, learning Arabic together. By graduation, they would be fluentin the language and groomed for the country's elite colleges. They would beready, in Ms. Almontaser's words, to become "ambassadors of peace and hope."

-Hillary Gets No Respect
I normally don't claim to speak for other members of the vast right-wingconspiracy. After all, we're each nefarious in our own, individual way.Indeed, we often disagree with one another.

-Olympic Protests, Then and Now
I was in Red Square one day during the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow whensome poor protester apparently tried to set himself on fire. We neverlearned who he was or what really happened because of the amazing reactionof the authorities, which was caught on film by a tourist.

-Much Ado
In 1952, when McCarthyism was at its height, Supreme Court Justice WilliamO. Douglas labeled the investigative techniques of the junior senator fromWisconsin "guilt by association" (Adler v. Board of Education). Douglasadded that McCarthyite tactics were "repugnant to our society" because,despite the absence of any overt wrongdoing, the pasts of those attackedwere "combed for signs of disloyalty" and for utterances that might be readas "clues to dangerous thoughts."

-Eyes on Blue-Collar Voters, Obama Shifts Style
ANDERSON, Ind. - Senator Barack Obama is making subtle changes to hiscampaign style and message in an effort to strengthen his appeal toblue-collar voters and to avoid a defeat in Indiana that aides fear couldgive Democratic Party leaders further pause about his viability in a generalelection.

-Bush Made Permanent
A look at what John McCain says about taxes shows the same irresponsibilitythat, in 2000, foreshadowed the character of the Bush administration.

-Faltering Economy Plays to a Clinton Strength
FORT WAYNE, Ind. - All politicians talk about jobs, but these days SenatorHillary Rodham Clinton does it with tactile, almost sensuous detail. Shebegan a rally here on Saturday morning with memories of her father'sfabric-printing business, feeling aloud the cloth, the silk screen and thesqueegee he used to create patterns that would decorate strangers' drapes.

Washington Post
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-McCain's Radical Foreign Policy
Amid the din of the dueling Democrats, people seem to have forgotten aboutthat other guy in the presidential race-you know, John McCain. McCain issaid to be benefiting from this politically because his rivals are tearingeach other apart. In fact, few people are paying much attention to what theRepublican nominee is saying, or subjecting it to any serious scrutiny.

-One-Stop Defense Shopping
The Government Accountability Office reported last month on how things aregoing with nearly 100 major U.S. defense systems. Not well, it seems. Theyhave exceeded their original budgets and are, on average, almost two yearsbehind schedule.

-Exonerated Ex-Inmates Struggle to Shed Stigma
CHICAGO -- Tabitha Pollock was asleep when her boyfriend killed her3-year-old daughter. Charged with first-degree murder because prosecutorsbelieved she should have known of the danger, Pollock spent more than sixyears in prison before the Illinois Supreme Court threw out the conviction.

-Reverend's Words Stir Debate on His Creed
Obama's Ex-Pastor To Visit D.C. Forum On Black Church

Miami Herald
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-S. Florida lawmakers losing clout
South Florida lawmakers' voices often go unheard or are at odds with oneanother, leaving the state's largest school districts with little policyclout

Fort Report
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-Texas license plates promote presidential candidates
AUSTIN - Rachel Farris isn't superstitious, but she knew the 666-HXX licenseplates on her Scion tC were a bad omen. When a friend and fellow BarackObama fan told her OBAMA vanity plates were still available in Texas, the24-year-old felt karma shift back her way.

-Bill Vs. Barack
On the Thursday before the Pennsylvania primary, Bill Clinton spoke to acrowd of college students at a gymnasium in Lock Haven. The event wastypical of the stops-forty-seven of them-that the former President had madein the state during the seven weeks leading up to the vote. Lock Haven is asmall town (pop. 9,000), hours away from Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, and thecrowd was modest (half the gym's floor space was empty). Within thecampaign, Clinton's enthusiasm for rustling votes in these remote cornerswas a source of amusement. When I asked what he was doing on Election Day, aClinton campaign adviser said, "I think he's leading a caravan of Wal-Martgreeters to the polls."

-Obama's ex-pastor addresses NAACP
Says he's not being divisive on race
DETROIT - The outspoken former pastor of Barack Obama told an audience of10,000 at an NAACP dinner here yesterday that despite what his critics say,he is not being divisive when he speaks about racial injustices.

-Questions for the candidates
Forget the gossipy stuff. Here are10 topics we'd like to hear thepresidential candidates' views on.
After the Democratic slugfest also known as the Pennsylvania primary, manyvoters can no longer bear to listen to the candidates. Even some who becamepolitical junkies during this historic race have now tuned out the snipingover guns, bitterness, race, religion, geriatric radicals and other trivia.
We pray the next president will not waste a millisecond thinking about manyof the headline topics of the last month. All three candidates shouldchallenge reporters who dwell on gossipy or tangential subjects to askinstead about issues voters care about -- or should. Herewith are 10questions the American people deserve to hear answered,0,506102.story?track=rss

-Democrats antagonize world on trade
BOGOTA, Colombia -- For seven years, Democrats have rightfully complainedthat President Bush has gratuitously antagonized the world, exasperating ourallies and eroding America's influence.


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