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Adriane Reesey
Democratic Candidate for Broward County Supervisor of Elections
invites you to a Fundraiser
Saturday May 17, 2008 At the Long Key Nature Center Davie, Florida
Special guest VIP Janet Reno Former US Attorney General
VIP Social - $250
Reception only- $100
RSVP's Only 954-594-3363
or www.votereesey2008. com
Live performance by Ellen Buckstel, "They lost my vote."

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-What good came out of recent legislative session?
I am writing about the lack of substantial accomplishment of thislegislative session and the amount of time they wasted on unimportantissues.,0,6658704.story

-Democrats' failure to end Iraq war earns Ron Klein a primary challenge
Freshman congressman also facing challenge from Plantation RepublicanHe has little money and next to no political experience, and few voters haveever heard his name.,0,4839662.story

-South Florida pastors defend black liberation theology, saying it aims to
They rejoice in black empowerment. They identify with the poor. Theychallenge the mighty. They speak the truth bluntly.,0,7195581.story

-"Clean hands" ruins Florida bill to compensate wrongly imprisoned
ISSUE: Wrongly imprisoned to get compensation.
Florida's Legislature tried to do the right thing. They just couldn't bringthemselves to do it in the right way.,0,5978135.story

Miami Herald
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-Bills that passed in the Florida Legislature
Legislation that passed in the 2008 regular session of the FloridaLegislature, which ended Friday, would:

Steve Rothaus
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-Gallery | Closing night at the 10th annual Miami/Fort Lauderdale Gay &Lesbian Film Festival Here's are lots of photos I took at Sunday's closingnight gala of the 10th annual Miami/Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian FilmFestival.

Fort Report
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-Florida governor praises budget, while Democrats grimace
As Gov. Charlie Crist praised the Legislature for its "great work" Fridaynight, his own human services secretary, Bob Butterworth, stood a few feetaway and gave a very different critique of the 2008 session.

-Hispanic evangelicals hold potent votes, experts say
For the Rev. Nino Gonzalez, last year's contentious debate over immigrationreform was a rude awakening -- one that has propelled him into the politicalarena.,0,6937724.story


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