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Dear Supporters,
After reading the following update on the new "GLCC Campus", please see the
"How You Can Help!" section at the end of this message.
Warm Regards,
Paul Hyman
Executive Director
"The Campus"
GLCC is under contract to purchase the property at 2040 North Dixie Highwayin Wilton Manors, Florida. The property, centrally located in the heart ofWilton Manors is ideal for GLCC's target population and our broadercommunity. The Campus features more than five acres of waterfront land and35,000 square feet of useable interior space, much of which is in remarkablyrenovated condition. The Campus will become home to a variety forganizations serving our LGBT community. Site plans include a communitytheater, meeting hall, memorial waterfront gardens, group meeting rooms andoffice space for individual groups . . . all supported by diversifiedrevenue streams. The Campus will bring together a diverse variety ofnon-profit, community organizations that serve the LGBT community. Synergycreated by the presence of various organizations, will strengthen ourcommunity and move us together towards a bright and vibrant future!

Based on an initial asking price over $6 million, GLCC is now under contractfor The ampus at a final price below $4.9 million. GLCC will investapproximately $1.2 illion into the purchase from the past sale of itsexisting site. The target for emaining liquid resources after scheduledclosing is over $500,000. GLCC also now holds clear title to land on NorthAndrews Avenue, across from the current facility, with an estimated value of$750,000. The GLCC Campus Capital Campaign is designed to educe principalon the financed portion of this purchase in five years or less. The 'quiet'phase of our capital campaign begins imminently. Meanwhile, to atisfymonthly mortgage payments, letters of intent have been obtained from severalprospective tenants for up to 20,000 square feet, generating sufficientmonthly revenues. There is significant demand on record, to lease additionalspace on The Campus.

How You Can Help!
A highly respected local lender is reviewing the GLCC's loan application forThe Campus very soon! To support the favorable loan approval for TheCampus: Prior to 5:00pm tomorrow (Thursday) please send an email message toPaul Hyman, Executive Director at Please cut, paste,modify the following language-- as you see fit.

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-Broward County reports downturn in average daily traffic
Population is down. The housing market's in the tank. Gasoline prices have soared to record highs.,0,5651345.story

-Florida's two-state suggestion
A new standard in cockamamie ideas
The city of North Lauderdale late last month passed a resolution urging thatFlorida be divided into two states. On Wednesday, the Margate CityCommission took up the same issue.,0,2635643.story

-Florida can get energized about this new climate-control legislation
ISSUE: Legislature passes strong energy bill.
Gov. Charlie Crist came out a winner with a number of key victories thislegislative session. But it's the sweeping energy bill passed unanimously byboth chambers last month that may help form his most lasting legacy.,0,1161711.story

Safe Schools South Florida Holds 10th Annual Gay Youth Conference
Safe Schools South Florida (Formerly GLSEN South Florida) held its 10thannual Miami-Dade Diversity Day and Student Empowerment Conference for gay,lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) students and their straight allieson Friday, May 2 at the Miami Beach Convention Center followed by an alfresco lunch of pizza and soda at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. "Thiswas awesome," said one of the students between bites of pizza. "I neverknew there were so many of us." Almost 400 students from more than 20schools participated in five hours of group activities and esteem-buildingexercises under the leadership of Safe Schools South Florida staff andvolunteers.
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The GLCC is proud to sponsor the 1st Annual Buzz Multimedia LifetimeAchievement Awards and Buzz TV Premier Party at the Broward Center for thePerforming Arts. GLCC supporters are invited to attend the free event onMonday, May 12th, 2008. Doors/Bar open at 6:30pm. The show and awardsceremony begin at 7:30pm. The $20 open bar VIP Party will take placeafterwards. Attendees must RSVP to

-Job Opportunity!
Broward County Health Department AIDS Program Office
VACANCY - Special Projects Coordinator (target community - Transgender)Req #: 64004088-51358935-20080421151717
NOTE: Please log on to PeopleFirst (website above) and search under BrowardCounty, enter or look for the Req # listed.

Miami Herald
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-CAMPAIGN 2008 | DEMOCRATS: Counting Florida's votes won't closeClinton-Obama gap
Hillary Clinton is still fighting for Florida's votes, but there aren'tenough to help her overtake Barack Obama, who has gained a new Democratically in the state.

Fort Report
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-Accepting Fla. vote could boost Obama
Here's a way for Barack Obama to nudge Hillary Rodham Clinton out of therace: Step up and join her call to count the votes of 1.75-million FloridaDemocrats.

-Florida can lead the way in finding alternatives to corn in ethanol
President George W. Bush and Congress zoomed ahead on biofuels in lastyear's energy law. It's time to ease up on the throttle.,0,2631682.story


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