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Miami Herald
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-FAMILY ISSUES: Move over, Mom! Parenting coaches step in
Barbara Byrne's South Florida clients are tired. They're tired of powerstruggles, whining, tantrums, biting, being ignored, being late out the doorin the morning and -- this is a big one -- not getting enough sleep.

Broward public defender candidate arrested on drug charge
A Broward County candidate for Broward County public defender was arrestedon a drug charge earlier this month in North Florida, according to staterecords.

From Florida Red and Blue
Just a friendly reminder about an exciting opportunity coming up thisweekend in Fort Lauderdale ! Florida Red and Blue has partnered with theHuman Rights Campaign and a number of other organizations to sponsor CampEquality T -- a weekend-long training session to develop and hone criticalcampaign skills - in Ft. Lauderdale on May 10-11*. Whether you are justgetting involved in the electoral process or are a campaign professional,Camp EqualityTM can help you learn how to become more effective atadvocating for your causes and your candidates. We will offer two trainingtracks:
Fundamentals Track: Designed to give you the step by step fundamentalsnecessary to be successful at the grassroots level. Topics will include:
planning, recruitment, volunteer coordinating, event fundraising, earnedmedia, and creating a local activist plan. You will learn the basic skillsthat are essential to putting your issue campaign or local committee in thebest position to win.
Advanced Track: For our more seasoned activist or campaign professionals.
This track offers the fundamentals of political campaign management. Duringyour sessions you will learn advanced techniques of fundraising, fieldorganizing, media relations, volunteer coordination, targeting, candidaterelations, and the latest campaign technology.
Registration for Camp EqualityTM is $50 and includes a one-year HRCmembership. Help make this the Year to Win by registering for CampEqualityTM today. * Don't worry about having to cancel your Mother's Dayplans, Camp EqualityTM will be over at 3 p.m. on Sunday! =

Express Gay News
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-Concert celebrates heroes
Pride Wind Ensemble takes stage for Spring concert

-Gay bills meet measured progress
GLBT advocates praise anti-bullying bill, but say other gay friendly billshave a long way to go

-Shooting rattles young black GLBT scene
Shanesha "Bo-Legg" Conaway is remembered as a peacemaker

-Victims of crime often blamed for their own attacks
New editor examines why after tragedy, there is humiliation


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