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GLBT DIGEST - June 24, 2008

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-Photo gallery | Gay art exhibit opens at World Erotic Art Museum in SouthBeach
GAY ART: FROM ANCIENT TO MODERN is an extended exhibit through Sunday, July27, at the World Erotic Art Museum, 1205 Washington Ave. An openingreception was held Monday, June 23. Here are some pictures from the event.

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-Mormon Church Joins Calif. Anti-Gay Marriage Fight
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is asking California membersto join the effort to amend that state's constitution to define marriage asbeing between a man and a woman.

-Moscow Gays Sue Russian President
(Moscow) Moscow Gay Pride organizers filed a lawsuit Monday against RussianPresident Dmitry Medvedev accusing him of ignoring pleas to intervene in alongstanding dispute with the city over Moscow's ban on the event.

-Israel Court Refuses To Ban Gay Pride
(Jerusalem) Israel's Supreme Court refused Monday to issue an injunctionbarring gays from holding a pride march in Jerusalem this Thursday.

-GOP Frets Barr Could Play Spoiler In Presidential Race
A fiery former GOP congressman who gained national prominence for doggedlypursuing impeachment of President Clinton has some Republicans worried he'llplay spoiler in a tight presidential contest.

-Va Says Bride Wasn't What She Seemed
The couple walked into a Norfolk courthouse on a spring day, exchanged a fewwords, and within 10 minutes, were seemingly husband and wife.

-Pittsburgh Mayor Signs Partner Registry Law
Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl used the city's gay pride festival to signinto law legislation creating a partner registry for people living togetherin committed relationships.

-Military Gay Ban Targeting Lesbians More Then Gay Men
Statistics collected by the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network suggestthat the military may be targeting lesbians more than gay men under "Don'tAsk, Don't Tell.

-Haggard Back In Colorado Springs
The evangelist forced out of his job after being caught up in a sex scandalinvolving a male prostitute has left a "spiritual restoration program" andno longer has any ties to the megachurch he founded, the congregation's newpastor says.

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-Mom accepts transgender Manchester tween
In the first grade, 6-year-old Nicholas stood up one day and told histeacher he had something important to say. Not just to her. But to thewhole class.

-Boy George denied a visa?
Boy George, who was about to make his comeback playing all of his hits on aU.S. tour, has been denied a visa, he told Paper Magazine. "I'm prettydevastated because I am so excited about this forthcoming tour and having myvisa application denied seems unfair after I swept the streets of New Yorkspotless. There are a number of public figures who are openly using drugsand they have no problem with immigration and I have seriously turned mylife around and I feel great right now and this is just another reminder ofhow bad things were. I committed a crime and I happily paid the consequencesand I should be allowed to move on and get on with what I do best and thatis performing and making people people dance and cry!" The Blade's hometownmusic venue, the 9:30 Club, has a date scheduled for the former Culture Clubfrontman. But this was news to them as well! We're still waiting forconfirmation as to whether the date's been cancelled for sure.


-No Letup in Demand for
Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
The demand for marriage licenses in Orange County has stayed far higher thanusual in recent days as gay and lesbian couples exercised their newly wonright to wed. California became only the second state in the country toallow same-sex marriage on Tuesday. As expected, that day saw a jump in thenumber of couples applying for marriage licenses in Orange County. But thenumbers have stayed high throughout the week. In fact, the county issuedmore marriage licenses on Thursday and Friday than it did amid all thecelebrations, media attention and wedding cake of Tuesday.

-What's in a Name
June has been a fruitful month for The Transgender Legal Defense andEducation Fund (TLDEF), a New York-based organization dedicated to defendingtransgender rights. Around 300 people attended their second-annualTransgender Health Fair; they raised more than $25,000 at their thirdanniversary fundraiser; and then they won a settlement in Khadijah Farmer'slawsuit against Caliente Cab Mexican Café.

-No skipping gay-friendly classes, schools tell parents
Catholic group says parents must have the right to pull kids out of classesThe Vancouver board of education says it plans to enforce a ministry policythat prevents parents from pulling students out of classes that deal withalternative sexuality.

-HIV positive man had unsafe sex at gay romp: court
An HIV positive man had unprotected sex at a gay sex venue without tellingpeople he had the virus, a court has heard today. The Victorian CountyCourt heard Michael Neal, 49, of the Melbourne suburb of Coburg, wasrepeatedly advised by Victoria's health authority of his obligation topractise safe sex and tell his partners of his HIV status.


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