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New York Times
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-Complex Ties Lead Ally Not to Condemn Mugabe
South Africa's president, Thabo Mbeki, is convinced that that he can resolvethe Zimbabwe crisis through patient negotiations with Robert Mugabe.

-News Analysis: A Diplomatic Success That Defies the Critics
North Korea's declaration of its nuclear activities is a triumph of the sortof diplomacy - complicated, plodding, often frustrating - that PresidentBush and his aides once eschewed as American weakness.

-Lock and Load
The Supreme Court's ruling on gun rights is a decision that will causeimmeasurable pain and suffering and turn America into a more dangerouscountry.

-Fuels on the Hill
Why are politicians so eager to pin the blame for oil prices on speculators?Because it lets them believe that we don't have to adapt to a world ofexpensive gas.

-DDT on Ice
The effects of climate change are being felt far more strongly at the polesthan elsewhere on the planet, and the lasting scars of human negligence areshowing.

-Op-Ed Contributor: Your Brain Lies to You
FALSE beliefs are everywhere. Eighteen percent of Americans think the sunrevolves around the earth, one poll has found. Thus it seems slightly lessegregious that, according to another poll, 10 percent of us think thatSenator Barack Obama, a Christian, is instead a Muslim. The Obama campaignhas created a Web site to dispel misinformation. But this effort may be moredifficult than it seems, thanks to the quirky way in which our brains storememories - and mislead us along the way.

-Landmark Ruling Enshrines Right to Own Guns
The Supreme Court on Thursday embraced the long-disputed view that theSecond Amendment protects an individual right to own a gun for personal use,ruling 5 to 4 that there is a constitutional right to keep a loaded handgunat home for self-defense.

-Supreme Court Strikes Down 'Millionaire's Amendment.'
The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a law meant to level the financialplaying field when rich candidates pay for their own political campaigns.

-Government Seeks Dismissal of End-of-World Suit Against Collider
Calling its claims "overly speculative and not credible," and saying that itis too late anyway, lawyers for the federal government argued this week thata so-called "doomsday suit" intended to prevent the startup of a the world'smost powerful particle accelerator should be thrown out of court. When itbegins operations, the collider will smash together subatomic particles atthe speed of light in search of new forms of matter and new laws of physics.

Washington Post
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-A Tactical Leap of Faith
The latest findings of the Pew Forum's massive and indispensable U.S.
Religious Landscape Survey reveal some intriguing confusion among Americanson cosmic issues. About 13 percent of evangelicals, it turns out, don'tbelieve in a personal God, leading to a shameful waste of golf time onSunday mornings. And 9 percent of atheists report that they are skeptical ofevolution. Are there atheist creationists?

-The D.C. Handgun Ruling
Originalism Goes Out the Window
In knocking down the District's 32-year-old ban on handgun possession, theconservatives on the Supreme Court have again shown their willingness toabandon precedent in order to do whatever is necessary to further the agendaof the contemporary political right.

-D.C. Views Shaped by A History Of Violence
Gun control, for many D.C. residents, has always been more personal thanideological, regardless of where they stand on the issue. Take MauriceBenton, who hates yesterday's Supreme Court decision, and Sandra Seegars,who loves it. Each lives in a Southeast Washington community -- he in BarryFarm, she in Congress Park -- where it's difficult to find someone whodoesn't know someone who has been shot or robbed at gunpoint.

-Mormons Distance Themselves From Polygamist Groups
As authorities have investigated a polygamist sect in Texas, Mormon churchleaders in Salt Lake City have largely stayed on the sidelines, weighing aresponse.

-NYC urges docs to do routine HIV testing on adults
Health officials are trying to persuade doctors to offer HIV tests to nearlyevery patient in a New York City community hit harder than most by AIDS. Under a new program announced Thursday, officials have set an ambitious goalof testing a quarter million adults in the Bronx, one of five boroughs thatmake up New York City, within three years.

-Today on the presidential campaign trail
Former rivals Obama, Clinton take first public step toward reconciliation... Michelle Obama says husband will fight for gay equality ... Democraticdelegate who said she'd vote for McCain tries to keep convention credentials

Miami Herald
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-Right politics needed for job at Justice
At a time when politicians divide the country into red states vs. bluestates, it is disappointing to see vestiges of those partisan themes in thehiring practices at the U.S. Department of Justice. It is of equal comfortto note, however, that many in the Justice Department abhor the practice --and have taken steps to expose and stop it.

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-Astounding photos of the Space Station
If you want to feel like you are in space check these pictures out. Theyare amazing! After you open the link be sure and hit the F11 button, itmakes the pictures high def.!

Fort Report
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-A new world for America's next president
Whoever moves into the Oval Office in January 2009 will have to deal with asignificantly different global economy from the one George W. Bush inheritedjust eight years earlier - and will need to forge a very different set ofpolicies to address it. The most dramatic changes are that the emergingeconomies - most notably Brazil, Russia, India and China (the Brics) and thebig oil exporters - now play a far greater role in the world economy thanthey did then, and that the US is now a great deal more dependent on theirfinancial decisions, economic policies, capital and markets.,Authorised=false.html?

-Obama's profound impact on the future
MANY HAVE OPINED about what Sen. Barack Obama's phenomenal win in theDemocratic presidential primary and his possible ascension to the presidencymean to this nation. Just the elementary historical facts are powerfulenough: There has never been a black president. An African-American hadnever come close to winning a major-party nomination. None had been part ofa majority-party ticket.

-Obama's Supreme Move to the Center
When the Supreme Court issues rulings on hot-button issues like gun controland the death penalty in the middle of a presidential campaign, Republicanscould be excused for thinking they'll have the perfect opportunity to painttheir Democratic opponent as an out-of-touch social liberal. But whileBarack Obama may be ranked as one of the Senate's most liberal members, hisreactions to this week's controversial court decisions showed yet again howhe is carefully moving to the center ahead of the fall campaign.,8599,1818334,00.html

-Poll: Most Clinton supporters back Obama
Barack Obama has won over more than half of Hillary Rodham Clinton's formersupporters, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll that findsparty loyalty trumping hard feelings less than three weeks after theirbruising Democratic presidential contest ended.

-Senate Republicans unveil drilling bill
Just in time to face irate voters back home during their Independence Dayrecess, Senate Republicans on Thursday introduced a wide-ranging billdesigned to open most of the U.S. coast to oil and natural gas drilling.


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