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FLORIDA DIGEST - July 11, 2008

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-Weston: Cypress Bay High student one of 27 to get scholarship
A Cypress Bay High School graduate was one of 27 students nationwide toreceive a Point Foundation scholarship. The awards go to lesbian, gay,bisexual and transgender students for their academic and communityachievements. Diego Arango graduated from the school in Weston last monthand is headed to Columbia University in New York, where he plans to studyeconomics and political science.,0,1986942.story

-Broward County: Library's online directory lists multi-ethnic resources
The Broward County Library System has released an online directory onmulti-ethnic resources in the area The directory includes civic andpolitical organizations, cultural groups, educational organizations, gay andlesbian groups, media contacts and religious organizations. It also includesa listing of festivals and other cultural celebrations.,0,3559809.story

-Naugle: A "responsible homosexual'' could win mayor's job
Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle spoke about the two gay mayoral candidatesthis morning on the radio. He said he thinks a "responsible homosexual''could win the post. He defined that as one who rejects the idea that it's OKto take over public parks for gay sex, and who would "do something about theAIDS crisis here, recognizing promiscuous activity has a heavy cost on lifeand dollars.'' Asked on 850 WFTL how he feels about being remembered forhis comments about gays, he said he was proud of a legacy against politicalcorrectness.

-Police Scrutinize Miramar Murder Victim's Online Dating Account
Investigators are scrutinizing a murder victim's online dating account inhopes of finding his killer, according to a search warrant made publicWednesday. Michael Green, 52, was found slain inside his house in the 3100block of Southwest 65th Avenue on June 21. Police said they went there afterGreen's mother had a friend go check on him. The friend and police foundGreen brutally murdered.,0,7931326.story


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-Broward and Palm Beach schools deserve kudos
ISSUE: Broward and Palm Beach schools earn A's and B's. Instead of singingthe blues over low achievement, most public schools in Broward and PalmBeach counties are rejoicing. That's because many of the schools in bothcounties aced the state's student progress report.,0,4594940.story

-New state Dems communications chief hails from Broward
Eric Jotkoff, the new communications director for the Florida DemocraticParty, has plenty of campaign experience, including Hillary Clinton'spresidential campaign, Rod Smith's 2006 gubernatorial campaign and U.S. Rep.Tim Mahoney's 2006 campaign. Jotkoff is a Broward native with family stillliving locally (though his parents recently moved to Melbourne). He's a 2001graduate of American Heritage High School in Plantation.

Express Gay News
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-Gay chorus extravaganza
GALA features Broadway stars, comedians
Miami boasts one of the most diverse musical scenes in the country-from theclub beats of South Beach and the Latin salsa of Little Havana to the reggaeand creole rhythms found in Jamaican and Haitian neighborhoods. But nextweek, a different kind of harmony will fill the air in downtown Miami.

-Stonewall imposter remains at large
As much as $4000 remains missing
Volunteers of the Stonewall Street Festival submitted to investigators aphotograph they believe to be of the man who allegedly robbed several drinkbooths at the festival, June 21, by posing as a volunteer.

-Mona's raises funds for Poverello food bank
Nearly $6000 raised to meet nutritional needs of people with HIV and AIDS
The 10th annual July 4th Poverello food bank benefit at Mona's in FortLauderdale raised upwards of $6,000 to help meet the nutritional needs ofpeople living with HIV and AIDS. The fundraiser was in honor of Pizza HutDave, a long-time Mona's customer who passed away several years ago. Victoria Michaels, a mainstay at The Boardwalk, provided the entertainmentfor the cookout on the patio.

-Fort Lauderdale teams get ready to swing in Seattle
Softball World Series takes place in late August
Six Fort Lauderdale teams are taking it to the West coast to compete in the32nd Annual Gay Softball World Series. Alibi C-5 will compete in A Division,Bill's Raptors and Scandals Maulers will play in B Division, Rosie's BlueIce and Sidelines Cyclones earned their spots in the C Division, and PaladinKnights will compete in D Division. The tournament runs the last week ofAugust, and will determine the champs in the four divisions of the NorthAmerican Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA) - Open Division. Details canbe found at

Miami Herald
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-Disney's gun stance draws fire
Walt Disney World said its employees are exempt from a new National RifleAssociation-backed law that lets workers keep guns in their cars.

-Florida's sugar town deserves extra hand
Many small and not-so-small American towns have suffered hugely when theirmajor employers shut down. So will Clewiston and the surrounding areas inHendry County when the state buy-out of U. S. Sugar is completed in sixyears. [...] Clewiston is a town of 6,500 people on the southwest rim ofLake Okeechobee. It has been a company town from birth in the 1920s, servingU. .S. Sugar and other farming interests. It is the major town in HendryCounty, population 40,000. U. S. Sugar's 1,700 jobs make it Hendry's largestemployer; the next largest has 250.

-POLITICS: Campbell quits state Senate race
Putting to rest weeks of speculation, former Democratic state Sen. Walter''Skip'' Campbell announced Thursday that he's giving up his high-profilecampaign to unseat the incoming Senate president. Campbell said last monthhe was thinking of quitting the race against Republican Sen. Jeff Atwater ofNorth Palm Beach. Thursday, he said he planned to send a letter to theFlorida Department of State Friday, notifying the elections division of hisdecision to withdraw.

-Florida high court OK's some porn for sex offenders
A sex-offender case from Miami prompted a Florida Supreme Court ruling thatallows offenders on probation to possess certain pornography.

Palm Beach Post
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-Is Allstate Worst The Worst Insurer in America?
The trade group for trial lawyers, the American Association for Justice,named Allstate as the worst insurance company in America in a study releasedtoday. The designation is not surprising, given the ongoing war between theinsurer and trial lawyers over auto insurance accident claims.

-Ladies, here's an engaging opportunity
Dear potential applicant:
Thank you for your interest in SCRAMBLE - Saving Charlie's Run At McCain ByLooking Engaged. As you may have heard, the position as Florida Gov.Charlie Crist's bride-to-be has been recently filled. While this is goodnews, now is not the time for complacency.

-Crist's engagement boosts VP chances, image, analysts say
As a bachelor, Gov. Charlie Crist has deftly navigated the complicatedpolitics of Florida's diverse electorate. [...] "If he's serious aboutbeing a candidate, he needs to get married," said Republican operative RogerStone, who worked on the presidential campaigns of Ronald Reagan and GeorgeH.W. Bush. "Politics runs on rumors and innuendo, and questions aboutbachelorhood persist. Getting engaged takes that off the table." Experts saythat while it can be difficult for politicians to keep a spouse, having awife or husband helps voters relate to a candidate and blunts rumors aboutsexuality that often follow single officials, including Crist.

Scott Newton - Candidate for Florida State Representative - District 92

-Wilton Manors, July 8, 2008- The Broward County Medical Association (BCMA)endorsed Wilton Manors Mayor Scott Newton this week in his race for StateRepresentative in District 92. Since 1926, the BCMA has promoted andpreserved the highest standards of medical care and ethical principalswithin the medical profession. Upon receiving the BCMA's endorsement, MayorNewton said "I am honored to be supported by our community's physicians whoeach day care for our most sick and vulnerable. I look forward to working onissues to secure access to healthcare of the highest quality,and to maintainthe integrity of medical practice for the citizens of Broward County.

-Wilton Manors, July 8, 2008- The Broward Police Benevolent Association
(PBA) endorsed Mayor Scott Newton in his race for State Representative inDistrict 92 this week. Since 1972, the Broward PBA has protected andadvocated on behalf of sworn law enforcement officers and civilianemployees.

Fort Report
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-Floridians Should Not Be Panicked Into Sacrificing Their Coast
Big oil interests are using big lies to promote oil drilling off Florida'scoast. Trying to capitalize on the public's dismay over high gas prices, thedrill-everywhere crowd is misleading citizens about the likely consequences. Drilling, they say, represents no threat. Keep the rigs out of sight - 12miles or so - and you will never know they are there. The drills are so safethey even endured Hurricanes Katrina and Rita without a drop of oil reachingshore.


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