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FLORIDA DIGEST - July 12, 2008

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-Funds sliced for HIV youth program in South Florida
A small, one-of-a-kind South Florida program that aims to empower youngpeople infected with the AIDS virus and reduce the stigma surrounding thedisease is losing a large chunk of its funding, putting its currentoperations in danger.,0,1952655.story

-Weston: Cypress Bay High student one of 27 to get scholarship
A Cypress Bay High School graduate was one of 27 students nationwide toreceive a Point Foundation scholarship. The awards go to lesbian, gay,bisexual and transgender students for their academic and communityachievements. Diego Arango graduated from the school in Weston last monthand is headed to Columbia University in New York, where he plans to studyeconomics and political science. At Cypress Bay, Arango was a member of theYouth Leadership Broward Foundation, secretary for the local Best Buddieschapter and a community liaison for the National Honor Society. The PointFoundation provides a $13,200 scholarship, leadership training and mentoringto undergraduate and graduate students who are marginalized because of theirsexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression, according tothe organization.,0,1986942.story

Steve Rothaus
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- Gay mayoral candidate says he'll deliver a fruitcake to Naugle
Mayoral Candidate Earl Rynerson ( today requested thatMayor Naugle justify his claims about rampant gay sex in public parks. "Icontacted our City's Police Department yesterday after Naugle's most recenttirade about this issue. I asked them to provide me statistics that provewhat Naugle is speaking about. They stated that the Fort Lauderdale PoliceDepartment has no information, statistics or data that can substantiate whatthe Mayor is saying." "I pushed them to try to find some numbers that couldpoint to the frequency of this type of activity. After two hours ofsearching, they could only "conclusively identify10 reports of homosexualmen having sexual relations in public during the 2006-2007 timeframe".Interestingly enough, however, was the fact that they could also identify12-15 cases of heterosexual men having sexual relations with women inpublic."


-GLCC supporters are encouraged to dial into WFTL Radio (877-850-8585) onMonday morning, July 14th between 8:45am and 9:25am. Fort Lauderdale MayorJim Naugle will be interviewed on the air and is scheduled to answerquestions. Callers are encouraged to ask questions about Mayor Naugle'shomophobic statements and positions on issues. The LGBT community and oursupporters have an opportunity to make an intelligent and favorableimpression, during Mayor Naugle's scheduled air time.
Thank you,
Paul Hyman
Executive Director

-Ft. Lauderdale - BINGO!!!
Tonight: Just a reminder:
Please come join AVER this Saturday,July 11th, At 7:00 p.m. AT The GLCC ForBINGO! A Great Time is sure to be had by All. Our own Marc Hansen Will BeCalling The Numbers . An Evening Of Fun for only $15.We hope to see YouThere!

Equality Florida Action PAC Endorses Mark Lafontaine, Fl House ofRepresentatives, Dist. 92
This year, we have a chance to do something that has never been done inFlorida. We can elect Florida's first openly-gay state legislator. Nomatter where you live, this race is crucial. Florida is the largest statein the nation that has never elected an openly LGBT legislator. States asdiverse as Alabama, Utah, and North Carolina have all achieved thismilestone - and now it's our turn. Mark can win. This race will be veryclose, and your support, at any level, will make a huge difference. Mark iscurrently leading his two primary opponents in fundraising, but only by arazor thin margin. Because there is no Republican candidate, the winner ofthe August 26th primary will win the General Election. For all thesereasons, Equality Florida Action PAC has targeted this race as one of ourtop priorities for 2008. Mark is a resident of Broward County and a longtimecommunity activist. In addition to Equality Florida, Mark has been endorsedby the Florida AFL-CIO; Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund; and US Rep. BarneyFrank. Please help Mark make history in Florida. Donate now.

Reception Tonight - Heavenly Visions
James Schot Gallery - 7-10PM
2800 N. Federal Highway Fort lauderdale
Directly across from Best Buy
Warmest Regards, Bubba


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-Lightning strikes are random, but you can protect yourself and your home
Don't tell Raymond Lakhan that lightning never strikes twice in the sameplace. The attic of Lakhan's Coconut Creek home has been hit by lightningtwice in the past six years, most recently in June 2006, causing about$24,000 in damage. He's hoping Bolt No. 3 isn't out there with his addresson it.,0,1417935.story

-Calculate gas prices to cities nationwide,0,6439205.htmlstory

-Plans afoot for eco-friendly village at Everglades National Park
Plans are afoot for an eco-friendly village in Everglades sanctuaryWhen Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma and an 8-foot storm surge wiped out thevenerable Flamingo Lodge in Everglades National Park in 2005, the lossincluded more than an Eisenhower-era motel in dire need of remodeling.,0,852285.story

-Airport traffic rises in Fort Lauderdale, falls at Palm Beach International
Passenger traffic at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airportincreased 6.4 percent in May compared to the same month last year, whiletraffic at Palm Beach International Airport dropped 11.53 percent, accordingto monthly airport traffic reports,0,2119313.story

-John U. Lloyd Beach State Park to be featured on Good Morning America
John U. Lloyd to be featured on ABC show
John U. Lloyd Beach State Park will be awash in publicity on Sunday. Thepark, chosen as a finalist in Good Morning America's "Weekend WindowChallenge" is scheduled to be featured on the ABC morning show between 8:30and 9 a.m.,0,4074044.story

-Miccosukee Tribe wants reservoir completed in Palm Beach County
The Miccosukee Tribe on Friday called for a federal judge to force SouthFlorida water managers to finish building a massive reservoir intended forEverglades restoration. The tribe contends that the state's $1.75 billionbid to buy out U.S. Sugar derailed the long-promised reservoir in westernPalm Beach County, violating an agreement to corral and clean up pollutedwater headed to the Everglades.,0,2557403.story

-Death at South Florida police station raises questions
ISSUE: Woman is killed at Plantation police station parking lot. Somethinginexplicable and tragic happened the day Olidia Kerr Day was gunned down inthe parking lot of a Plantation police station. The stunning turn of eventsis one that should prompt all police agencies across South Florida toexamine the way they handle distress calls.,0,1828614.story

Miami Herald
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-End-game nears for Guantánamo process
Clearly, the Bush administration hoped it would never come to this, but aday of reckoning over detainees in Guantánamo is approaching quickly.Lawyers for the Justice Department appeared in a Washington federalcourtroom on Tuesday to argue for yet another delay in deciding how to dealwith most of the 270 individuals who remain confined at the island prison,only to be rebuffed by a stern judge. ''The time has come to move theseforward,'' Judge Thomas F. Hogan told the lawyers. ``Set aside every othercase.''

-More men seeking refuge from abuse at home
While South Florida agencies that provide a safe haven from domesticviolence primarily serve women, they are seeing more men trying to escapeabusive relationships. When Broward County's only certified domesticviolence shelter, Women in Distress, opened in 1974, its sole purpose was tooffer beds to women. Now, shelter leaders say they see up to 15 men a yearwho need a safe place from domestic violence.

Tonight! Art Show to benefit Grateful Paws Rescue
Saturday Evening the readers of "Ray's List" are all invited to attend theopening reception of an art show called "MEOW!!"
Art Expressions Art Gallery
1438 NE 26th Street
Wilton Manors, FL
7 to 10 pm.
The host of the opening night is cat, named Paloma!! Twenty-three artistsare taking part showing paintings, photographs, and various 'mixed media'works that celebrate the cat. Amongst the artists taking part of particularinterest to "Ray's List" readers are Julio Green, Timothy Leistner,Francisco Sheuat and Paul Harris. Part of the proceeds of the sale fromthe show will be going to the cat charity "Grateful Paws Rescue" that savedPaloma thus allowing the gallery's owners Francisco Sheuat and Ric Antey toadopt her.

Fort Report
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-State Comforts Sexual Assault Victims
Victims of sexual assault shouldn't have to worry about their identitiesbeing exposed or not being able to take a few days off work to seek help.But nothing should be taken to chance. Which is why the Florida Legislatureand Gov. Charlie Crist were right to enact new state laws designed toprotect victims of this brutal crime.

-Gun safety classes have no place among high school physical educationoptions
New laws requiring students to take more physical education classes inpublic schools are a pet project for fitness buff Gov. Charlie Crist who haspushed the Legislature to beef up requirements over the past two years.


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