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FLORIDA DIGEST - October 28, 2008

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Steve Rothaus
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-A Letter to the Editor from Zeke Fread, director of Pride Tampa Bay:
Educating Voters About Amendment 2
I proudly serve on the VoteNoOn2 Campaign Steering Committee for Tampa Bay. I also volunteer at the polls, for phone banking, speaking engagements and never leave my home without wearing a VoteNoO2 T-Shirt. I can attest to the fact, the majority of Floridians do not understand the vague and ambivalent language of Amendment 2. I see this on a daily basis, as people approach me at the supermarket, drug store or on the street and ask what exactly what does Amendment 2 mean. The same applies to voters I encounter at early voting polls and those I speak with on the phone. When I explain Florida has three existing laws and 1997 Defense of Marriage Act, that same-gender marriage is and remain illegal in the state, whether the Amendment 2 passes or fails. They all ask the same question, "then why do we need to add this to our constriction." Sadly I find many are simply blindly following their churches edict to yes vote on Amendment 2, without questioning why.

From Dolphin Democrats
We need all Dolphins and our allies, to help us during this last push this week.
We will be phone banking tonight, October 27th, 2008. We will be calling for Wilton Manors AFL-CIO endorsed candidates. On Wednesday October 29th 2008, we will be calling with Fairness For All, in opposition of Amendment 2. On Thursday October 30th 2008, we will be calling in support of Ron Klein, Linda Bird and Chris Chiari. Please plan on helping us, make a difference.
Who: Dolphin Democrats
Where: GLBT GOTV Center 954-630-VOTE
When: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday - 6pm To 9pm
We will provide the Pizza and the beverages.
GOTV Center in Wilton Manors (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

From Anthony Niedwiecki for Oakland Park City Commission Campaign
-Come join me, Anthony Niedwiecki, for food, drinks and friends at our "Open House for an Open Door Commissioner" Event! This is an event where I will open my home to my friends, fellow residents, and supporters to celebrate the open door policy I will always have as a comissioner for Oakland Park!
The Home of Anthony Niedwiecki & Waymon Hudson
Friday, November 7th, 2008 - 6:00 PM - 8:00PM
5280 NE 1st Terrace
Oakland Park, Forida 33334
(suggested campaign donation of $20 to $250)
RSVP at 954-319-5249 or email Anthony@anthony09.com

From Gary Resnick for Wilton Manors Mayor Campaign
Gary was first elected to the Wilton Manors City Commission in 1998 and was re-elected handily in 2002 and 2006. "I am honored to have so much community support for my campaign for Mayor of Wilton Manors. My grassroots campaign is focusing on walking door to door and listening to the residents of Wilton Manors. It is about putting WILTON MANORS FIRST," commented Resnick.
Contact: GaryResnick@aol.com

From Scott Newton for Wilton Manors Mayor Campaign
-November 4 th is approaching us finally. We are in need of volunteers to work the Polls on Election Day. I realize everyone is busy, but if you could give of your time for just an hour or 2 that would be great. We expect a large turnout and would like the "Newton" name to be very visible at the polls. Typically the mornings and afternoon hours tend to be the busiest, but I would like to have at least 1 person at each poll during the whole day. Please email Cindy @ csssp@aol.com tell me where and when you can work or call me at 754-224-8875 . We will make sure you get a shirt if you don't have one and I will have signs at the polls. We are also getting a group together to walk this Saturday.We plan to meet around 9:30 and will walk the city. If you are available for a few hours let me know and I will get back to you with details. We would also like to do a blast of yard signs. So, if you know anyone who doesn't have a sign , ask if they will put one up for this last week. We couldn't do this with out all of your support.
Cindy - Scotauto1@aol.com

From Earl Ryerson for Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Campaign
-Fort Lauderdale Mayoral Candidate Proposes "Fort Lauderdale Homeowner Protection Council"
Fort Lauderdale Mayoral Candidate today announced a conceptual program that could assist homeowners struggling to keep their homes in today's bad economy. "In walking our neighborhoods, I have become astounded at the number of homes that have either been foreclosed upon or are in the process of being foreclosed. Dozens of families every day here in our city are seeing their dream of home ownership evaporate. These are working families, having to pack up their belongings in the middle of the night and leave their home, before they are forced out the following day."


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-Make it President Barack Obama
A historic presidential campaign comes to a close nine days from now. Despite the ugliness, and borderline childishness, of the past weeks, voters across Florida are expected to cast ballots in record numbers. And well they should, because America is at a critical juncture. The Sun Sentinel Editorial Board recommends voters choose Democratic Party nominee Sen. Barack Obama as the 44th president.

-Broward school audits reveal district lost thousands of high-end items, costing millions
More than 300 computers. Sixty-two musical instruments ranging from a piccolo to a piano. A pressure washer. All purchased with your tax dollars. All misplaced, mislabeled, stolen or tossed out without the proper paperwork. All unaccounted for, from just one Broward County school - Dillard High in Fort Lauderdale.

-Broward County cities face $1.1 billion pension shortfall

-Concerns mount about accuracy of Palm Beach County's ballot counting machines
If 2000 was the year of the "hanging chad" in Palm Beach County, will 2008 be the year of the failed sorting machine? With just a few days until the Nov. 4 general election, questions about the ballot counting machines' accuracy leave Palm Beach County vulnerable to legal challenges and could erode voter confidence, voter advocates say. One other Florida county and several others across the nation have reported similar problems - with accuracy, phantom votes and other issues - involving Sequoia Voting Systems machines.

Miami Herald
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-College students line U.S. 1, rally for Amendment
Hundreds of Miami Dade College students lined U.S. 1 from Miami to Florida City Tuesday morning, cheering and holding colorful posters urging drivers to approve a ballot measure that would allow voters to agree to a local tax to benefit community colleges. Amendment 8 on the Nov. 4 ballot would modify the state Constitution to allow counties to ask voters if they want to pay extra sales tax for community colleges grappling with severe state budget cuts.

-Quotas are a sign of poor police work
OUR OPINION: Fort Lauderdale should ditch the practice immediately http://www.miamiherald.com/opinion/editorials/story/744231.html

Fort Report
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-Florida Republicans expected to keep hold on state Legislature
Party poised to maintain control of state houses despite national woes Democrats have been out of power in the Florida Legislature for more than a decade. But despite a widely anticipated banner year for Democrats across the nation, don't expect their back-row status in the state capital to change any time soon.

-30 Florida counties won't follow state's voter ID suggestion
Florida's Broward and Miami-Dade counties have announced that they will buck the state's recommendations for handling voters flagged by the controversial Florida Voter Verification Law on election day, streamlining the process to require less paperwork from challenged voters.

-Bill Clinton to join Obama in Kissimmee
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and former President Clinton will hold a late-night voter rally in Kissimmee on Wednesday at Osceola Heritage Park. Campaigning together for the first time, Obama and Clinton will encourage Florida residents to vote early in the unusual late-night event designed, in part, to focus on Hispanic voters.


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