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FLORIDA DIGEST - November 01, 2008

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-Florida voters confused by six state amendments
Except for gay marriage, there's been "absolutely no interest" in the ballot amendments, he said. "I think they're going to get over 50 percent, but it'll be hard to get to 60 percent.",0,3002401.story

Miami Herald
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-AMENDMENT 2: An unfair, shameful proposal
''Gay marriage'' is not on the ballot in Florida. What is on the ballot is prohibiting the legal recognition of anything ``that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof.'' This is a vote to ban civil unions, domestic partnerships and anything else that activists decide is ''marriage-like.'' If it passes, it will take years of lawsuits before the consequences -- intended and unintended -- of this dangerously vague proposal are known.

-Debate over Amendment 2
The Rabbinical Association of Greater Miami strongly opposes the so-called ''Marriage Amendment.'' Amendment 2 purports to define marriage as ``the legal union of one man and one woman as husband and wife.'' This is a redundancy; Florida law recognizes marriage as solely between a man and a woman. Further, the amendment would prohibit the state from recognizing any relationship ``that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof.''
RABBI FREDERICK L. KLEIN, executive vice president, RAGM, Miami


Sunday November 2nd
Phone bank and Canvass For Obama
-12pm to 6pm
2040B N Dixie Highway

Monday November 3rd 2008
Phone bank and Canvass For Obama
10am to 6pm
2040B N Dixie Highway
Phone Bank With The AFL-CIO
6pm to 9pm

Tuesday November 4th- Election Day
All Hands On Deck
Phone bank and Canvass For Obama
7am to 7pm
Phone Work, Canvassing Poll site work, Rides to the polls
Phone bank and Canvass For Obama
Join Us For A Victory Party
"Pot Luck"
7pm till ????????????

2040B N Dixie Highway
GOTV Center in Wilton Manors ( Fort Lauderdale , FL )

GLCC South Florida - Ft. Lauderdale
"The GLCCSF is one of the largest gay community centers in the U.S., offering social services, support groups, and advocacy for the South Florida community. Services including Youth Advocacy groups, the Transgender Equal Rights Initiative, and Lavender Events for Women are all part of the GLCC operations; and there are over 50 other organizations who call The Center home, including the Dolphin Democrats, and GLBT-supportive chapters of Alcoholic Anonymous. And we'd be amiss to not mention the monthly Bingo games, which of course, are a hoot." "Paul Hyman and his staff have performed a miracle with the GLCC: a few years ago, the Center was on the brink of financial ruin, due to a real estate fiasco with their landlord. But through some savvy re-organization they turned the place around, got their hands on several millions of dollars in financing, as of Spring 2009 they'll move into their new digs off Dixie Hwy." If you would like to volunteer at the Center, call Linda Jain, Customer Service Manager at 954-463-9005.

Wilton Manors Florida
Broward County Property Appraiser Lori Parrish, Clerk of Courts Howard Forman and Broward County School Board Chair Robin Bartleman all pledged support for Gary Resnick for Wilton Manors Mayor. These long time County officials chose Resnick as their candidate for Mayor because of his true commitment to the residents of Wilton Manors. "Gary Resnick has been a fighter for lower taxes and a more efficient city government," boasted Parrish. Education has always been an important issue for Commissioner Resnick both in Wilton Manors and Countywide. His participation on the Joint City-County-School Oversight Committee as well as his dedication to local school initiatives indicate his strong commitment to all students. "I know first hand that Gary Resnick cares about our kids and our public schools," noted the Chair of the Broward County School Board, Robin Bartleman.

Stonewall Library & Archives - Ft. Lauderdale
Join US for our November F4U (Films for Us) selection
November 2, 2008
8:45 pm
Cinema Paradiso
503 SE 6th Street
Fort Lauderdale
$9; seniors and students $7; members of Stonewall, ArtsUnited or FLIFF $5

ArtsUnited sponsors "Ready? OK!" at FLIFF this Sunday
ArtsUnited is sponsoring the comedy "Ready? OK!" on November 2, at 8:45pm at Cinema Paradiso. This heart-warming comedy is about a harried single mom struggling to understand her young son's obsession with dresses, dolls, and girl's cheerleading, but not the cheerleaders. Sometimes all it takes to figure things out is a deep breath and the perfect cheer! Tickets are $9 General/ $5 FLIFF Members. To buy tickets go to , or buy at the door at 503 SE 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale. Parking is free Sunday evenings on the street and at the Courthouse Parking Garage next door. To see a trailer of the film visit ArtsUnited's new MySpace page at

A note from Mark LaFontaine
For years now, I have wanted to participate in the Smart Ride. This bicycle ride is held annually to raise awareness that HIV/AIDS is still prevalent here in our community. The money raised from this 165 mile bike ride will go directly to local AIDS charities in combating this illness. As someone who has been personally affected by the HIV/AIDS crises for over 16 years now, I am fully aware of the needs that infected people have regarding access to healthcare, medication, housing and employment. We need these organizations to ensure that our brothers and sisters are being cared for and that the youth are educated on the risks that exist.
PLEASE consider sponsoring me by making a pledge at My rider number is 398. You need to put that into the form and then follow the directions as presented. Please support this most worthy cause and remember that your contributions are tax deductible. ( the Accountant in me. J )
Mark LaFontaine


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-Florida voters confused by six state amendments
Many have no idea how to vote on six amendments. Voters pouring into polls jazzed about voting for president might encounter something they did not expect: a half-dozen proposed amendments to Florida's Constitution written in government jargon about obscure topics. Drowned out by presidential politics, the ballot amendments ranging from the land ownership rights of Asian immigrants to the taxable status of solar panels are proving mystifying to many voters, according to interviews. And with supporters left to promote their amendments on shoestring budgets - think Web ads featuring a talking bear - whether any of them will reach the required 60 percent threshold is a crapshoot.,0,3025390.story

-Both parties pushing to get Broward County out to vote in final days before election
Turnout at the polls can turn the tide, so candidates and supporters are
making a frantic plea in final days before election
Candidates and their supporters are going non-stop from now until the polls close on Election Night, with phone bank operations, door-to-door campaigning, and appearances by political and entertainment celebrities. "Absolutely critical" is how Tim McClellan, manager of the northeast Broward County campaign office for John McCain, describes the 72 hours until Election Day.,0,7710606.story

-Stay alert: Hurricane season hasn't blown over yet
The tropics are quiet, but hurricanes can form in November - and even after,0,6512292.story

-Verbal threats alleged against U.S. Rep. Hastings in District 23 contest
The race between longtime U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings and his challenger, Dr. Marion Thorpe, in District 23, has apparently taken a nasty turn. Thorpe, former Florida chief medical officer, filed a police report claiming Hastings verbally assaulted him after Thursday night's debate at a Boca Raton synagogue.,0,2088286.story

-Election rumors are out there - way out there. We cut the tall tales down to size.
Nope, there's no dress code for voters. As election rumors multiply, we cut the tall tales down to size. From the plausible-sounding but untrue, to the completely far-fetched and just as untrue, election-related rumors are flying around Florida at the speed of e-mail. The tales are cropping up all over the state, containing claims about what people can wear to the polls and suggestions that some votes routinely aren't counted.,0,1490481.story

-Ghost of Mark Foley: 2006 race set precedent for wrong name on ballot
A precedent involving former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley - the Republican who resigned two years ago over a scandal involving salacious instant messages to underage male House pages - is playing out in this year's election. It doesn't involve extra-marital affairs admitted to by his successor, Democrat Tim Mahoney. It's not even in Palm Beach County. It involves the name that will appear on the ballot in a Broward judicial race.,0,3922132.story

-Election rumors are out there, we cut the tall tales down
From the plausible-sounding but untrue, to the completely far-fetched and just as untrue, election-related rumors are flying around Florida at the speed of e-mail.,0,2355021.story

-Florida Mortgages: 29 percent of homeowners have negative equity,0,4674044.story

-A Wilton Manors mystery: Does ghost haunt City Hall?
Staffers noted unusual activity at building built in 1957; a team went in to check it out,0,1261603.story

-Sen. Hillary Clinton: Why Floridians should vote for Barack Obama
As Americans head to the polls on Nov. 4, we have an important responsibility: to choose a president who will make the changes we need here at home and strengthen America's standing around the world. I am enthusiastically supporting Sen. Barack Obama, because I know that he will be that president. He shares my commitment to changing our nation's course and addressing the economic crisis taking a toll on the financial markets, small businesses and middle class families. And Sen. Obama shares my view that the next president must say to the world that America's resolve is unyielding: The United States stands with Israel.,0,1364054.story

Miami Herald
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Democrats hope to make gains in Broward legislative races
Two relative newcomers hope the presidential election and the surge in Democratic registrations will help unseat two Republicans in Broward legislative districts.

-Close eye kept on Broward's polls
As Election Day nears, some worry how Broward County's understaffed elections department will fare. A bumpy primary, early-voting gridlock, new voting technology, concerns about machine shortages, a small and overtaxed staff, one of the state's lengthiest ballots, a potential record turnout. Add that up and it's clear why Broward County ranks at the top of the watch list for some national voting watchdogs. There's also the red-lettered ad still featured at the top of the Broward Supervisor of Elections' website: ''VSTs Needed!'' Those would be technicians to run voting equipment for a presidential election only days away. Pay: $190 a day.

-Go slow with biofuels
OUR OPINION: Tri-Rail goes green, but beware unintended consequences Let us say, first, that Tri-Rail's efforts to reduce air pollution by switching to biodiesel for most of its engines is commendable. Biodiesel, a blend of organic and fossil fuels, produces much less carbon dioxide and other hydrocarbon emissions that contribute to global warming. The cost of switching fuels is negligible, so this is a win-win -- especially since Tri-Rail is running more trains.


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