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GLBT DIGEST - October 30, 2008

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Washington Post
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-DEAR AMY: I am 20 years old and gay. I met a guy more than two years ago.
We became friends and started hanging out. Within six months, we were living together -- but not as a couple. I told him early on that I had feelings for him, and he shot me down. He made it clear that he was straight. After that, my feelings for him only grew. Now I really do believe that I am in love with him.

-Anti-gay marriage groups look for Ariz. redemption
Arizona has been a disappointment to anti-gay marriage activists since 2006, when the state became the first in the nation to reject a ballot measure banning same-sex marriage.

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-Boynton Beach woman killed partner by stabbing her more than 200 times,
police say
Woman stabbed her ex-partner with screwdriver, police say,0,3845075.story

Steve Rothaus
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-Miami a finalist for 2014 Gay Games
Boston, Cleveland, Miami and Washington DC Will Bid to host Gay Games IX Cape Town, South Africa -- Groups from Miami (Florida), Cleveland (Ohio) Boston (Massachusetts), and Washington (D.C.), have submitted letters of intent to bid for the ninth edition of the Gay Games, to be held in 2014, officials announced at the close of the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) annual meeting in Cape Town, South Africa.

-HIV/AIDS education for teens booked into Broward jail
Broward Sheriff's Office news release:
BSO and C2P Talk HIV For Troubled Teens
Boys and girls being processed at BSO's Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) will gain some valuable HIV/AIDS education and awareness material in the booking process thanks to a new Connect to Protect and BSO partnership. The Connect to Protect, or C2P, program for the JAC was developed in cooperation with the Children's Diagnostic & Treatment Center in light of alarming statistics regarding youngsters and HIV. According to the CDTC, people under the age of 25 account for half of all new HIV infections and in Florida AIDS-related illness are the ninth leading cause of death for teenagers 15 to 19 years old. It's the fifth leading cause of death for all people 20-24 years old. The mission: curtail the crisis by targeting the 12 to 24 age group.

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-Gay-baiting enters S.C. politics
Voters in Lancaster and York counties are getting automated phone calls from a phony gay organization that says it supports the Democratic candidate for the local South Carolina state Senate seat, a move a national group called "gay baiting."

-Obama on track for electoral college majority
Barack Obama has pulled ahead in enough states to win the 270 electoral votes he needs to gain the White House - and with states to spare - according to an Associated Press analysis that shows he is now moving beyond typical Democratic territory to challenge John McCain on historically GOP turf.

The Advocate
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-Candlelight Vigil Organized to Counter Yes on 8 Prayer, Fast in San Diego
For weeks, places of worship throughout California have been calling on their congregations to fast, pray and worship -- all to "protect marriage." On the heels of the California supreme court's landmark ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, churches across the state have organized to combat the effort, collecting the necessary signatures to land Proposition 8, which would nullify the ruling, on the ballot.

-California Elementary School Comes Under Prop. 8 Fire
A Hayward, Calif., elementary school has come under fire by Proposition 8 supporters because a kindergarten teacher there asked her students to sign cards pledging not to use antigay slurs. The cards, provided by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network as part of its National Ally Week last week, became a flash point in the debate over Prop 8., which would constitutionally ban same-sex marriage in California, on Tuesday when the coalition challenged the state's schools superintendent to a debate, the Associated Press reports. But the No on 8 campaign, which has used the superintendent, Jack O'Connell, in television ads, declined the opposition's offer.

- The Advocate's Big Four Report: Ohio
The Advocate continues its coverage of four swing states this week with Ohio, the state that could well decide the 2008 election ... and the state that John Kerry lost by a scant 119,000 votes in 2004. This story is the first of four pieces focusing on the state's political dynamics, LGBT concerns, and how it all will play out on Election Day.

-Delinquency: It's Not Just for Juveniles
Faced with the prospect of a constitutional ban on marriage equality in Arizona, the woman behind defacing Yes on 102 posters that say "Yes to Hate" channels her inner teenager -- and lives to tell about it.

Marriage Equality News
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-DNC condemns Indiana anti-gay campaign mailing
Source: The Bilerico Project
by Bil Browning
On Tuesday I posted to Bilerico-Indiana about an anti-gay flier sent by the Indiana Democratic State Committee on behalf of State Representative candidate Andy Schemenaur. The mailing, paid for by the state party, called for "a constitutional amendment that defines marriage as existing only between one man and one woman." This flies directly in the face of the state party platform, the national Democratic Party platform, public statements from the Democratic presidential ticket, and recent efforts by the state party to kill a state amendment. Since the flier had been passed around via e-mail for a couple weeks with nary a word from any local LGBT or party leadership, I called on them to stand up and publicly condemn the flier. Soon after I posted, the story got wings nationally. I'm proud to say that today not only has the local Stonewall Democrats made their "displeasure" known, but so have the National Stonewall Democrats and the DNC. Statements, pictures of the flier and more [on Bilerico.]

-CT: Justices of the Peace ordered not to refuse to marry same-sex couples
Source: 365 Gay News
Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has warned justices of the peace they cannot refuse to perform same-sex marriages. City clerks will begin issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples beginning the week of Nov. 10, following a state Supreme Court ruling that Connecticut's civil unions law failed to provide equality. Under the civil union law passed in 2005, justices of the peace could refuse to perform ceremonies for same-sex couples. But in a legal opinion issued Wednesday by Blumenthal, it will be illegal to refuse to perform a same-sex ceremony simply because the couple is gay.

-Andrew Sullivan: The Right To Discriminate
Source: The Daily Dish | The Atlantic
by Andrew Sullivan
Full text by permission. Source retains copyright.
Althouse makes marriage equality opponent Dean Broyles's argument clearer: Let me see if I can make Broyles's point. I think he means to say that if same-sex marriage remains a legal right, enshrined in state constitutional law, then homosexual relationships will come to be regarded normal and good, and, consequently, anyone who objects to them will start to look like a bigot who should not be permitted to have his way. Thus, in order to preserve the right to discriminate against gay people and to keep schools from teaching children that gay couples are perfectly nice and so forth -- all things Broyles wants -- it's important to outlaw gay marriage, because it will be a powerful force in changing perceptions about gay people and those who think gay people are doing something terribly wrong.
Yes! That's it.

Pink News - UK
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-Indian police accused of brtuality against trans community
Bangalore police have ben accused of arresting and mistreating more than 40 people at a peaceful demonstration.

The conflict reportedly flared when five hijras (working-class,
male-to-female, transgender people) were arrested by police on October 20th in what the local Daily News and Analysis called a "drive against the city's eunuch menace."

-London hosts its first trans film festival
Transgender, intersex, androgyny, gender variant, trans feminists, gender queer, and gender fluid persons of all natures will be represented at next month's London Transgender Film Festival. Organisers said the event is "long overdue."

-Jerusalem's gay oasis under threat from financial crisis
A community centre for the gay community in Jerusalem is facing closure because of the credit crunch. A "high percentage" of Jerusalem Open House's annual budget is built on grants and gifts from abroad.

-Little Britain panders to hatred and homophobia, claims academic
Popular comedy show Little Britain has more in common with Bernard Manning than the generation of subversive comedians who followed in his wake, according to a new academic work. LSE researcher Deborah Finding's study, I Can't Believe You Just Said That: figuring gender and sexuality in Little Britain, forms the basis of a chapter in a new book of essays on the BBC show to be published next year.

-More celebs come out in support of gay marriage
Ugly Betty star America Ferrara is the latest Hollywood star to publicly oppose a measure that would ban gay marriage in California. She has appeared with co-stars Tony Plana and Ana Ortiz on Spanish language TV stations in an advert for No on Prop 8.

-Stonewall Scotland to investigate gay brain drain
A new research project aims to investigate the migration of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people from Scotland. Stonewall Scotland said the LGBT brain drain is a serious issue, including the flight from rural areas to cities such as Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News
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-WSU Students Wearing Red to Support Gays
By The Associated Press | Seattle Times
PULLMAN - Hundreds of Washington State University students rallied at noon today at Glenn Terrell Mall for gay students who were recently attacked. Many wore red to show support and carried signs that said, "End Hate." Radio station KRPL reports that Washington State University President Elson Floyd canceled a business trip to return to campus for the rally. Students stopped him from speaking, saying this was the administration's time to listen. Campus and Pullman police are investigating three possible hate crimes earlier this month in two assaults on campus and one on College Hill.

Forwarded from Euro-Queer
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-Ireland: McAleese urges action on homophobic bullying
President Mary McAleese today urged young people to stand up against those who bully their peers on the grounds of their sexual orientation. Mrs McAleese addressed a national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered youth forum in Galway. "Celebrating and respecting diversity among young people is at the heart of this important forum. Homophobic bullying continues to be a society-wide issue, including in our schools and the link between it and suicide sends a clear message that this trend must be reversed," she said.

-Just one 'preacher of hate' deported in last three years
Only one so-called "preacher of hate" has been deported from Britain in the last three years despite Government claims to be tackling extremists, it has been disclosed.

-ILGA-Europe's LGBT families campaign has taken a new dimension today when Different Families, Same Love roving exhibition was launched at Vienna City Hall. This launch preceded ILGA-Europe's Annual Conference taking place in Vienna. The exhibition was displayed at the arcade of the historic Vienna City Hall and shall remain open for the duration of both ILGA-Europe and ILGA World conference until 6 November.

From Transgender Equality
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-One week after Washington State University's Week Without Violence celebration, the Pullman community was shocked by four attacks against Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender individuals whose incidents were separated by days. On Oct. 16, Kristopher Shultz, WSU junior, was walking home for a book when he said he heard someone shout at him. The moment he turned around, his face was met with a fist, followed by kicks in his side.

Southern Poverty Law Center
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-Over the last few days, we've been swamped with requests for information about the two neo-Nazi skinheads who planned a murderous rampage ending with the assassination of Barack Obama. We've been consulted by law enforcement because of our expertise. We reported on our website that one of the skinheads involved was affiliated with a newly formed organization called the Supreme White Alliance (SWA). The SWA is headed by a man named Steven Edwards, who is steeped in a violent culture of racial extremism. We've been following his activities for some time. You can find out more about Edwards in a report by ABC's Nightline that aired last night. The skinheads' plot to kill Obama and murder other African Americans is a chilling reminder of the threat posed by these domestic terrorists. Unfortunately, I fear we're entering a dangerous period. Obama's candidacy has aroused fierce passions among white supremacists. And during times of economic hardship, minorities are often targeted as scapegoats for our country's problems. We cannot afford to take threats like this lightly. With your help, we're doing everything we can to track and expose violent racists - and we'll continue providing the best intelligence available to law enforcement. Thanks for being on our team. With your moral and financial support, we'll continue this important fight against the forces of hate and intolerance.
Morris Dees


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