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FLORIDA DIGEST - October 29, 2008

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New York Times
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-Sense of Unease in Some Black Voters
Many black voters in Florida are worried that their votes will not be counted and an Obama victory will slip away.

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-Presidential candidates descend upon South Florida
Both presidential candidates are bringing their stump speeches to South Florida tomorrow in a bid to secure the state's hotly contested trove of electoral votes. Democrat Barack Obama will be joined by his running mate, Joe Biden, Wednesday afternoon at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, while Republican nominee John McCain will be in Miami for what his campaign describes as a "Joe the Plumber" event highlighting the differences in the candidates' tax plans. The Obama campaign announced late this morning that Biden would be joining the "Early Vote for Change" rally at the BankAtlantic Center on Wednesday. The event is free and open to the public. Doors open at 4:30 p.m. Tickets are not required, but the campaign strongly encourages an online RSVP at Biden is also scheduled to attend a rally in Jupiter earlier on Wednesday.,0,4594477.story

Miami Herald
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-Tri-Rail to begin running on bio-diesel
Tri-Rail will start operating on a much more environmentally friendly blend of bio-diesel, the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority announced Wednesday. The aim, Tri-Rail officials said, is to run eight of 10 Tri-Rail locomotives on a 99-percent blend of either palm or soy oil, depending on the availability.

Fort Report
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-Florida at center of tug-of-war between McCain, Obama
No one should be surprised that John McCain and Barack Obama are campaigning in Florida today. Or that Joe Biden is finishing up a three-day Sunshine state bus tour, while Sarah Palin may be in Pasco County on Saturday. As much as Obama has expanded the electoral battleground into formerly solid Republican states, Tim Russert's maxim still holds: Florida, Florida, Florida. Because if McCain loses those 27 electoral votes, Obama is the next president.

-AP Poll: Obama, McCain evenly split in Fla.
Barack Obama's strong appeal among women voters is balanced out by John McCain's solid support from men, resulting in a race for Florida's coveted 27 electoral votes that remains deadlocked days before the Nov. 4 election. An Associated Press-GfK poll released Wednesday found that women preferred Obama 54 percent to 37 percent, while men backed McCain 51 percent to 35 percent. Overall, Obama was favored by 45 percent of respondents, compared to 43 for McCain, according to the poll of 600 likely Florida voters. Two percent supported a third-party candidate and 10 percent were undecided or didn't respond.

-Nearly one-fifth of Florida's electorate already voted
With the presidential election still a week out, nearly one-fifth of Florida's electorate has already cast ballots. And Florida Democrats are claiming they've got an edge over Republicans among the more than 2.3 million voters who have already cast ballots. The state Democratic Party said Tuesday that 53 percent of the nearly 1.2 million early voters were Democrats compared to 30 percent who were Republicans.,0,4215442.story

-Broward eases rules for 'no match' voters at polls
Broward is joining Miami-Dade in offering so-called 'no match' voters an Election Day option for clearing identification questions. Broward County has changed its policy and will allow a one-stop Election Day option for its 1,600-plus ''unverified'' voters. That adds Broward to the list of counties, including Miami-Dade, that will buck state recommendations for handling residents flagged by the controversial Florida Voter Verification Law.


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