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NATIONAL & WORLD DIGEST November 25, 2008

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New York Times
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-Indefinite Detention
The Supreme Court should make clear that a president cannot seize and detain indefinitely individuals in the United States without charges.

-Bin Laden's Driver to Be Returned to Yemen
Salim Ahmed Hamdan will be released from Guantánamo Bay to serve the final month of his sentence in Yemen.

Washington Post
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-Adrift With Two Captains
Having two presidents is starting to feel like having no president.

Miami Herald
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-'Novel take' on tenure of President Bush
We should be ashamed of how poorly we have treated President George W. Bush. That, believe it or not, is the thesis of a bizarre opinion published the day after the election in The Wall Street Journal by one Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, described as an investigative reporter, a lawyer and a former intern for, of all people, John Kerry. It's one of two rather eye-opening Journal pieces, actually; the second, following just days later, was by a former presidential aide named Jim Towey. Under the headline Why I'll Miss President Bush, he sang hosannas to the decency and compassion of W., even going so far as to invoke Mother Teresa. Which is, shall we say, a rather novel take. But it is Shapiro's piece that will give you whiplash. In his view, Bush has struggled manfully in the service of an ungrateful nation, reached out in a spirit of true bipartisanship and received for his efforts nothing but ''crushing resistance'' and constant scorn.


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