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NATIONAL & WORLD DIGEST November 26, 2008

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New York Times
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-For Biden, No Portfolio but the Role of a Counselor
Barack Obama has moved quickly to assemble staff but is lagging in defining his vice president's role.

-U.S. Plans $800 Billion in Lending to Ease Crisis
The Fed and the Treasury signaled that they would print as much money as needed to revive the banking system.

-All Fall Down
After a near total breakdown of responsibility at every link in our financial chain, now we either bail out the people who brought us here or risk a systemic crash. These are the wages of our sins.

-So Who Picked Up the Tab?
More questions are being raised about the doubtful ethics of Representative Charles Rangel of New York, the chairman of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee. The latest sniff of scandal - a breakfast meeting with a donor seeking tax protection - provides more grist for the House ethics inquiry that's supposed to be under way into Mr. Rangel's tangled affairs.Speaker Nancy Pelosi should insist that the ethics investigation into Representative Charles Rangel's affairs move forward.

-Obama Plans to Retain Gates at Defense Department
President-elect Barack Obama will keep Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates as a show of continuity in a time of war, Democrats close to the transition said.

-Switzerland: Remorseful Ex-Officials Decline Pay From UBS
As a number of American banks resist calls to rein in executive pay, the unthinkable is happening - at least in Switzerland, where three former officials of UBS, the troubled Swiss financial giant, said on Tuesday that they would forgo more than $27 million in compensation. Marcel Ospel, the former chairman of the board at the Swiss bank, and Stephan Haeringer and Marco Suter, two former directors, said they would give up pay promised them after the bank reported nearly $50 billion in losses and received even more than that in financial support from the Swiss government. With the involvement of the Swiss government, I realized that decisive action was required on my part," Mr. Ospel said in a statement. "I hope that my action will help to resolve a situation that was inconceivable to me until a short time ago," he said.

-Obama Picks Volcker to Head New Panel
President-elect Barack Obama named former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker chairman-designate of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

Washington Post
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-Michelle Obama's 'Mommy' Stamp
When Michelle Obama took to describing her new role as mom in chief, my first reaction was to wince at her words. My second reaction was to identify with them.

-Voters Fail the Test
A new report finds that most Americans are too ignorant to vote. Out of 2,500 American quiz-takers, including college students, elected officials and other randomly selected citizens, nearly 1,800 flunked a 33-question test on basic civics. In fact, elected officials scored slightly lower than the general public with an average score of 44 percent compared to 49 percent. Only 0.8 percent of all test-takers scored an "A."

-Take the Civics Quiz
Are you more knowledgeable than the average citizen? The average score for all 2,508 Americans taking the following test was 49%; college educators scored 55%. Can you do better? Questions were drawn from past ISI surveys, as well as other nationally recognized exams.

-Closing Death Row
A Maryland panel offers wise advice on capital punishment.
MARYLAND lawmakers will soon have another chance to reassess the use of the death penalty. They should follow the lead of states such as New Jersey and legislatively abolish capital punishment.

Wall Street Journal

-Vote on Withdrawal Bares Tensions in Iraq
As parliament prepares to vote on a U.S.-Baghdad security pact, tension is building over how Iraq's ethnicities will live together once U.S. troops withdraw.

Miami Herald
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-Add bigotry to presidential threats
OUR OPINION: Barack Obama carries more than the usual assassination risks.
Mr. Obama is a target for the deranged, the politically extreme and other would-be assassins. He also arouses the hatred of bigotry, as evidenced by the ugly underside of the election. He has received more death threats than any other president-elect, authorities say. No sign, no crime? So it is not surprising that people reacted with outrage about a sign in a Standish, Maine, store that invited customers to bet $1 on a date when President-elect Obama would be assassinated. The sign, written on an eraser board, said ``Osama Obama Shotgun Pool. Stabbing, shooting, roadside bombs, they all count. Let's hope someone wins.''

Pew Research center
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-Center-What Country
Winds of Political Change Haven't Shifted Public's Ideology Balance
The proportions of the public identifying their views as liberal, moderate or conservative have remained relatively constant. Still, ideological labels don't always predict policy opinions; e.g.,about half of self-described conservatives say that all or some of the Bush tax cuts should be repealed while many liberals support off-shore drilling. Read more

How Different News Outlets Cover Health
At a time when health care is a major public policy issue, a new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Project for Excellence in Journalism examines the extent to which health news has been a part of the national news agenda including coverage of health-related issues in the 2008 presidential primary campaign. Read more

-Shifting Gears
Auto Bailouts and the Obama Transition Lead the News
Although no other media stories came close to rivaling the economy's troubles and the emerging face of the incoming administration, one other story drew sensational coverage: piracy on the high seas. Read more

-Watching the White House Take Shape
Americans are paying close attention to Obama's cabinet and staff selections. While less attention has been paid to personal matters -- like the first family's new puppy -- news about Michelle Obama is reported to be mostly positive by the public, a sharp contrast to the perceived negativity over the summer. Read more

-Daily Number
24 points - God Gap
Though Obama made gains among people of all levels of religious observance, he still received far more support among those who never attend worship services (67% voted for him) compared with those who attend services weekly (43% voted for him), for an "attendance gap" of 24 points. Check back every weekday for another number in the news. Read more

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