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NATIONAL & WORLD DIGEST November 29, 2008

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New York Times
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-Mumbai Terrorist Siege Over, India Says

-Putting a Face on Big Auto
"Ripple effect" is too mild a term for the potentially devastating impact of a collapse among the Big Three automakers.

-Medicare's Too Costly Private Plans
Congress must remove unjustified subsidies to inefficient private health insurance plans that have added to the cost and complexity of the Medicare

-What They Hate About Mumbai
Mumbai, India, stands for lucre, profane dreams and an indiscriminate openness. And this way of life appalls religious extremists.

-Mr. Bush and the Pardon Power
The presidential power to pardon was never intended to be a
get-out-of-jail-free card for people close to the president who stretched, bent or broke the law.

-More Men Take the Lead Role in Caring for Elderly Parents
Even as they make up nearly 40 percent of family care providers now, men are less likely to ask for help to cope.

-Lévi-Strauss at 100
France celebrated Claude Lévi-Strauss's centenary with films, lectures and free admission to the museum he inspired.

-Egyptian-Born Scientist Leaves U.S. After Losing Suit
An Egyptian-born nuclear physicist who said his rights were violated when the Department of Energy revoked his security clearance has returned to his native Egypt. The scientist, Abdel Moniem Ali el-Ganayni, had filed a lawsuit in June saying he was being punished for criticizing the Iraq war and President Bush's treatment of Muslims after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The lawsuit was dismissed Tuesday by Judge Terrence F. McVerry of Federal District Court here. The Energy Department said it had reliable information that Dr. Ganayni was a security risk, but the agency said its reasons were classified and could violate national security if they were made public.

Washington Post
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-Trouble for Pakistan
The attacks in India could undo its neighbor's progress, and perhaps bring war.

-How to Save Newspapers
After listening to readers for three years, I have some suggestions.

-Massacre in Mumbai
To preserve their region's peace, India and Pakistan must work together against terrorism.

-Step Aside, Rep. Rangel
The chairman of Ways and Means becomes an unnecessary distraction.

-Siege in Mumbai Ends
Probe Eyes Pakistani Militants
Groups based in neighboring nation become focus as Indian authorities ramp up accusations.

-PHOTOS: Gunmen Attack Tourist Areas in India

Wall Street Journal

-Seeking a Presidential Pardon? Try Praising the Right to Bear Arms
Five Forgiven by Bush Share a Trait: They Really Missed Their Weapons
A decade ago, Leslie Collier, a 50-year-old corn and soybean farmer in Charleston, Mo., pleaded guilty to poisoning bald eagles. He says the worst thing about his criminal record was that it meant he was barred by law from owning a gun.

Fort Report
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-Battle Royale: Center-Right Versus Center-Left In the Democratic Party

-Bush says he leaves White House with values intact
With his second term in office coming to an end, President Bush said he is proud that he "did not sell his soul in order to accommodate the political process."

-5 Great Progressive Columnists' Advice and Ideas on the Coming Obama Era
The following are five recent articles by AlterNet columnists on the issues Obama and his supporters face during the presidential transition.
...Amy Goodman: How Obama Can Help Redeem the White House
On Inauguration Day, Obama could outlaw torture. It would be a tribute to those slaves who built his new home, the White House.
...Sean Gonsalves: Obama's Opening Moves
Now is the time to mobilize so we can establish the style, pace and structure of Obama's presidency.
...Robert Scheer:Cold War Hawks Hovering Around Obama
Why are Obama's closest advisers inveterate hawks who needlessly provoked tension with the Russians during the Cold War?
...Norman Solomon: Corporate Media Try to Scare Obama Into Betraying Progressives Bill Clinton's alleged lurch to the left in '92 is being used to push Obama to the right.
Problem is, it never happened.
...David Sirota: Why Are We Shocked By Obama's Centrism?
Obama's 'grass-roots' movement revolves around him, not progressive issues.

-Junk-bond king among those seeking Bush pardon
Some high-profile convicts past and present are among more than 2,000 people asking President George W. Bush to pardon them or commute their prison sentences before he leaves office. Junk-bond king Michael Milken, media mogul Conrad Black and American-born Taliban soldier John Walker Lindh have applied to the Justice Department seeking official forgiveness.

-Ignorance deficit America's worst enemy
While Congress spends -- and plans to spend -- like the proverbial drunken sailor to ''bailout'' various industries for practices that are largely their fault and the fault of those in Congress who were supposed to provide oversight, another deficit looms, which is at least as troubling as the economic one. [...] The report is at Read it and weep. And then demand of yourself and others that something be done to fix the intellectual deficit.


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