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GLBT DIGEST March 21, 2008

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New York Times
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-After the End of the Affair
AS Eliot Spitzer and his wife, Silda, rattle around their Fifth Avenueapartment, it's a pretty safe guess that their life as a couple is hell.

-Statehouses Often Look Like Frat Houses
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- Of all the wisecracks heard in the marble halls of NewYork's Capitol after Gov. Eliot Spitzer's downfall in a call-girl scandal,one jest enlightened as much as it stung: Spitzer's got to be the only guyin Albany who PAYS for sex.

-Gay Ex - Gov Wins Round in Divorce Court
ELIZABETH, N.J. (AP) -- Former Gov. Jim McGreevey didn't plan to torment hiswife while they were married, a judge in their divorce case ruled Thursday,while allowing her to continue with a claim of marriage fraud.

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- Victimization of gays get little attention in the media By William Butte
"Are you looking at me, you faggot? You know what I do to faggots? I breaktheir necks!" Melbourne Brunner heard this expression of irrationality,fear and hatred just moments before he was attacked by a stranger last monthin front of a restaurant on Fort Lauderdale's toniest street. Brunner'spartner had the temerity to say "Good morning" to the would-be assailantwhen they made eye-contact as he passed by their table.,0,149851.story

Miami Herald
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- Provocative ideas abound at Obama's church
Jesus is black. Merging Marxism with Christian Gospel may show the way to abetter tomorrow. The white church in America is the antichrist because itsupported slavery and segregation.

Steve Rothaus
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-Immigration Equality on 'Exporting' LGBT Americans from United States
New York, March 20, 2008 - Peter Sprigg, vice president of policy at theFamily Research Council, discussed the group's opposition to the UnitingAmerican Families Act (UAFA) saying "I would much prefer to exporthomosexuals from the United States than to import them into the UnitedStates because we believe homosexuality is destructive to society."

Express Gay News
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- Video: British soldier has sex change

-Immigration Equality and FRC
Peter Sprigg, vice president of policy at the Family Research Council, intalking about the group's opposition to the Uniting American Families Act,said, among other nuggets of homophobia, "I would much prefer to exporthomosexuals from the United States than to import them into the UnitedStates because we believe homosexuality is destructive to society."

- Obama deserves credit for trying to do the right thing on Wright
Will America indulge candidate's nuanced views on race or blame him forpastor's screeds?

-Republican legislature caused primary mess, but DNC's rules committee canresolve it
(The following letter was mailed to Florida's Democratic Party voters byKaren Thurman, the state party chairperson)
For a year now, the Florida Democratic Party has tried to comply with theDelegate Selection Rules of the Democratic National Committee. We researchedevery potential alternative process - from caucuses to county conventions tomail-in elections - but no plan could come anywhere close to being viable inFlorida. We made a detailed case to the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee, but wewere denied.

- FOE OF THE WEEK Sen. John McCain
While the media obsesses over Barack Obama's relationship with the outspoken Rev. Jeremiah Wright (Fox News reports on it 24/7), John McCain's embrace of ultra-right-wing bigot John Hagee has received little coverage. Hagee, a elevangelist, has stated that Hurricane Katrina was "the judgment of God" against the city of New Orleans for hosting a gay parade the week of the storm. He has also referred to the Catholic Church as "the great whore," "a false cult system" and "the apostate church." He has made statements blaming the Jews for their persecution and accusing them of worshiping idols.
Despite such extreme views, when Hagee endorsed McCain, the Arizona senator told the press that he was "very honored by Pastor John Hagee's endorsement." It was only after McCain got heat from the Catholic Leaguethat the senator issued a cherry-picking repudiation of Hagee's anti-Catholic views.

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-Richardson Endorses Obama
(Santa Fe, New Mexico) New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, the nation's onlyHispanic governor, is endorsing Sen. Barack Obama for president, calling hima "once-in-a-lifetime leader" who can unite the nation and restore America'sinternational leadership.

-Investigation Into Obama Passport Breach
(Washington) The State Department says it is trying to determine whetherthree contract workers had a political motive for looking at Democraticpresidential candidate Barack Obama's passport file.

-Gay Ex-Gov Wins Round In Divorce Court
(Elizabeth, New Jersey) Former Gov. Jim McGreevey didn't plan to torment hiswife while they were married, a judge in their divorce case has ruled, whileallowing her to continue with a claim of marriage fraud.

-Study: HIV Vaccine Volunteers Need More Support From Researchers
(Toronto, Ontario) When it comes to developing a safe, effective vaccine tostem the global AIDS pandemic, researchers agree there is one component theycan't do without - volunteers willing to become human guinea pigs fortesting the experimental serums.

-Gay Club Without Students, Judge Rescinds Order
(Okeechobee, Florida) Even though Okeechobee High School's Gay-StraightAlliance no longer has any members, a federal lawsuit by a former GSA memberis continuing.

-Matthew Shepard Story Producer Charged With Stock Fraud
(Los Angeles, California) An Emmy Award-winning television producer wascharged with inflating the revenue and stock price of his publicly tradedproduction company as part of a multimillion dollar stock fraud scheme.

National Gay News,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
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-Lawyers to Lose Millions in Same-Sex Survivor Benefits Ruling
About 1,500 surviving same-sex partners involved in a landmark class-action lawsuit that won them full access to Canada Pension Plan survivor benefits stand to save millions in litigation costs. That after an unexpected court development that blocks their lawyers ability to collect fees from pension funds, worth about $15 million. A retainer agreement -- approved by an Ontario court four years ago -- called for the class-action lawyers to be paid 50% of certain pension arrears to cover legal fees.

-Gays Seek Immigration Reform
Immigration is always a hot button issue, but it becomes even more controversial when the immigrants seeking legal U.S. citizenship are homosexual. There's a new bill that would make it easier for gay Americans to sponsor their foreign partners' citizenship, but it's been sitting in Congress for months with no hint of progress.

-Macho, Macho Men
If you stopped a San Franciscan on the street (especially Castro Street) and asked him or her to define "bear," the answers would probably have nothing to with the furry beasts found in the wild. Bear culture - the subset of gay men who eschew the gym in favor of cultivating body hair and beer bellies, and favoring lumberjack plaids and denim - has long been a staple of Bay Area life. The Lone Star bar in SoMa, along with the Eagle Tavern, are ground zero for the husky men.

-Phoenix: Vigil, Call For Justice For Alleged Gay Hate Crime
Under a street lamp near 35th and Glenrosa avenues, 40 people gathered Wednesday night to remember Maurice Green. Maurice, also known as Melissa, was a gay, 22 year-old cross-dresser who many in the gay community believe was a victim of a hate crime. The March 21, 2006, killing remains unsolved.
Because police do not know the motive, they do not classify the murder as a bias, or hate crime.At the candlelight vigil, Green's family said they want justice.

-Minnesota: Osseo School District Continues to Fight Gay Student Group
For nearly three years the two students who sued the Osseo School District were only known in the lawsuit by their initials. Wednesday, they made themselves known in the very high school they claim did the discriminating.

-Canada: Former P-FLAG Chair Questions Health Survey Results
People can play stats to fit any stereotype they want, say members of Cornwall's gay and lesbian community, but new data from Statistics Canada shows trends that may reinforce Hollywood portrayals of homosexuals and their relationship with doctors and psychologists, and consequently, their own minds and bodies. Lesbians, often portrayed as tougher than the average woman on the silver screen, were found to have seen a family doctor six percent less than heterosexual woman in the 12 months before the survey.

Forwarded from Euro-Queer
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-EURO-LETTER - ILGA-Europe's monthly electronic LGBT political and legalnews bulletin

-Mayors of Riga and Tallinn refused to sign ILGA-Europe's appeal on freedomof assembly and expression for LGBT people in Europe
Last April ILGA-Europe launched a campaign on the freedom of assembly andexpression for LGBT people in Europe. The aim of this campaign is tomobilise as many mayors of European cities as possible to sign ILGA-Europe'sappeal, declaring their support for LGBT people to exercise their right tofreedom of assembly and expression. So far, the 19 mayors of the followingEuropean cities signed the appeal - Paris, Nicosia, Amsterdam, Winterthur,London, Stockholm, Cologne, Barcelona, Venice, Vienna, Bologna, Manchester,Copenhagen, Budapest, Ljubljana, Zürich, Berlin, Dublin and Luxembourg.
Following these promising letters of support, ILGA-Europe has recentlyreceived one letter of refusal and is aware that another mayor is alsorefusing.

-Hate crime conviction in Croatia: 14 months in for attempted assault withMolotov cocktails on Zagreb Pride 2007
We welcome the Court's judgement, but for final conclusion we are waitingfor the legal validity of the judgement. Also, it seems that it is evidentfrom the judicial procedure that there was more than one perpetuator. We arewondering why other perpetuars were not convicted.

-International Conference on LGBT Human Rights Copenhagen 27th -29th July2009
World Outgames 2nd International Conference on LGBT human rights has nowopened a call for proposals for workshops. Please also note that this isonly a call for workshop proposals. All other general information about theconference as well as the registration for World Outgames will be on our newwebsite - in April 2008.

-On 31 May - 2 June 2008 the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions andHuman Rights will organise training for civil society representatives on howto prevent and to respond to hate crimes in Warsaw, Poland. This two and ahalf day training will provide civil society organisations with a menu oftools to build a more effective response to hate violence. Using techniquesmodeled in the training, NGOs will craft and implement strategies tailoredto individual country and community challenges.

Forwarded from Gays Without Borders
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- In the early morning of Saturday, 15 March 2008, two gay men - asylumseekers from Kosovo - were victims of violent treatment of the police andthe security staff in the Asylum Center in Ljubljana, Slovenia. They wereharassed and bitten, repeatedly insulted as "fucking Albanians" and"fucking faggots". The incident started in the Asylum Center where theywere first molested by the police in their room, put in handcuffs andtaken to the police station. They were transported to the police stationLjubljana-Vic in their underwear, in separate police vans. At the policestation they were held in separate cells for around 12 hours withoutmedical care and without food. They also didn't get access to theirlawyer. Around 6 p.m. in the evening they were released. On Monday morningthey sought help at SKUC-LL, and were directed to medical examination andto the Ombudsman's Office. Other human rights NGOs and the media wereinformed and the complaints were submitted to the police and to theMinistry of Interior Affairs.

- KATHMANDU: Sexual minorities of an eastern Nepal town,
Itahari kicked off their first election rally wearingcolourful dresses and playing music bands to canvassfor three gay candidates. Dipak Rai and Shrawan Chaudhari, both gay, arecontesting the election under the banner of NepalCommunist Party (United) and while the third,Suryanarayan Chaudhari is contesting as an independentcandidate.

Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List
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-From Lambda Legal
Almost 90 percent of people in this country believe workplace discriminationis wrong, but how many have ever been asked to do something about it? Whocan help? You can.
Join us on May 15 for the Clock In Pledge-a-Thon for Workplace Equality.
Whether it's sexual orientation, gender identity or HIV status, workplaceconcerns are still the number one topic for Lambda Legal's Help Deskcallers. Making a pledge is a simple way for you to show your support.
Last year over 240 organizations and another 1,300 individuals participatedin Lambda Legal's first ever national day of action for workplace equality.
This year our goal is to build even more support for workplace equality.
Together, we can get thousands to sign by May 15.
Sign the pledge today. Encourage others to do the same. Let's see how manyof us are truly committed to help combat workplace discrimination!
Sign the Pledge!

- Gay families needed for White House Easter egg roll
A gay family advocacy organization is looking for people to participate inthe annual White House Easter egg roll in a couple of days. Want to be partof this American tradition?

- New York: Gay City News for Thu., March 20, 2008

-Equal Justice for All: Working for Trans Protections in MA and CT
Twelve states in the U.S. (and the District of Columbia), including Maine,Rhode Island, and Vermont, have laws explicitly prohibiting discriminationon the basis of gender identity. Efforts are underway to get Connecticut andMassachusetts to join these states in protecting all of their citizens.

- Applications are now being accepted for the second Lambda Literary
Foundation Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBT writers, to be held August10-17, 2008, in Los Angeles.
2008 Workshop Faculty include Elana Dykewomon (Fiction, Regular), RigobertoGonzalez (Creative Nonfiction), Claire McNab (Fiction, Special Genre), and
D.A. Powell (Poetry). Each workshop faculty member will conduct writingworkshops with 8 students. In addition, guest faculty include DorothyAllison, Katherine V. Forrest, Eloise Klein Healy, and John Rechy. Guestfaculty will offer special presentations, lectures, and readings for the retreat community.
Please direct any questions to

- Sex Scandal Quiz

- Sexual preference affects healthcare
OTTAWA, March 19 (UPI) -- Gay men are more apt to consult a doctor thanheterosexual men, but lesbian women are less likely to see a doctor thanheterosexual women, a study found. The study, published by StatisticsCanada, found healthcare services differ depending on self-identified sexualpreference of gay, lesbian or bisexual independent of other factors such asage, income, education and health status.

Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News
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-Hillary's Ties to Religious Fundamentalists
There's a reason why Hillary Clinton has remained relatively silent duringthe flap over intemperate remarks by Barack Obama's former pastor, JeremiahWright. When it comes to unsavory religious affiliations, she's a lot morevulnerable than Obama.

- Sally Kern: Out of Context? The Complete Transcript
Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern has claimed that her anti-gay rant wascarefully edited and taken out of context. Well now we have her entire talk,in context.

- Geraldine Ferraro Fires Back
Former vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro said today that sheobjected to the comparison Sen. Barack Obama drew between her and his formerpastor in his speech on race relations Tuesday.In the speech, Obama soughtto place the inflammatory remarks of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright in a broadercontext, in part by placing them on a continuum with Ferraro's recent remarkto the Daily Breeze that Obama is "lucky" to be black."To equate what I saidwith what this racist bigot has said from the pulpit is unbelievable,"Ferraro said today. "He gave a very good speech on race relations, but hedid not address the fact that this man is up there spewing hatred."

- Howard Dean's Gay Headache
As if dealing with a protracted Democratic presidential primary fight andthe Michigan and Florida delegate debacles weren't enough, DemocraticNational Committee Chairman Howard Dean had to spend two days this monthgetting deposed in a nasty lawsuit that has roiled the DNC and the gaycommunity.

- New NY governor has gay right-hand man
The top aide for newly sworn-in NY Gov. David Paterson is not only a formerJesuit priest and a family friend of the Kennedys - he's also openly gay.

- Michael Guest is a former US Ambassador.
Has anyone out there read the State Department's 2007 Human Rights Report?
According to our own embassies, LGBT individuals in over 100 foreigncountries are being subjected to abuse or discriminatory treatment. Therange of abuses noted - including extrajudicial killings, police violence,extortion, false imprisonment leading to rape, and legal impediments toequality - is nothing short of shocking.

-Retired Miami lawyer ordered to pay Brazilian gay lover thousands depitebeing married to US woman

-Clinton misstates wife's DOMA position
Former president speaks to student journalists

-Bigotry on Parade, Again
Compared to those held in the 1990s, the St. Patrick's Day Parade on FifthAvenue March 17 was not nearly as fraught with confrontation betweenexcluded Irish LGBT marchers and the anti-gay organizers from the AncientOrder of Hibernians (AOH).

-OutCentral announces Nashville Pride as first tenant
Help still needed to finish construction
Nashville Pride has been announced as the first community organization tolease office space inside the new GLBT cultural center, OutCentral, onChurch Street in Nashville. The arrangement will give Nashville Pride aphysical home and immediate access to other community organizations.

- AIDS educator's trip to Africa hindered by DOMA
Jason Hair-Wynn arrived at his Attleboro home on March 13 to find anenvelope from the U.S. Department of State's National Passport Center in NewHampshire that he thought contained his new passport, a necessity for themonth-long trip he'll be taking this summer to do HIV/AIDS and healtheducation with youngsters in Ghana, Africa. Instead, Hair-Wynn's oldpassport fell out of the envelope, along with a letter denying his requestfor a new passport that would reflect the legal name change he made when heand his husband married in Massachusetts. The passport was denied becausethe 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) only recognizes heterosexualmarriages for federal purposes.

-Time interviews Rita Mae Brown: 'I don't understand' gay marriage
No one could ever accuse Rita Mae Brown, 63, of having lived a boring life.
The bestselling author of 37 books is nothing if not versatile: feministactivist, mystery writer, lesbian pioneer, fox hunter, screenwriter,novelist, animal rescuer. She even became a tabloid star during herthree-year relationship with tennis superstar Martina Navratilova. TIME'sAndrea Sachs spoke with Brown, who was in Pennsylvania on tour for herlatest book, The Purrfect Murder (Bantam)

-A Ray of Light
When homophobic rants like those of Sally Kern get a standing ovation fromher House Republican caucus, or when folks like Oregon State Sen. GaryGeorge (R - Newberg) can call gays "perverts" and advise that they just"shut up", it can become discouraging. It does seem as though our nation isdeeply divided along party lines and that we are an easy target in theraging culture wars.

-New anti-bias rules advance in Colorado senate; Bars discrimination inhousing and more
Landlords, hotels, stores and restaurants in Colorado would be barred fromdiscriminating against gays and lesbians under a bill that passed a Senatecommittee Wednesday.

-Rep. Thatcher: Wants to screw us without 'protection'
Conservatives are of course known for making false statements about ourlives and loves, and what negative impacts those existences supposedly haveon society. And while it's quite enraging anytime they work to deny us ourfull citizenship, it is beyond the pale when they actually try to justifytheir biases by discrediting the notion that gays still face a crapload ofdiscrimination in American society. Especially when most of them can likelycount on one-tenth of a hand how many openly gay friends they have in theirlives.

-Wright defies convention on gays
Barack Obama and many other parishioners of the Trinity UCC in Chicago havesaid that Rev. Jeremiah Wright has been unfairly caricatured by the briefexcerpts of sermons playing in endless loop on cable TV and YouTube.

-As Acceptance Grows, Gay Synagogues Torn Between the Straight and Narrow
Atlanta - When Gayanne Geurin Weiss and her husband went looking for anAtlanta synagogue to join, they soon found one that had everything theywanted; it was warm, friendly and spiritual. There was just one catch: Itwas for gay men and lesbians, and Weiss and her husband are straight.

- Hagee: McCain 'sought my endorsement
In the New York Times Magazine this weekend, controversial Pastor John Hageetells Deborah Solomon that, "it's true that [John] McCain's campaign soughtmy endorsement." In the interview, "Hagee refused to discuss his statementthat Hurricane Katrina was God's punishment for a gay rights parade in NewOrleans, calling it 'so far off-base.'" "Our church is not hard against thegay people," claimed Hagee.

- Florida: School in Okeechobee doesn't need to allow club to meet
Okeechobee High School no longer needs to allow the Gay-Straight Alliance tomeet on campus while the club's lawsuit is pending, a judge ruled Tuesday. Ajudge originally ordered the high school to allow the club to meet while thecase is pending. Recent court filings in the federal case revealed the clubno longer has any more members at the school and a judge recently agreed totake the club's name off the lawsuit. The suit still continues in the nameof former president Yasmin Gonzalez, though the school district is trying tohave her removed from the case because she already graduated.

-When Tradition and Taunts Collide: Gay Hockey Fans Criticize Garden
During the final 10 minutes of many Rangers home games, the spotlights focuson Section 407 as Larry Goodman, a longtime season-ticket holder, pumps upthe crowd with a goofy dance.

The Advocate
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-Gov. Bill Richardson To Endorse Obama
Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama ended a rough week on a good note Friday, winning a coveted endorsement after dropping behind rival Hillary Rodham Clinton in the polls.

Site to serve as resource on election media coverage of gay and transgenderissues
New York, March 20, 2008 - The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
(GLAAD) launched today â?oNewsroom '08,â? a Web site which will serve as aresource on how media talk about issues affecting to the lesbian, gay,bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community as they pertain to the local,state and national elections in November. The national media advocacyorganization's dedicated microsite has a blog, "Read Between the Lines,"where commentary on and analysis of election coverage will be posted, aswell as resources for both community members and media professionals.

Contact for the full article

-Stop Spiritual Violence:
Stand with Soulforce at the United Methodist General Conference
The United Methodist (UM) General Conference will convene in Fort Worth onApril 23 - May 2. At stake are bedrock issues of justice for LGBT people.
Currently: Local UM pastors have the power to deny membership to gay andlesbian Christians. UM pastors are barred from performing marriage or commitment ceremonies for
same-gender couples.
Openly gay and lesbian people are banned from the ministry.
Transgender people face potential exclusion from the ministry.
Gay and lesbian youth are taught that being true to themselves is"incompatible with Christian teaching."
The United Methodist Church is the 2nd largest Protestant denomination inthe U.S. The impact of these exclusionary policies resounds beyond thedenomination and ultimately affects conversations about civil rights. Withyour help, delegates in Fort Worth will have the opportunity to revisitthese policies and to become a more inclusive church.

Marriage Equality News
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-Some political insiders in Arizona are doubtful that an effort to pass a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage via voter referendum there will succeed this session. Former U.S. Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-Ariz.), who is gay, is predicting the effort will expire in the legislature - success there is necessary to get it on the November ballot - before it has a chance to reach voters.

-A House committee killed a bill that would have prevented public universities and other government agencies from providing health insurance to unmarried domestic partners.

Former President Bill Clinton last week suggested his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, would support repealing the full Defense of Marriage Act, an apparent change in position from Hillary Clinton'sprevious position calling for repeal of just one part of the law. But a Hillary Clinton campaign spokesperson told the Blade that President Clinton "misspoke" in the interview. "Hillary Clinton supports only the repeal of section 3 of DOMA," campaign spokesperson Jin Chon said.

-Greece: More than 200 weblogs have joined an initiative called Greek Bloggers Against Discrimination to campaign against proposed new legislation on domestic partnerships that excludes same-sex couples. "This discriminatory project has been widely denounced not just by the LGBT community, but also Greek citizens from all walks of life who believe that it violates the Equality clause enshrined in our constitution, as well as the country's European commitments," the group said.

Pink News - UK
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-Judge rules that Gay ex-governor didn't torment his wife
The gay former Governor of New Jersey didn't plan on tormenting his wife while married a divorce court judge ruled yesterday. Jim McGreevey's wife, Dina Matos McGreevey claims that was conned into marrying a gay man who only wanted a wife in order to hide his homosexuality in an attempt to boost his political career.The former Governor of New Jersey admitted in 2004 to having an extra-marital affair with his male aide Golan Cipel.
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-Paddick questions whether homophobia hurt his career
The Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London has said if he were straight his career in the Metropolitan police "would have progressed differently." Brian Paddick left the force in May 2007, after 30 years service, at the rank of Deputy Assistant Commissioner. He was the most senior out gay police officer in the country. His autobiography, Line of Fire, was launched in London last night and goes on sale next week.
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-Medical council denies gay fertility discrimination
The regulatory body for the medical professions in the UK has said that doctors cannot discrimate against groups of patients, such as gay men or lesbians. The General Medical Council said that a report on its new guidelines, entitled Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice, was wrong to give the impression that doctors could decline fertility treatment on the grounds of sexual orientation.
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-Gays get organised in County Down
A new group for lesbian, gay and bisexual people has been launched in Bangor, Co Down. Gay and Lesbian across Down (GLAD) aims to provide a range of events for gay people living in or visiting the county, which is south of Belfast. District Commander Chief Superintendent Graham Shields of the Northern Ireland Police Service used the launch event to present a new initiative designed to increase the reporting of homophobic hate crime.
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-Ken Livingstone invited to Moscow Pride
The organisers of Moscow Pride have invited the Mayors of London, Paris and Berlin to attend this year. Last year's event was banned and gay protesters, ncluding Peter Tatchell and Right Said Fred singer Richard Fairbrass, were hysically attacked by a homophobic mob. In an interview with last year, London Mayor Ken Livingstone said he may attend Moscow Pride.
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-Greek bloggers fight for gay partnership equality
More than 200 weblogs have joined an initiative called Greek Bloggers Against Discrimination to campaign against proposed new legislation on domestic partnerships that excludes same-sex couples. "This discriminatory project has been widely denounced not just by the LGBT community, but also Greek citizens from all walks of life who believe that it violates the Equality clause enshrined in our constitution, as well as the country's European commitments," the group said.
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-US Presidential candidate visits Downing St
John McCain, the presumptive Republican party nominee for President of the United States, is visiting London today. The Senator from Arizona met with Prime Minister Gordon Brown at Downing St this morning and later had discussions with Conservative leader David Cameron. McCain, 71, is visiting France, Israel, Iraq and Jordan as part of a "fact-finding" mission ahead of the campaign for President.
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-Greek Orthodox church slams rights for unmarried couples
The Greek Othordox Church has spoken out against proposals to allow unmarried heretosexual couples in the country to have their relationships registered. The BBC reports that the Chruch's governing synod described moves by the Greek government to afford unmarried or defacto couples the same legal rights as their married counterparts as a "catastrophic bomb" which threatened Greek society and compared the move to "prostitution."
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Inside Higher Education

-Women's Studies on the Chopping Block
Kim Vaz, chair of the University of South Florida's women's studies department, has been in this position before. She's heard talk that her program, now the only free-standing one of its kind in Florida, would lose its autonomy, face cutbacks, or worse. All of that's on the table again for women's studies, Africana studies and other small programs and centers after a task force of faculty, students and staff released a report this month that calls for major cuts in order to save the university millions of dollars in operating expenses.


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