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GLBT DIGEST March 22, 2008

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- GMHC Launches Two
New HIV Awareness Campaigns
Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) hosted a press conference this morning to launch two new public-service advertising campaigns to raise awareness about HIV for women of color and young men of color who have sex with men.

-Mayor Joy rebukes Oklahoman's anti-gay comments
EUREKA SPRINGS - Statements made by Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern (R), secretly recorded and released on on March 7 brought a rebuke from Mayor Dani Joy at the conclusion of Monday's's city council meeting.

-Sex case dropped against governor's gay aide
Florida prosecutors have decided to drop their case against an aide to the governor of Massachusetts who had been accused of sexual battery against a teenage boy in the steam room of a resort.

-Feds deny passport to married gay man
The U.S. State Department will not issue a new passport to an international AIDS educator under his married name, which is a hyphenate combining his and his partner's surnames, Massachusetts newspaper The Sun Chronicle reported.

-"Lost" gets a gay character ... or gets back one, anyway
Yes, after four seasons and countless plot twists (including one pink herring) it was revealed last night that one of the show's 4,397 characters is a gay homosexual.

-Feds deny passport to married gay man
The U.S. State Department will not issue a new passport to an international AIDS educator under his married name, which is a hyphenate combining his and his artner's surnames, Massachusetts newspaper The Sun Chronicle reported.

-ABC Wants Gay Children
ABC's Good Morning America is looking for children under 10 who might be gay or "gender variant". You need to be prepared to be profiled on camera for a segment on the show

-Won't you be my gaybor?
As Oak Cliff is to Oak Lawn, many cities have born satellite gayborhoods.
Over the years, a number of urban neighborhoods around the world have developed ecidedly gay followings. GLBT visitors to San Francisco have long made a beeline or the Castro. Like Cedar Springs, New York's Chelsea, Chicago's Lakeview and San Diego's Hillcrest are famous for having substantial concentrations of gay-popular usinesses.

-Reflecting a new image in banking
It will open next summer at Church and Alexander in Toronto's gay village. Why some big banks are investing in Toronto's gay community

-Gay Marketing Arm of American Airlines and GLAAD Honour Judy Shepard
NEW YORK, March 20, 2008 - Judy Shepard, mother of Matthew Shepard who was the victim of a brutal homophobic murder ten years ago, was given an informal reception by American Airlines in New York on Monday, before going on to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Awards ceremony.

-AIDS Patients Evicted from Nepal Hospice Over Anti-Gay Bias
Pressure from anti-gay neighbors prompted the landlord of a building in Nepal housing an AIDS hospice run by the gay activist group Blue Diamond Society and sponsored by the Elton John AIDS foundation to throw 12 men diagnosed with AIDS out on the street. Four of those men, who come mostly from the poor India/Nepal border region called the Terai Plains, are terminally ill and had to be carried because they are unable to walk, IANS reports:

The Advocate
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-The Marrying Man
Four years after he pushed same-sex marriage forward in the national debate, Gavin Newsom is waiting for his answer in the California supreme court. So are we.

-Queer Birds Find a Home to Roost
Julius and Big Daddy, the roosters who chose each other as companions, have found a permanent home on a farm in Alabama, reports foster mom Brenda Lee in Los Angeles. The roosters came to L.A.'s A Dog's Life Rescue organization last year as a couple, and continued to eschew "normative chicken social conventions," wrote Lee's partner, Jayna.

Washington Post
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- The Man, The Brand, The Plan To Rule TV
How Ryan Seacrest Has Turned His Name Into a Household One

Express Gay News
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- March 21, 2008National Center for Lesbian Rights works behind the scenes with ESPN
From the National Center for Lesbian Rights:
Dear NCLR Supporter,
As the Sports Project Director at NCLR, I would like to extend a special invitation to our supporters to watch ESPN this Sunday as the topic of negative recruting and perceived sexual orientation is tackled by Outside the Lines.

-Idaho Women's Network gets state grant
Group is working to enact employee non-discrimination acts

-Tax benefits for unwed couples approved by Md. Senate
Senate has already voted to expand medical decision-making powers to partners

-Stealth mutant HIV could hold key to vaccine
HIV mutates to survive - it's one of the hallmarks of the disease. But it turns out that certain mutated strains are easier to fight off in subsequent infections, and this finding could help design an HIV vaccine.

-Lesbian priest says she wants license to minister in ND
A lesbian priest says she wants to start a dialogue with church leaders after the Episcopal bishop of North Dakota refused her request for a licenseto minister in the state.

-GLAAD should rescind its award to 'ATWT' - and apologize
Not only should GLAAD be publicly denounced for giving an award to "As the World Turns," but it should be pressured to rescind the prize.

-Anti-gay literature appears on doorsteps in Milwaukee alderman race
With a looming April 1 general election, Wisconsin's own version of Fred Phelps has begun attacking Milwaukee Common Council candidate Patrick Flaherty. Pilgrim's Covenant Church, headed by Ralph Ovadahl, started dropping hate-filled literature in key areas. The pamphlets are only being dropped off in the precincts within Flaherty's district that have the highest voter turnout.

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-Gay Playwright Kushner To Be Honored At Guthrie Theater
(Minneapolis, Minnesota) The Guthrie Theater is getting a lot more Kushner into its lineup next season.

-Richardson Endorses Obama
(Portland, Oregon) Bill Richardson, the nation's only Hispanic governor, threw his support behind Barack Obama for president Friday, delivering one of the most coveted and tightly held endorsements in the race for the Democratic nomination.

-Passport Files Of All Three Candidates Breached
(Washington) The passport files of the three presidential candidates - Sens. Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain - have been breached, the State Department said Friday.

-Sexually Ambivalent British Writer Denied Entry To US
(London) British writer and self-styled dandy Sebastian Horsley was denied entry to the United States after arriving to promote his memoir of sex, drugs and flamboyant fashion.

-Study: HIV Vaccine Volunteers Need More Support From Researchers
(Toronto, Ontario) When it comes to developing a safe, effective vaccine to stem the global AIDS pandemic, researchers agree there is one component they can't do without - volunteers willing to become human guinea pigs for testing the experimental serums.

Marriage Equality News
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-While other states in the country are passing Constitutional Amendments to ban same sex marriages, civil unions and even as far as contracts between same sex couples - New England has turned into a bastion of equality and rights. From Massachusetts's landmark decision in Goodridge to Connecticut currently taking up the case if there is a legal difference between civil unions and marriage - why has New England (with the notable exception of Rhode Island) been such a unique place for LGBT equality?

Pink News - UK
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-Comment: Is Clinton really any different to Obama?
Ann Turner tosses up whether either one of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is worthy of her vote in the Democratic primary. Or, if it really matters which one she picks as they both seem so similar.As I stood in line to cast my ballot in the Washington state Democratic caucuses last month, the choice of who to support for the presidential nominee still loomed large in my mind...
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-Greek bloggers fight for gay partnership equality
More than 200 weblogs have joined an initiative called Greek Bloggers Against Discrimination to campaign against proposed new legislation on domestic partnerships that excludes same-sex couples. "This discriminatory project has been widely denounced not just by the LGBT community, but also Greek citizens from all walks of life who believe that it violates the Equality clause enshrined in our constitution, as well as the country's European commitments," the group said.
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-Funding pledged to fight stigma around HIV
UK organisations are being asked to submit plans for innovative programmes that address stigma and shame around HIV/AIDS and the link between those factors and prevention, care and treatment for the disease.
The MAC AIDS Fund is the philanthropic arm of Estée Lauder-owned M·A·C Cosmetics.It has pledged £250,000 in new grant money to fight the problem nationally.
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-Being gay in the Former Yugoslavia
Nearly a decade after the horror of the Balkan Wars of the nineties, whatare the lives of LGBT citizens like in its successor states? With the assistance of an article on Yugoslavia from John Loughran in Gay Times from last year and Wikipedia, I've assembled the following series of profiles: Slovenia: It is the most progressive former republic, perhaps assisted by its distance from conservative Belgrade. It decriminalised homosexuality in1977, passed anti-discrimination laws that included LG Slovenians in 1998,and introduced civil unions in 2006. Croatia: This heavily Catholic former Yugoslav state decriminalised gay sex in 1977, and has a patchwork of isparate anti-discrimination laws that forbid discrimination on the basisof sexual orientation. As well as this,there are domestic partnership partial protections for same-sex relationships, but a private members bill failed to introduce proper civil unions in 2006.

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-On March 18, 2008 the Dutch parliament voted on a resolution to endorse theYogyakarta Principles. The resolution was accepted with a large majority(only the political party led by anti Muslim leader Wilders voted against).
Below you'll find an unofficial translation.
Taking into consideration that in more than in 75 countries in the worldhomosexuality is criminalized and in 7 other countries LGBT-people mightface the death penalty;
Taking into consideration that in November 2006 the so called YogyakartaPrinciples are codified, in which all existing and legally binding humanrights are translated to people with a different sexual orientation orgender identity, while the Principles are accompanied with recommendationsto national governments and other actors how to incorporate them in theirlaws and policies;
Taking into consideration that during the 7th session of the UN Human Rights Council the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs declared on behalf of theDutch Government to fully endorse the Yogyakarta Principles;
Taking into consideration that May 17 is designated as International DayAgainst Homophobia (IDAHO) and that it is of importance to internationalhuman rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch, AmnestyInternational, Global Rights and ILGA that national parliaments will referto the importance of the Yogyakartya Principles in the fight againstdiscrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity;
Declares that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity must be rejected forcefully, while acknowledging that theYogyakarta Principles are thereto a good guidance;
And Requests the President of the House of Representatives of the Dutchparliament to bring the Yogyakarta Principles to the attention of otherparliaments in the context of the International day against Homophobia andrequests the President to ask these parliaments to also endorse theYogyakarta Principles.


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