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New York Times
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-Bush Silent, but Others Speak Out on Tibet Crackdown
WASHINGTON - China's violent crackdown on protesters in Tibet is havingpowerful political reverberations in Washington, where the White House isweighing how far to go in condemning the Chinese government, even as itdefends President Bush's decision to attend the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

-A Dutch Antagonist of Islam Waits for His Premiere
GEERT WILDERS'S bleached-blond hair goes to the root of his character.
For more than two decades, Mr. Wilders, the controversial anti-Islam memberof the Dutch Parliament, has dyed his hair a provocative - some sayextreme - platinum blond.

-Taiwan Vote May Herald Closer Ties With China
TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwan elected on Saturday its first president who hadcampaigned for closer economic relations with Beijing, paving the way for aconsiderable lessening of tensions in one of Asia's oldest flashpoints.

-Donner Party Democrats
When they set out, it all looked so bright - away to the West, to the Denver convention, nothing but blue skies ahead. They had a continent to cross, anation to convince, and they vowed to do it in a way that had never beendone before.

-First a Tense Talk With Clinton, Then Richardson Backs Obama
PORTLAND, Ore. - "I talked to Senator Clinton last night," Gov. BillRichardson of New Mexico said on Friday, describing the tense telephone callin which he informed Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton that, despite two monthsof personal entreaties by her and her husband, he would be endorsing SenatorBarack Obama for president.

-No Admission for Evolutionary Biologist at Creationist Film
Two evolutionary biologists tried to attend a screening of the movie"Expelled," which makes the case for intelligent design, but only one wasallowed in.

Washington Post
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-Dick Cheney's Error
It's Government By the People
For at least six years, as I've become increasingly frustrated by the Bush administration's repeated betrayal of constitutional -- and conservative -- principles, I have defended Vice President Cheney, a man I've known for decades and with whom I served and made common cause in Congress. No longer.

-Why Obama Stands With His Church
All they wanted to do was pray with the rest of the congregation. But thatwas asking too much.

-Speech Translation
While Barack Obama's speech on race earlier this week was geared primarilytoward domestic concerns, as an American of Middle Eastern origin, watchingfrom a café in Jordan, I was struck by the possibilities it offered not onlyfor race relations at home, but for our relationship with Arabs and Muslimsabroad.

-To Keep and Bear Arms
Nearly 135 years ago, the United States experienced what may have been theworst one-day slaughter of blacks by whites in its history. On April 13,1873, in the tiny village of Colfax, La., white paramilitaries attacked alightly armed force of freedmen assembled in a local courthouse. By the timethe Colfax Massacre was over, more than 60 African American men lay shot,burned or stabbed to death. Most were killed after they had surrendered.

-Insecure About Climate Change
When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, Americans witnessed whatlooked like an overseas humanitarian-relief operation. The storm destroyedmuch of the city, causing more than $80 billion in damage, killing more than1,800 people, and displacing in excess of 270,000. The country suddenly hadto divert its attention and military resources to respond to a domesticemergency. While scientists do not attribute single events to globalwarming, the storm gave Americans a visual image of what climate change --which scientists believe will likely exacerbate the severity and number ofextreme weather events -- might mean for the future.

-Better Monitors
New Justice Department rules should improve the system of appointingoverseers for settlements with the government.

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- Cell phones become tools for helping detectives find crime suspects
Tracking technology built in originally for 911 callsCell-phone companies
can tell not only where your phone is, but as long as it's on, they cantrace where it's been - whether the phone is in use or not. And thattechnology is becoming a staple of law enforcement investigations.,0,5269587.story

-Obama Finds Pulpit in Center of Racial Divide
When Sen. Barack Obama faced the cameras Tuesday in Philadelphia, he wascaught between his roles as politician and parishioner, forced to condemnhis pastor's words as he tried to advance his own campaign for president.

Miami Herald
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-Snooping of candidates' passport files probed
The State Department now admits that besides the passport files of Sen.Barack Obama, those of Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. John McCain also havebeen looked into by unauthorized personnel.

-China a reminder of the worst of the Stalinist, Maoist eras
PRAGUE -- The recent events in Tibet and adjoining provinces are causes fordeep concern. Indeed, the dispersal of a peaceful protest march organized byTibetan monks, which led to a wave of unrest that was brutally suppressed bythe Chinese military and police, has caused indignation all over thedemocratic world.

-Why bailouts for huge companies, not homeowners?
I don't know too many economists who get confused with preachers. But thereare times when they talk about virtue and temptation as if they werefree-market holy rollers.

-Just no simple way to end tax breaks
Eliminating sales-tax exemptions could add $12.3 billion to state revenue,but experts say it's more complicated than you think.

Fort Report
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-Dems crushing McCain in money war
John McCain had his second biggest fundraising month in February, pulling in$11 million mostly after he all but secured the GOP presidential nominationwith a collection of big wins in the Super Tuesday contests on Feb. 5.

-Are Evangelical Voters Abandoning the Republican Establishment?
A new breed of evangelical may provide inroads for progressives in a votingbloc that's long seemed out of reach.

-Story behind the story: The Clinton myth
One big fact has largely been lost in the recent coverage of the Democraticpresidential race: Hillary Rodham Clinton has virtually no chance ofwinning.

-Wright's gift to the right
Early reactions to Sen. Barack Obama's Big Speech in Philadelphia last weekabout his pastor and spiritual adviser of 20 years, the Rev. Jeremiah A.Wright Jr., sound like a mixed review: "It was a nice speech about race, butwhat about that nutty preacher?",0,3431090.column


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