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FLORIDA DIGEST April 13, 2008

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-Is it 2000? Or 1787?
Florida's senior senator couldn't persuade Democratic party leaders to holda mail-in, do-over primary and seat Florida's delegates at the nationalconvention. Apparently, Bill Nelson's Plan B is to overhaul the entirepresidential election system.

-Saggy pants and the new racial divide
Stand with me in the 1970s. James Brown exhorted us to "Say it loud, I'mblack and I'm proud." The Afro hairstyle, made famous by Angela Davis, andthe dashiki tunic were the symbols of this pride. And they were everywhere.

-Our view: Undermining science
Academic freedom bill harms education and should be swiftly voted down
Teachers in Florida's public schools should teach to the highest standardsof scientific knowledge.

-Jimmy Carter defends meeting with Hamas
WASHINGTON - Former President Jimmy Carter said he feels "quite at ease"about meeting Hamas militants over the objections of Washington because thePalestinian group is essential to a future peace with Israel.

-It's time to clean up South Florida's dirty little secret
Blue sky. Golden sun. Blue sea. White sand. An offshore breeze hollowing outperfectly formed head-high waves.
Sure, it sounds like paradise. Until you find out that the ocean waters arefouled by poorly treated sewage.
The Surfrider Foundation, an international conservation organization, andthe Florida Coastal and Oceans Coalition have decided to put a stop to thedecades-long practice of dumping minimally treated wastewater directly intothe ocean.


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