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GLBT DIGEST April 15, 2008

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New York Times
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-Pope: 'Ashamed' of Clergy Abuse Scandal
ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE (AP) -- Pope Benedict XVI said Tuesday he was''deeply ashamed'' of the clergy sexual abuse scandal that stained theCatholic church and will work to make sure pedophiles don't become priests.

-Faith in Spotlight, Candidates Battle for Catholic Votes
WASHINGTON - Many years have passed since the Democratic Party was as much apart of American Catholic identity as weekly Mass and parochial school. Butit still came as a shock to many Democrats to lose the Catholic vote, a keygroup in must-win states like Ohio, in the 2004 presidential election.

-How Epidemics Helped Shape the Modern Metropolis
On a Sunday in July 1832, a fearful and somber crowd of New Yorkers gatheredin City Hall Park for more bad news. The epidemic of cholera, cause unknownand prognosis dire, had reached its peak.

Washington Post
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-A Back-to-Basics Messenger
Pontiff Expected to Stress Traditional Catholic Worship, Belief in Miracles
ROME, April 14 -- In an era saturated with entertainment and politics, a keyquestion looms as Pope Benedict XVI leaves here Tuesday for Washington: Ishis style too dense to get Americans' attention?

Express Gay News
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-Rejected rule on sexuality to come down from state Web site
Raleigh - The state personnel office will take down from its Web site a ruleagainst anti-gay discrimination.
The proposed rule was rejected in January by the state Rules ReviewCommission as overstepping the State Personnel Commission's authority, butit showed up in a copy of the state personnel handbook posted online.

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-GOP Lawmaker Apologizes For Obama Remark
(Frankfort, Kentucky) Republican Rep. Geoff Davis has apologized toDemocratic presidential candidate Barack Obama after referring to him as"that boy."

-BET Founder Takes On Obama, Race
(Charlotte, North Carolina) The billionaire founder of Black EntertainmentTelevision says Barack Obama would not be a leading presidential candidateif he were white and that the Illinois senator's campaign has "ahair-trigger on anything racial."

-Poll: Clinton Maintains 6-Point Lead In Pa.
(Washington) One week before Pennsylvania's presidential primary, Clinton isholding the line as front-runner.

-Gay Hate Becomes A Family Affair
(Worcester, Massachusetts) Three members of a Worcester, Massachusettsfamily are facing trial on hate charges following an incident in anapartment where two men were attacked in what police describe as ahomophobic assault.

-Cdn. Tories, Grits Deadlocked
(Ottawa) A new national poll suggests Conservatives and Liberals remaindeadlocked with neither party able to muster more than lukewarm levels ofpublic support.

-Study: Pink Ceiling Limits Careers
(London) A UK survey of LGBT workers has found that most believe coming outwill hurt their careers.

-Photographer To Appeal Human Rights Fine For Refusing To Take Gay CouplePictures
(Albuquerque, New Mexico) Attorneys for a photographer say they appeal "asfor as it will go" a finding that she violated the New Mexico human rightslaw by refusing to take pictures of the commitment ceremony of a lesbiancouple.

National Gay News
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-"I Am Who I Am"
Franciscan duo again to lead spiritual get-together for "Gay and LesbianCatholics" at order's retreat house in Danville
As they did last year, Franciscan Frs. Jim Schexnayder and Rusty Shaughnessywill direct a "Gay and Lesbian Catholics Retreat" at San Damiano RetreatHouse at Danville, in the Oakland diocese.

-Actor Blair Underwood to Join Thousands of Walkers for Florida AIDS Walk
Actor Blair Underwood (Dirty Sexy Money, In Treatment, The New Adventures ofOld Christine) and actor/comedian Mario Cantone (Sex and the City: TheMovie) will join thousands of walkers for the Florida AIDS Walk on Sunday,April 27th, starting and ending at Huizenga Plaza in downtown Ft.Lauderdale. Presented by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), AHF Pharmacy andOut of the Closet Thrift Stores, funds raised by Florida AIDS Walk willsupport the expansion of free HIV testing and prevention education inFlorida's Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, as well as healthcare forHIV-positive individuals throughout the state. For more information, to makea donation, or to register as a team captain, walk participant, virtualwalker, or volunteer, please visit: www.FloridaAIDSWalk.org. Whether walkingthe full 10k route, the 5k route or only a few blocks - each person'sparticipation will make a difference.

-One Third of Thailand's Gays Now Threatened by HIV
The Thai Ministry of Public Health has just released figures detailing thedramatic rise of HIV infection among MSM (men who have sex with men).
Estimated at 28% in 2005, that number has increased to an all-time high ofjust under 31% in 2007.

-"Work Out," Reality TV Normalizing Gays
The third season of Work Out, Bravo's mostly-gay gym drama, premieres thisweek. AfterEllen.com has an insightful article on the reality show and itsstar, Jackie Warner: Warner is a unique personality on the televisionlandscape - a lesbian, an athlete and a businesswoman. In a medium whereelite female athletes are not given much coverage and the emphasis is onthose who are traditionally feminine, Warner stands out for herassertiveness and power.

-Colleges 'Coming Out' For Gays
As high-schoolers are "coming out" at younger ages, universities are doingmore to market themselves to college-bound gay students. The University ofColorado -- which participates in about 65 national, springtimecollege-admissions fairs -- included one for gay, lesbian, bisexual andtransgender students on this year's schedule. Also, the Boulder campus'Gay-Straight Alliance is working with the student government to start a newprogram in which CU students would educate high-schoolers on issuessurrounding sexuality and campus programs.

-Eye-Opening Lecture Kicks Off GLBT Week
Rev. Mel White said coming out as a homosexual was incredibly difficult. Hewas a Christian minister. He feared ridicule. And he chose to make theannouncement on national television. Monday night, students, faculty andother community members gathered in Student Center Ballroom D to listen toWhite's story of his struggle to accept his own homosexual orientation, butalso acceptance from other Christians.

-Candidates Silent to GLBT Issues
On Sunday, Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton traveled to MessiahCollege in Pennsylvania to speak at an event aired by CNN called "TheCompassion Forum." Unfortunately, the senators failed at their chance todiscuss Messiah College's less than compassionate discriminatory policiestoward gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. Messiah is one of ahundred universities that discriminate against the GLBT community. It isdisappointing that the senators did not address these policies that breedintolerance and misunderstanding.

-Gays and Lesbians Conceiving Children via Surrogacy or AlternativeInsemination
Gay and lesbian couples never become pregnant by accident. However, theirmethods of achieving pregnancy are many and varied. A growing number oflesbian couples are choosing alternative insemination of one partner; and agrowing number of gay male couples are choosing gestational surrogacy(fertilizing an egg contributed by one woman and arranging with a differentwoman to carry the fetus until birth).

-Business More Accepting of Gay, Lesbian Employees
Jan Stevenson became so impatient with the pace of change in acceptance ofpeople with gender concerns she and her partner bought Between the Linesnewspaper in 1995 and transformed it into the Pride Source Media Group witha 20,000 weekly circulation, sales in excess of $1 million andpart-sponsorship of an annual PrideFest in Ferndale that draws up to 50,000people.

-PlanetOut Is Out Of Publishing (And $26 Million)
In an embarrassing setback, PlanetOut Inc., a leading LGBTmedia company, isselling its magazine business for a song--after a steady decline in ad pagesand readership at two of the best-known LGBT magazines, Out and Advocate.
Having purchased the magazines and erotic book business of LiberationPublications for $32.1 million in November 2004, on Thursday PlanetOutannounced it is selling the magazines to Here Networks, a gay andlesbian-themed TV network, for a paltry $6 million.

The Advocate
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-Chelsea Clinton Wows Gays at Portland's Red Dress Party
Between giving speeches for her mother in Oregon, Chelsea Clinton made anappearance at Portland's legendary Red Dress Party, an annual dance wherealmost 2,000 attendees -- mostly gay men -- don red gowns and enjoy disco,the Willamette Week reported Sunday.

-Oregon Methodist Church Votes to Accept Gays
An Oregon Methodist church that previously did not welcome LGBT congregantshas decided to embrace interested churchgoers regardless of sexualorientation. According to The [Eugene] Register-Guard newspaper, thegoverning body of the First United Methodist Church in downtown Eugene voted168-10 to become the third "reconciling" Methodist church in Lane County andninth in the state.

Marriage Equality News
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-Michael Fouquette feels lucky - he found a man, fell in love, and has beenliving happily in Orange County for five years. Now, he only needs a visa.
Fouquette, a 43-year old web designer, is banking on the U.S. government'svisa lottery for skilled workers, hoping his Taiwanese partner Ming-JerLee - who holds a doctorate in electrical engineering from UC Irvine - willbe among the winners. That's because unlike straight couples, same-sexpartners can't apply for a green card. "They can't recognize ourrelationship for him to immigrate, or for us to stay together," saidFouquette, who met Lee, 39, shortly after he came to California for graduateschool on a student visa. "We've been lucky. But should we have to (be)?"

-The trial of a lesbian couple charged with trespassing after they staged asit-in at the Denver Clerk and Recorder's Office was postponed Monday untilMay 6. Catherine Burns and Sheila Schroeder were charged with themisdemeanor after they were denied a marriage license and refused to leavethe building.

-The log cabin is a tricky place -- gay Republicans often must temper theirparty allegiance or risk self-ostracizing. Thanks to Washington's civilunion bill signed March 12, however, conservative gay partners not only havea host of new rights but a new lease on their vote come November. RudyGiuliani began as the obvious favorite among Log Cabin Republicans, a gaywing of the Republican Party. Unafraid of rooming with a gay couple -- as hedid following the separation from his second wife -- or dressing in drag,the sexually confident former mayor was supported by many of the party's gaymembers.

-Hundreds of demonstrators from all over Norway descended on downtown Osloover the weekend to protest the government's proposed law allowing same-sexmarriages. The protesters included immigrants and native Norwegians, andthey came from the villages and the cities. All were firmly against marriagerights for gay and lesbian couples. Former Bishop Per Lønning was amongthose speaking in the public square called Youngstorget in downtown Oslo.
Supporters have called the proposed "sex-neutral" marriage rights "a victoryfor romance and reason." Lønning equated that to nonsense "typical of ourtimes."

Pink News - UK
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-Gay World Cup organisers say 90% of funding in place
The 2008 International Gay and Lesbian Football Association WorldChampionship being held in London later this year has announced cashsponsorship from a website. The championship became an issue in the electionfor Mayor of London today when LGBT activist and Green party candidate PeterTatchell attacked the incumbent for reportedly declining to contribute tothe funding and or sign a letter of support for a grant application to thelottery fund.
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-Scots Parliament considers gay blood ban
A petition calling for an end to the blanket ban on blood donations from gaymen will be considered by the Scottish Parliament today. The ScottishNational Blood Transfusion Service maintains that it is not a question ofbeing gay or bisexual but the risk involved. Rob McDowall, who has led thecampaign against the ban, said:
"Blood has no sexual preference and being gay does not mean that you sleepabout and have serial sexual partners."
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-American Catholics think Pope is out of touch
A wide-ranging poll of Roman Catholics in the US has found that two thirdsof them feel the Church is out of touch with today's world. Just two yearsago, when Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope, 52% of AmericanCatholics held that view: now the figure is 62%. The figures come ahead of aPapal visit to the United States. Pope Benedict XVI, who has been outspokenin his opposition to equal rights for LGBT people, will visit Washington andNew York.
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-DA asked to treat King killer as a juvenile
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans activists are urging that a 14-year-old boywho is to stand trial for the murder of his classmate be dealt with by ajuvenile court. Lawrence King, who self-identified as gay and wore feminineclothing, was shot in the head during a class on February 12th, allegedly byclassmate Brandon McInerney, 14, at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard,California. McInerney has been charged as an adult and could face up to 24years to life for the murder charge.
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-Marilyn sex tape sells for $1.5m
It's been over 50 years since The Seven Year Itch was released but the saleof a newly discovered Marilyn Monroe sex tape proves that some folks willstill pay top dollar to look up the bombshell's skirt. A New York Citycollector and businessman just paid a cool $1.5 million (£762,000) for thesilent, black and white sex film of the famous blonde orally servicing anunidentified man for 15 minutes. But unlike today's celebrity sex tapes,Monroe's will remain under wraps for now.
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-Berlusconi back in power, but what about gay rights?
Conservative media tycoon Silvio Berlusconi has declared victory in theItalian general election as he looks set to begin his third term as primeminister after beating socialist Walter Veltroni. In a phone call to Rai TV,Signor Berlusconi said of his victory: "I'm moved, I feel a greatresponsibility. We have difficult months ahead that will require greatstrength." Berlusconi's right wing alliance is expected to have won 45.9per cent of the vote, compared to 39.1 per cent for the left.
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-Pressure grows on EU over discrimination directive
The European Commission has been urged by several leading groups in theEuropean Parliament to implement a discrimination directive that coverssexual orientation. There have been strong indications from CommissionPresident Jose Manual Barroso and employment, social affairs and equalopportunities commissioner Vladimir Spidla that the directive may focus ondisability only. Article 13 of the Amsterdam Treaty requires EU memberstates to introduce legislation on discrimination.
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-Anglican leader backs ban on same-sex prom dates
The leader of the Anglican church in Australia has backed a decision by asecondary school to bar its male pupils from bringing their boyfriends tothe annual formal dance. A handful of Year 12 (Sixth Form) students atAnglican Grammar School in Brisbane had expressed their desire to bringtheir gay partners to the end of year ball. The Most Revd Phillip Aspinallis both president of the school's council and Anglican Archbishop ofBrisbane.
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-Serb President guarantees Eurovision safety
An official at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has revealed that theyhave been given "a guarantee for the safety of delegations, press and fansissued by the President of Serbia," covering this year's Eurovision contestin Belgrade. Human rights activists have raised concerns that Western fansvisiting Serbia will be targeted by fascist elements in the country. Gaymen are a particular target, according to the president of the fascistorganisation Obraz.
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-Gay Scots footballers collect silverware
The second and final leg of the inaugural Fitlads Cup, played yesterday inEdinburgh, went to a nail-biting penalties finish after a 3-3 aggregate drawbetween HotScots FC and London Falcons FC. The first LGBT football teamnorth of the border took victory. HotScots FC was founded last year with theaim of organising socials and regular kickabouts and to provide a socialoutlet for LGBT people who wish to watch and participate in football withother like-minded people.
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Forwarded from Gays Without Borders
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-The Mayor of London has refused to contribute to the funding of the2008
International Gay & Lesbian Football Association WorldChampionship, which isbeing held in London in August.Mr Livingstone has also refused to sign aletter of support for theIGLFAWC's grant application to the lottery fund.
Having thehigh-profile support of the Mayor would increase the likelihood ofthegrant succeeding. The unexpected lack of financial support from the Mayorhascontributed to the IGLFAWC being left with a funding shortfall. Theorganisers need to raise another £30,000 to cover their costs.

Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List
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-On Monday, April 14, the National Center for Transgender
Equality (NCTE) will honor Rep. Jerrold Nadler and the other six members ofCongress who stood unwavering in their support of gender identityprotections. During last year's disappointing setback in the work to pass aunified Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), seven members of Congressremained true to their commitment to only support legislation that coveredall LGBT people. By standing up for the broadest protections, theydemonstrated their courage and commitment to ensuring that all people inthis country should live free from discrimination.


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