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FLORIDA DIGEST April 15, 2008

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-Florida budget cuts would hurt 'oldest, sickest and neediest'
TALLAHASSEE - For every dollar cut from Florida's budget, a life somewherewill be touched. Many of them will belong to the state's youngest, oldest,sickest and neediest, whose numbers grow in bad economic times.

Miami Herald
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-Florida hospitals rated below average
Hospitals in the state rank relatively low in quality and patientsatisfaction, according to two federal surveys.
Florida's hospitals are lagging the nation in two important measures --quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Fort Report
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-Tallahassee to vulnerable Floridians: Drop dead
If a state had its priorities straight, balancing a budget on the backs ofthe working poor, the elderly and the disabled would be the last option.
This year in Florida, it's the first option.
With the Republican-led House and Senate having completed mutuallyheartless, stupid budgets last week - after rejecting attempts by Democratsto raise revenue by imposing tax fairness - the Legislature officially isconsidering cuts of as much as $637 million in health care for some of thestate's most vulnerable residents. Included are indefensible reductions inthe Medicaid Program for the Aged and Disabled and the Medically Needyprogram.

-Options shrink for property tax reform in Florida
TALLAHASSEE - Just last month it looked as if Florida voters could have twochoices for reforming the property tax system in November. Now, it'spossible they could have none.

-Evolution fray attracts top scientist
Nobel winner battles plan to let teachers challenge Darwin's theory
TALLAHASSEE - His mess of white hair rising with the wind, Nobel laureateHarold Kroto delivered what has become his standard speech on evolution:Humans and fruit flies share the same genes.

-Evolution bill draws scientific ire
TALLAHASSEE - Calling a bill that would introduce theories other thanevolution into the classroom "evilution" and a magnet for lawsuits ifpassed, a group of scientists and other opponents galvanized against thelegislation on Monday.

From The Florida Red and Blue/Say No 2 Team

-We're working across Florida to get voters to Say No 2, but we wanted tofocus a little bit on what's happening in Broward County, definitely one ofour most active areas.
And we'll lead with this: it happened quietly, but we think now's the timeto unveil a major opponent to Amendment 2:
The Broward League of Cities, representing 31 cities in South Florida andover 80 associate government, nonprofit and business organizations.
The League passed a resolution in January opposing Amendment 2, because "theproposed Constitutional Amendment will prohibit other protections that mightotherwise be available, including but not limited to domestic partnershipbenefits."
We think this is a big deal - 31 cities Say No 2 taking away benefits andprotections from unmarried Floridians. Click HERE to see the League'sresolution.
It sure runs counter to what the supporters of Amendment 2 are saying.
They're focused on the tired old message of "banning gay marriage" - even thoughthey know there are no fewer than four laws on the books that make same-sexmarriage illegal in Florida, and that when Amendment 2 is rejected by thevoters it will still be illegal.
And speaking of opposition.If you were at Fort Lauderdale's Pridefest thispast weekend you would have seen a TREMENDOUS amount of opposition toAmendment 2. Florida Red and Blue/Say No 2 staff and volunteers workednonstop to reach attendees and explain the dangers of Amendment 2.
We signed up more than 900 volunteers, and more than 1,500 people pledged toSayNo2 at the ballot box in November. That's what we're replicating acrossFlorida - and that's how we'll beat Amendment 2.
Kudos to SayNo2's new Broward field coordinator SF Mahee, who was a ball ofenergy for two days. If you'd like to volunteer or find out how you canhelp, please click HERE, or contact SF directly at sf@floridaredandblue.com.
If you'd like to contribute so we can replicate our Broward success in yourarea, click HERE.
Last week we told you about our newest Advisory Board member, US Rep. AlceeHastings, who represents a large part of Broward County. He's the sixthmember of the Florida Congressional delegation to Say No 2, and joins hisBroward colleagues US Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Kendrick Meek.
Joining them on the Advisory Board from Broward are Dan Reynolds, BrowardAFL-CIO president; Stacy Ritter, Broward County Vice Mayor; Broward CountyCommissioners Sue Gunzberger and Ken Keechl; Sandy Steen, Broward Log CabinRepublicans president; Andrew Torres, Broward Hispanic Democratic Caucuspresident; Mitch Ceasar, chair of the Broward Democratic Party; and StateReps. Elaine Schwartz and Evan Jenne.
From the Congressional delegation, to municipal officials, to Browardresidents - everyone is on board to Say No 2.
And one more quick thing: please click HERE so Florida Red and Blue/Say No 2
can win a fast $1,000 in an online poll. It'll just take a few seconds, andas you know, every dollar counts toward helping us reach voters to Say No 2.Thanks for your support.
The Florida Red and Blue/Say No 2 Team


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