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GLBT DIGEST April 16, 2008

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New York Times
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-Some gay couples are having trouble obtaining divorces
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) -- Gay couples had to struggle mightily to win theright to marry or form civil unions. Now, some are finding that breaking upis hard to do, too.
In Rhode Island, for example, the state's top court ruled in December that
gays married in neighboring Massachusetts can't get divorced here becauselawmakers have never defined marriage as anything but a union between a manand woman. In Missouri, a judge is deciding whether a lesbian married inMassachusetts can get an annulment.

-Changing With Times, a Parish Prospers
The morning service begins with the swift tap-tap-tap of drums, accentedwith horns. "El Señor es mi pastor," the band sings out, echoed by loudclaps from the pews.

-Krister Stendahl, 86, Ecumenical Bishop, Is Dead
Krister Stendahl, a former dean of the Harvard Divinity School and a bishopin Sweden whose scholarship opened new ways of interpreting the Apostle Pauland whose activism pushed churches toward unity and tolerance, died onTuesday in Boston. He was 86.

-"Faith Vote" Big In Pennsylvania Primary
MECHANICSBURG, Pennsylvania (Reuters) - Darwin McAfee is a white evangelicalProtestant who is opposed to abortion and likes the great outdoors.

-Pope lands in US, vows to fight clergy sex abuse
ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE, Md. (AP) -- Pope Benedict XVI stepped onto U.S. soilfor the time as pontiff Tuesday, arriving to a presidential handshake andwild cheering only hours after he admitted that he is ''deeply ashamed'' ofthe clergy sex abuse scandal that has devastated the American church.

-The Pope's Visit: Abuse Victims Not Placated by Pope
WASHINGTON - Far from tamping down emotions, Pope Benedict XVI's expressionof remorse on Tuesday for the church's sexual abuse scandal prompted anangry and skeptical response from victims, who said they wanted actions, notwords from the Vatican.

Express Gay News
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-Chinese AIDS victims detained, harassed: lawyers
BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese police have detained up to eightHIV/AIDS-affected people who tried to complain to Premier Wen Jiabao about ahospital they claimed spread the HIV virus, lawyers for two of the familiessaid on Monday.

-LGBT Rights Group Faults CNN, Not Candidates, for Choosing Messiah College"It is our understanding that CNN chose the venue," Brad Luna,communications director for the Human Rights Campaign, told me in an email,when I asked about the appropriateness of Sens. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, andBarack Obama, D-Illinois, who profess to support gay rights, speaking Sundaynight at Messiah College where homosexuality is classified as a sin alongwith adultery, stealing, and sexual abuse.

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-Homophobic Attacks Lead Gay Couple To Split
(Edinburgh) Dreams of domestic bliss following their civil partnership havebeen shattered for a Scots gay couple following a series of homophobicattacks, allegedly by their neighbors.

-Medical Pot Users Owe Canadian Government More Than $500,000
(Ottawa) Medical marijuana users are on the hook for more than $500,000 inunpaid bills for government-certified weed, raising questions about theeffectiveness of Health Canada's troubled dope program.

-Actor Luke Macfarlane Comes Out
(Toronto, Ontario) Actor Luke Macfarlane, a regular in the ABC seriesBrothers & Sisters, has come out in an interview with a Canadian newspaper.

-Trial Begins For Pair Accused In Royal Gay Blackmail Plot
(London) Two men demanded 50,000 pounds, or about $100,000 (USD), from amember of the Royal Family to hand over video and audio recordingscontaining ``scandalous and disparaging'' allegations, prosecutors saidTuesday.

-Gay Rights To Suffer With Berlusconi Victory
(Rome) Italy has tilted to right with Silvio Berlusconi triumphing inparliamentary election.

The Advocate
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-Hillary Clinton to Appear on Colbert
Hillary Clinton is hoping the ''Colbert bump'' will help propel her to victory in Pennsylvania. The Democratic presidential candidate will make her first appearance on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report on Thursday. Both Clinton and Colbert have come to Pennsylvania ahead of the state's hard-fought Democratic primary on April 22.

Marriage Equality News
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-The Netherlands: Marriage registrars who refuse to perform same-sexmarriages must also be denied from performing marriages between men andwomen, the Equal Treatment Commission (CGB) ruled yesterday. In October2007, the municipality of Langedijk placed an ad for two marriageregistrars. The municipality demanded that applicants be prepared to conductboth heterosexual and same-sex marriages. The CGB judged yesterday thatmunicipalities may indeed make this requirement. A local authority is "notviolating the equal treatment law if it refuses to appoint a marriageregistrar who does not wish to marry persons of the same sex on grounds ofreligion".

-Maine: Groups that support gay rights have sent a 12-page letter to Secretary of
State Matthew Dunlap outlining what they say is wrong with a proposedreferendum question submitted last week by Michael Heath, executive directorof the Christian Civic League of Maine. The Maine Civil Liberties Union,Equality Maine and the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders claim that thecurrent language in the league's proposed question would "take away everybasic right that gay and lesbian Mainers have."

-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's announcement last week that he would oppose aballot measure reaffirming California's ban on same-sex marriage delightedgay-rights activists and infuriated social conservatives, who accused him offlip-flopping on the issue. But Schwarzenegger's stand appears to reflecthis long-standing ambivalence over an issue on which so many people inpolitics feel so strongly. Based on everything he has said since he wasfirst a candidate for governor, Schwarzenegger does not really seem to carewhether California legalizes gay marriage or not, whatever his personalfeelings on the subject might be.

-The fight for gay marriage in California has been a tough one during thelast decade. In 2000, Proposition 22 was passed by 62% of the state'svoters, limiting marriage to a man and a women. Its since been sent to theState's Supreme Court. Gov. Schwarzenegger has twice vetoed Gay MarriageBills sent to him by the California Legislature, the second as recently aslast year. "He will uphold whatever the court decides," Schwarzeneggerspokeswoman Margita Thompson said after the bill's original passing.

-The Illinois House has rejected a measure aimed at helping gay teachers inChicago. The measure involves pension benefits that surviving spouses can collect after a teacher dies. The change would have allowed gay teachers to givesurvivor benefits to their partners, just as married couples can.
The legislation failed 43-67 Tuesday. Supporters say the change wouldn'thave cost taxpayers anything. Teachers would have paid all costs.

-Maine: The Christian Civic League of Maine is like the Energizer bunny -- except that it's not amusing. Like the bunny, it keeps going and going and going. Just when we thought the world, or at least Maine, was safe from another bigoted campaign against gay men and women, the League is launching a new referendum effort to repeal every law providing protection to people who have long faced discrimination. It's amazing how much fear and hatred the League managed to pack into one proposed referendum.

Pink News - UK
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-Pope makes distinction between gays and paedophiles
The leader of the Roman Catholic Church has spoken out about the sexualabuse of children by priests. Benedict XVI gave a rare insight into hisviews to reporters accompanying him on his first Papal visit to the UnitedStates, which began yesterday. In his comments the pontiff moved to dismissthe suggestion that he links sexual abuse of children with homosexuality.
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-DC Madam with links to Senators found guilty
Once considered a viable running mate for Republican Presidential hopefulSenator John McCain, a federal jury on Tuesday found 'D.C. Madam' DeborahJeane Palfrey guilty of money laundering and racketeering for running aprostitution ring. Throughout the trial, Palfrey, 52, maintained that hercompany, Pamela Martin and Associates escort service, provided legal escortservices that catered to adult fantasies from 1993 to 2006. Palfrey, wearinga grey suit and with clasped hands, showed little emotion when the juryfound her guilty.
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-Gay refugees face prejudice across the world
Biplob Hossain, a gay refugee from Bangladesh who is seeking asylum inAustralia, and Joaquin Ramirez, facing deportation from Canada to ElSalvador, have highlighted the plight of gay men who flee their countries toescape persecution.Mr Hossain, 25, moved to Australia on a student visa whenhe was 19. He applied for asylum on the basis that he would sufferpersecution in Bangladesh. He was placed in a detention centre for 29months.
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-Senior Mormons agree to meet with gay group
Mormon church officials have agreed to meet with a gay Mormon support group.
Affirmation, a group that supports the Mormon LGBT community, were invitedto meet with Fred Riley, commissioner of Family Services for The Church ofJesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Harold C. Brown, the agency's pastcommissioner.Mr Riley said: "We believe that is always important to have theopportunity to be given better understanding of your points of view."
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-Gay World Cup organisers say 90% of funding in place
The 2008 International Gay and Lesbian Football Association WorldChampionship being held in London later this year has announced cashsponsorship from a website. The championship became an issue in the electionfor Mayor of London today when LGBT activist and Green party candidate PeterTatchell attacked the incumbent for reportedly declining to contribute tothe funding and or sign a letter of support for a grant application to thelottery fund.
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Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News
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-Politicians Should Think Before They Speak
Guess who said the following: "What you have to spew and spread is extremelydangerous ... it's dangerous for our children to even know that yourphilosophy exists!"

-What's so awful about kicking the guys out of the gym?
I was all geared up to write a column fulminating against Harvard forsetting up women-only hours in one of its gyms because apparently someMuslim women students felt more comfortable exercising away from the eyes ofmen. Kowtowing to religion! Validating Islam's obsession with female-andonly female-modesty! Denial of equal gym time to men!,0,4494334.story

-Bitter? Of Course. Here's Why
Honest discussion about the roots of working-class angst and how to addressit has gotten seriously burned in the firestorm of controversy fanned aroundcomments by Sen. Barack Obama that working-class people are "bitter" aboutthe economy and government.

DUMMERSTON, Vt. -- In the grand tradition of the loopy conservativepatriarchy, right up there with Ronald Reagan's 1981 comment, "Trees causemore pollution than automobiles do," we now have Homeland Security ChairmanMichael Chertoff arguing that "illegal migrants really degrade theenvironment.",402/200.html

-Prosecutors outline flag mutilation charges against Westboro Baptist Churchmember
OMAHA - Sarpy County prosecutors have formally spelled out why they areprosecuting a member of the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas for flagmutilation.

-Don't be the only gay in the cemetery
HOMOSEXUALS have been designated an area in a Copenhagen cemetery for thosewho want to be buried among people who shared their sexual orientation.
"We founded an association called Regnbuen (Rainbow) and our goal is thatgays and lesbians can be buried next to each other,'' Ivan Larsen said.,21985,23510677-5005961,00.html

-Ariz. deportation policy a model, feds say
The nation's top immigration officials want other states to copy an Arizonaprogram that releases non-violent, illegal-immigrant inmates from stateprisons and deports them.

-Right wing video warns: Gays are plotting to invade City Hall
The town of Eureka Springs is turning into the "San Francisco of Arkansas,"warns the American Family Association, and it can happen in your town too.

-Palm Springs' image in book creates uproar
Called by some the nation's gayest city, it is described as a center ofaging men with sexual hyper-drives.,0,5268234.story

-Controversy escalates over 'Day of Silence'
Students from at least one Fairbanks high school, West Valley, will beparticipating in the "Day of Silence," an event sponsored by the Gay,Lesbian and Straight Education Network. The national event is scheduled forApril 25.

-Focus on the Family's Ant-Gay Ministry Heads to CA for Weekend Conference
Focus on the Family's traveling "ex-gay' ministry, Love Won Out, traveled tothe South Bay area, to Mountain View, Cal., this past weekend, drawingprotest and organization from the anti-"ex-gay" group Truth Wins Out.

-What defines 'sexually explicit' is Ind.'s $250 question
SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Planning to open a bookstore in Indiana? Maybe anewsstand? How about a pharmacy?
You may be officially labeled a purveyor of "sexually explicit materials."
Now, if you'll just sign this registry, the secretary of state will acceptyour check for $250.,0,6882689.story

-Business more accepting of gay, lesbian employees
Jan Stevenson became so impatient with the pace of change in acceptance ofpeople with gender concerns she and her partner bought Between the Linesnewspaper in 1995 and transformed it into the Pride Source Media Group witha 20,000 weekly circulation, sales in excess of $1 million andpart-sponsorship of an annual PrideFest in Ferndale that draws up to 50,000people.

-Democrats must renew bond with working class
WASHINGTON - During the five decades that the New Deal coalition governednational politics, from the 1930s to the 1980s, the relationship between theDemocratic Party and working-class voters was an economic bond: Generationsof Americans took it as an act of faith that Republicans represented themoneyed elites while Democrats stood up for the little guy.

-Sexuality's role in the Bible dissected at Monday panel discussion
The Ole Miss Department of Philosophy and Religion, the Sarah Isom Center,ALLIES, the Gay/Straight Alliance and PFLAG (Parents and Friends of LesbiansAnd Gays) hosted a panel discussion Monday at noon in Bryant Hall titled,"Sexuality and the Bible."

-Out Missouri lawmakers accuses colleague of bullying students
Openly lesbian Missouri legislators Jeanette Mott Oxford and Jolie Justus,joined by fellow Democrat Sara Lampe, held a news conference last weekaccusing State Rep. Jane Cunningham of insulting two teenagers based ontheir physical appearance.

-Tiff over purple-haired, pierced kids takes a new twist
Thought the brouhaha between the gay and lesbian kids who got kicked out ofRep. Jane Cunningham's office was over? Think again. The students who were"painful" for Cunningham to look at, were advocating for the gay and lesbiangroup PROMO, and after they were kicked out of Cunningham's office (thereasons why are in dispute), PROMO started a campaign asking Cunningham toapologize.

-John McCain Will be Thrilled
John McCain -- who last year declared that America was founded as aChristian nation, and refused to retract his claim even after being calledon it by the Anti-Defamation League -- will no doubt be thrilled to hear thenews that the Alabama House of Representatives agrees with him.

-Truth Wins Out Trumps Love Won Out.
Today was certainly an exciting and productive day. We gathered outside theAbundant Life Christian Fellowship in Mountain View, CA, at 11am with oursigns and began our vigil. Originally our group numbered about 10 people andover time grew to approximately 22. Traffic on Leghorn St. was fairlyconstant so we got a good deal of attention and while some people showedobvious consternation over our presence many honked their horns in support.

-Foreman's farewell thoughts
I'm just off of a media conference call with Matt Foreman and other leadersof the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, marking his final day as executivedirector. He'll be succeeded in interim fashion by Rea Carey, his deputyE.D., with no firm date set for a successor to be named. (Carey said she hasnot applied for the job but will stay on as deputy E.D.)

-Pete shits a brick over cabin made of logs
Amidst denunciations of both the GOP's "big tent" philosophy and the veryidea that one can be "pro-homosexual and pro-family at the same time,"highly prolific 'mo foe Peter LaBarbera is encouraging White House hopefulJohn McCain to withdraw from a planned meeting with the Log CabinRepublicans:
McCain urged to flee from Log Cabin Republicans [ONN]

-ABC News' Jake Tapper Calls Attention to the Anti-Gay Views of the College
That Hosted CNN's "Compassion Forum"
On April 13, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obamaengaged in a discussion with people of faith about their views on varioussocial issues during CNN's "Compassion Forum." CNN chose Pennsylvania'sMessiah College as the location of the event. As ABC News Senior NationalCorrespondent Jake Tapper noted in his blog, Messiah is an evangelicalcollege that explicitly equates being gay with sinfulness in its "communitycovenant." The college, Tapper explained, also advises its gay students topartake in so-called "ex-gay" counseling. Tapper additionally quoted severalcomments from readers concerned about Clinton's and Obama's presence at theanti-gay school. "How can politicians appear at a college that espousesthese ideas and then turn around and court the gay community at the sametime?" one reader queried. Unfortunately, CNN's "Compassion Forum" neverraised such questions because it provided the candidates no opportunity toeven generally discuss their views on LGBT issues. Hopefully, more nationaljournalists will follow Tapper's lead by questioning the candidates'commitment to LGBT equality and by examining and calling attention to theviews of the sponsors and hosts of political events.

-Atlanta clergy demand gay 'tax equality'
Protest held at regional post office on tax deadline day
Clergy representing gay and gay-friendly Atlanta congregations gathered infront of the Atlanta Regional Post Office in Hapeville today - the last dayto file federal income taxes - to stress economic justice is also a faithissue when it comes to tax equality for gay families.

-O'Reilly's Homophobia
From his suggestion that the "secular progressive movement" would like tohave "poly-amorphous" marriage ("you can marry 18 people, you can marry aduck") to his statement that it would be "insane" and "inappropriate" to"cluster" gays near children, Bill O' Reilly has never been one to "relax onall this gay stuff."

Gay & Lesbian Leadership SmartBrier
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-2008 International Gay & Lesbian Leadership Conference
The Mayflower Hotel | Washington, D.C. | December 4-7
Registration is now open for the 24th International Gay & Lesbian LeadershipConference, the premier gathering of openly LGBT elected, appointed andcommunity leaders. This year the conference returns to Washington, D.C. justweeks after U.S. voters choose a new president. It will be an exciting timeto be in the capital city, and attendees will be at the center of it all inthe famed Mayflower Hotel just steps from the White House and Dupont Circle.
There are a limited number of hotel rooms at the Mayflower at our specialconference rate of just $149 per night. Book yours now using our conferencegroup code: GLLGLLA
Visit our new conference Web site for more information and check back oftenfor updated lists of panels, speakers and events.

Message from Fight OUT Loud:
I wanted to send you all a note to update you on the amazing work Fight OUTLoud is doing. Our organization, which now has over 20,000 membersnationwide, is busy fighting discrimination on every level!
Fight OUT Loud continues to work around the country to empower people whoare faced with discrimination and hate. We have been working with GLSEN tohelp establish Gay-Straight Alliances in schools with anti-gay bullyingissues, worked with the Gay American Heroes Foundation to get the word outabout hate crimes against the LGBT community, and continued to fight bigotedcomments from politicians like Mayor Jim Naugle of Fort Lauderdale and SallyKern of Oklahoma. We also launched our "1 Every 8 Days" video online andhave been spreading the message around the globe that violence against ourcommunity will not be accepted. To see the video, click HERE. We areempowering the LGBT community and its allies around the country, providingresources and creating new leaders and activists as we go. Join the Fight!
Waymon Hudson
President of Fight OUT Loud

Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List
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-Another AIDS Casualty
Dr. Ramon Torres was a hero on the front lines against the epidemic for overa decade. It was when the war began to be won that he got lost. It was afrigid morning last December, and the disheveled man standing before JudgeJames Gibbons had made his way to the second floor of 100 Centre Street in athin nylon windbreaker, ill-fitting designer jeans, and a pair of tornjackbootsâ?"something out of an old S&M catalogueâ?"which he hadaccessorized with a wide leather cuff snapped on his wrist. At first he wastrembling, as if from the cold. Then the trembling subsided, and his eyelidsfell. Dr. Ramon A. â?oGabrielâ? Torres, a near-legendary doctor in thefight against AIDS, had fallen asleep on his feet. I remembered the firsttime I had seen him nod off in a crowded room. It was a decade ago, andTorres was the featured speaker at a meeting of top AIDS researchers todiscuss a novel way to treat HIV-negative patients who suffered anaccidental exposureâ?"a needle stick or broken condom, or a night spentcarelessly. At the time, Torres was the director of AIDS programs at St.Vincentâ?Ts Medical Center. He was a visionary, responsible for turning aconservative Catholic clinic at the crossroads of the epidemic into aleading research facility, pioneering drug regimens that saved thousands oflives, and bringing AIDS care to homeless New Yorkers, the accomplishmentfor which heâ?Ts best known.


From Ray: I received an e-mail from Wells Fargo mortgage that lookedsuspicious. I went to the legitimate website and did not respond to thee-mail's request to respond to the bogus request. I'm sending the reponse Ireceived from Wells Fargo so you don't respond to bogus e-mails attemptingto gain access to your private information.

-Thank you for reporting a phish email to
Below are some common questions about phishing:
Q: What is phishing?
A: Phishing is usually a two-part scam.
Part I: email. Fraudsters, also known as phishers, send email to a wideaudience that appears to come from a reputable company. This is known asa phish email. In the phish email are links to spoof websites.
Part II: spoof websites. Websites that spoof or imitate a reputablecompany's website are known as phish sites. Fraudsters hope to convincevictims to provide their personal information by using clever andcompelling language in their phish emails and spoof websites.
Q: I received a phish email. Does this mean my identity had beencompromised?
A: No. Receiving a phish email claiming to be from Wells Fargo does notmean your identity has been compromised. Phish emails claim to come fromvarious reputable companies.
Q: What if I clicked on an email link to a spoof Wells Fargo website andgave away some of my personal information such as my username andpassword?
A: Call 1-866-867-5568 to speak with a fraud prevention specialist.
Q: What if I clicked on an email link to a spoof Wells Fargo website anddid not give away any of my personal information?
A: Make sure your anti-virus software is current and your operatingsystem and browser are updated with current security patches. Some spoofsites contain viral elements so you should verify that you did notdownload any viruses. Also, delete the email and if you receive otherphish emails, report them as well.
Q: How do I determine if an email is legitimate?
A: Wells Fargo will never request you to send personal information viaemail. Always use your browser to visit the Wells Fargo website bytyping in our URL. If you are familiar with email headers, you can useyour email application to check the headers and make sure Wells Fargo isindeed the sender. If in doubt, delete the email.
Q: How was my email address located?
A: Fraudsters locate email addresses from many places on the web. Theyalso purchase email lists and sometimes guess email addresses.
Fraudsters generally have no idea if people they send phish emails toare Wells Fargo customers or not. They hope a percentage of the phishemails they send will be received by Wells Fargo customers.
Be sure to keep your operating system and browser updated with currentsecurity patches.
Wells Fargo Online Fraud Prevention Team


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