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New York Times
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-Some Perspective on 'Bitter'
Maybe Barack Obama felt he couldn't afford to give the correct answer.
He was asked at a fund-raiser in San Francisco about his campaign'sexperiences in the run-up to next week's Democratic primary in Pennsylvania.
One of the main problems, of course, is that he hasn't generated as muchsupport as he'd like among white working-class voters.

-When Drug Costs Soar Beyond Reach
It doesn't take a health policy expert to recognize that something has goneterribly wrong when patients have to pay thousands of dollars a month fordrugs that they need to maintain their health - and possibly save theirlives. Congress needs to determine why this is happening and what can bedone about it.

-Tax Cuts at Center of McCain Economic Plan
PITTSBURGH - Senator John McCain offered the broadest look yet at hiseconomic policies in a speech here Tuesday, calling for tax cuts, a freezeof discretionary spending for a year, higher premiums for better-offMedicare recipients and elimination of federal gas taxes this summer toreinvigorate the sagging economy.

Washington Post
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-On the Economy, 70% Disapprove of Bush
Public disapproval of the way President Bush is handling the nation'seconomy has hit a new high in Washington Post-ABC News polling, and hisoverall favorability rating remains near an all-time low.

-Loose Lips and Democratic Ships
The Democratic presidential candidates are doing a splendid job of helpingJohn McCain get to the White House.

-Shot and a Chablis
Hillary "Shot-and-a-Beer" Clinton has given us the perfect illustration ofwhat's so insane about American politics: the philosophical dictum thatcould be summed up (with apologies to Descartes) as "I seem, therefore Iam."

-Guns, God and Gotchas
Long ago I discovered that the word "frankly" often meant a lie was coming.
I learned this from an insurance agent, who preceded every attempt to sellme useless coverage with a "frankly." This is why I distrust what HillaryClinton said about Barack Obama and his admittedly klutzy statement aboutguns, church, immigrants and bitterness -- "elitist, out of touch and,frankly, patronizing," she said. Frankly, I don't believe her.

-Two Separate Societies: One in Prison, One Not
Forty years ago, the Kerner Commission concluded in its landmark study ofthe causes of racial disturbances in the United States in the 1960s: "Ournation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white -- separate andunequal." Today we are still moving toward two societies: one incarceratedand one not. The Pew Center on the States released a study in Februaryshowing that for the first time in this country's history, more than one inevery 100 adults is in jail or prison. According to the Justice Department,7 million people -- or one in every 32 adults -- are either incarcerated, onparole or probation or under some other form of state or local supervision.

-Rogue Democrat
South Africa's Thabo Mbeki sides with Robert Mugabe against the people ofZimbabwe.
FOR THOSE who argue that democracies are natural allies in internationalaffairs, South Africa poses a vexing challenge. Since that country beganserving a term on the U.N. Security Council last year, the government ofPresident Thabo Mbeki has consistently allied itself with the world's roguestates and against the Western democracies. It has defended Iran's nuclearprogram and resisted sanctions against it; shielded Sudan and Burma from thesort of pressure the United Nations once directed at the apartheid regime;and enthusiastically supported one-sided condemnations of Israel by the U.N.Human Rights Council.

-Palfrey Convicted on Prostitution-Related Charges
Deborah Jeane Palfrey was convicted this afternoon of racketeering and othercharges after a federal court jury determined that her upscale escortservice was actually a front for prostitution.

-'The Talk'
Forget the Birds and the Bees -- Kids Are Asking About IVF, TransgenderPregnancy and STDs
Early one morning, Nancy Nisselbaum was readying her 6-year-old son Marshallfor school and herself for work when he asked: "Mommy, how does the spermget from the donor to the doctor?"

-Threats Close 3 Colleges, 4 More Schools
CHICAGO -- A message scrawled in a university bathroom _ "Be prepared to dieon 4/14" _ left not just the college's campus empty Monday, but also thoseof two adjoining high schools and a pair of nearby elementary schools.

-Hundreds Protest Dalai Lama in Seattle
SEATTLE -- In a showing of pro-Chinese support, hundreds of demonstratorsprotested outside a college arena Monday as the Dalai Lama spoke to studentson solving problems through dialogue.

Fort Report
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-How Republicans Quietly Hijacked the Justice Department to Swing Elections
The GOP may have committed massive vote fraud in plain sight by encouragingwidespread voter purges and restricting registration campaigns.

-Editorial: Obama's lapses make him vulnerable
In better days, Barack Obama has inspired with his words. The senator fromIllinois has offered hope and the promise of a new approach to governing.

-Most voters disagree with Obama comment
The first poll is out to try to measure voter sentiment on Barack Obama'sremarks about bitter working class voters.

Katie Couric's reported status as a lame duck may torpedo what was supposedto be her biggest night - a starring role as the host of a presidentialdebate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

-Michigan poll buoys GOP
With McCain leading Clinton and nearly tied with Obama, analyst sees dangerthis fall for Democrats.
A new poll shows Sen. John McCain nearly tied with Sen. Barack Obama in ahypothetical Michigan general-election matchup, and significantly ahead ofSen. Hillary Clinton -- reinforcing Republicans' hopes of competing in areliably Democratic state.

-Barack Obama, the yuppie candidate
Barack Obama is finally coming into focus.
For a while now, the Obamaphiles have insisted that their candidaterepresents a profound break with the past. No more culture wars. No more"re-litigating the 1960s," in Obama's own words.


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